Top Bureaucrats sabotaging the chargesheeting of 3 IAS officers to save PC in the Aircel Maxis scam

Is this a last ditch effort on the part of PC to escape in the Aircel Maxis case?

Is this a last ditch effort on the part of PC to escape in the Aircel Maxis case?
Is this a last ditch effort on the part of PC to escape in the Aircel Maxis case?

If PM does not act before September 20 and ensure chargesheets get filed against the trio, PC will be laughing all the way to the bank

The former Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram (PC) continues to re-affirm my description of him as an evil genius. He is beginning to show who really controls the babudom in North Block and South Block if reports are to be believed. Prime Minister Modi needs to act now or it is game over for sending VVIPs to jail. The entire chain of people who conspired in the Aircel Maxis scam has to be brought to book or Mr. Chidambaram will escape the clutches of law. All the years of hard work put in will go waste. It will be 2G scam all over again.

To know more, a look at what the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) needs to do in order to prosecute the babus named in its charge sheet in the Aircel Maxis case (Ashok Chawla, Ashok Jha and Sanjay Krishna and others)[1].

How are these officers involved?

When the Aircel-Maxis approval came up in the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), PC knew that if this proposal was put up in front of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), it would be denied because of the links of one of the promoters of Maxis with Pakistan. So it had to be approved without putting it up to the CCEA. This is where the role of these officers is alleged and hence it is essential that they be prosecuted as part of the scam or PC will escape.

Govt needs to approve prosecution of IAS officers

In order for the CBI to prosecute the above officers, the government must approve it. But now it is emerging from unconfirmed sources that some of the highest bureaucrats in the North Block and South Block are warning the Prime Minister (PM) that if these three are allowed to be prosecuted, the entire Indian Administrative Services (IAS) cadre will revolt. It is not as if the wheels of bureaucracy are spinning smoothly now anyway. Plus many have been putting obstacles in the way of those who want to do the right thing. Dr. Swamy had already hinted how a group is helping PC from the inside:

Last stand of PC

Is this the last stand for the former Finance Minister? Has he bestowed “favors” on many in the babudom that he is threatening to expose them now, if they don’t tow the line? The writing on the wall is clear for the current government. Jailing VVIPs is going to make a difference of 100 Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 elections. It is time for the PM to call their bluff and do the right thing. Will he?


[1] CBI files charge sheet against P Chidambaram, Karti in the Aircel-Maxis caseJul 19, 2018, Economic Times

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  1. Modiji has been giving a semblance of anti-corruption crusade to the general public to encourage/hoodwink them to vote for the BJP; This clearly is going to backfire in 2019 elections if no serious action is forthcoming against the corrupt. Mere rhetoric cannot end corruption or punish the corrupt.

    The BJP government due to overconfidence postponed most of their promised agenda to the months before 2019 elections and have cut a sorry figure in the minds of Indian public. Once the Election dates are announced by the EC, and the model code of conduct comes in place, Modiji cannot expect to fool the people any further; nor can he make any last minute populist announcements to woo the voters.

    To put it very lightly, even a Death certificate cannot be obtained from a government office without paying a bribe. There has been ZERO change in the corruption scenario on ground so far even in Gujarat where Modiji ruled for long years. Such is the mindset / mentality of our own countrymen. God save this country.

    If any corrupt leader eventually gets arrested, it would be the result of years of tireless and persistent efforts by none other than Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Kudos to him.

  2. Nothing will happen to PC. Not bureaucracy alone,some in BJP also do not want him procecuted. they don’t want Dr.Swamy to score.
    If Modi can’t handle these four officials,then how is he going to achieve his promises given to the people of India about fight against corruption.
    People of this country believed you. Opening of bank accounts or building toilet is not their main issue. It is corruption? Simple statistics won’t work. they wanted action otherwise 2019 will be nightmare for BJP

  3. Very true. I can fairly predict the outcome. Nothing will be done by Sep 20 And this case will go nowhere.
    Modi is clean personally. But his men in the party are not and his party runs on the same dirty fuel as Congress
    Modi’ intent to crackdown corruption. Is perhaps overhyped and more part of expectations from the tired people of India who have been yearning pretty much the same from every leader right from vajpayee/advani days. More than capability it is intent and willingness. The way demonetisation was allowed to be only mildly effective (only immediate UP polls). Is very clear modi never wanted to stop the local doctor and lawyer and bania and bijnessman who pay to his party too.
    Sorry to sound negative but this is the truth. As much as I too don’t want it happen this way though

  4. Sir, please post this link on the PM’s twitter handle or reach it to someone close to the PM You’ll be doing a great service to the nation if PC is booked and sent behind bars

  5. This is what happens when you have 4 crore gov employees in a country and a vast majority of them are inefficient and corrupt and burden on the economy, tax payers and future generations. And they are super highly unionized. Foolish Indian people always blame the politicians but the truth is even the politicians are powerless against these blood suckers.


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