The Un-Spider-Man RaGa

The Un-Spider-Man RaGa

The Un-Spider-Man RaGa
The Un-Spider-Man RaGa


  1. Wouldn’t the header ‘The Spider-Man RaGa’ have been good enough, if not better?

    The ‘The Un-Spider-Man RaGa’ is both unsightly and unsound. It weighs on the mind like a millstone.

    Or, does it somehow have anything to do with the ‘UN-SPIDER’ (= “United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response”, a platform facilitating the use of space-based technologies for disaster management and emergency response, and a programme under the auspices of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)— Reference: Wikipedia)?

  2. Still do not have any confidence on BJP govt that it has closed the open eneded loops for money laundering.
    Doubt if India has any financial accounting experts who find faults in the balance sheet of these rogue companies
    Seriously doubt if Modi govt will ever be able to prosecute the money launderers

  3. Indian Tax and revenue system is full of potholes. You cannot escape law in UK USA defrauding Revenue. This is comfort zone for Indian politician. Unless the system checks outflows in whether it be P Notes or Shares transfer or Currency money laundering the people will keep watching the wealth plunder and more than 70 percent will end up voting for such bigots without an iota of truth knowledge. As much as we have Revenue collection machinery for Direct Indirect taxes we need to have tax on large savings and current account balances in banks as Banking transaction tax or money protection saving tax. A simple one per cent tax on shares held every month at market value should be levied. This will bring to books the name address of all account holders


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