Why did Rajat Sharma of India TV not declare that Adani owns more than 16% shares in his channel?

What was the need for Rajat Sharma to hide the Rs.150 cr investments he got each from Adani and Ambani?

What was the need for Rajat Sharma to hide the Rs.150 cr investments he got each from Adani and Ambani?
What was the need for Rajat Sharma to hide the Rs.150 cr investments he got each from Adani and Ambani?

Adani owns 16% of India TV from 2009

I read the Hindenburg Research report’s scathing controversial report on Gautam Adani-led firms and his shares tumbling out in recent stock exchange trading. Reading the 106-page Hindenburg report, I found that noted journalist Rajat Sharma’s India TV has more than 16% shareholding from Adani from 2009 onwards. But during his recent interview with Gautam Adani, Rajat Sharma never disclosed Adani’s ownership in his channel. Should this have not been told upfront when the Aaj Ki Adalat show featuring Gautam Adani aired?

Mukesh Ambani too owned 16%

My research found that during the period 2009-2011, Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani had invested around Rs.150 crore in Rajat Sharma’s India TV. Is this not a violation of the Government of India’s Information & Broadcasting Ministry guidelines for these kinds of investments by Corporates? My research found that from 2009 onwards, Mukesh Ambani has sizeable shares in many TV news channels in India, violating norms. Mukesh Ambani put money in NDTV, CNN-IBN, News Nation, and NewsX from 2009, violating Monopoly Laws or restrictions on cross-holding in TV news channels.

Who is Rajat Sharma?

Rajat Sharma is a total right-winger and BJP’s student wing ABVP’s leader in the early 80s and a friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and late Finance Minister Arun Jaitley from the 80s, is a master in cutting all kinds of deals. While conducting a friendly interview with the controversial Gautam Adani a few days back, why did you omit the fact that Adani is having more than 16% shares in your company through his shell firm Milestone Tradelinks Pvt Limited?

13 mentions about Milestone

As I read the devastating Hindenburg Research report, there are 13 mentions of Milestone and their links with Gautam Adani. Mr. Rajat Sharma, have you ever declared this in public about Adani and Ambani taking a 16% share position in your TV channel company from 2009? My information is that you got around Rs.150 crore each from Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani during the period 2009 to 2011 in cash and later some bank transactions to adjust the cash entries. Mr. Sharma, there is more!

Hit job on Sanjay Joshi

I have a personal question for you, Mr. Rajat Sharma. Your role as a journalist is dubious when you aired a fake porno CD against Sanjay Joshi, the then BJP’s General Secretary in charge of the organization in 2005 or thereabouts. Mr. Sharma, in a few weeks it was proved that your porno CD was a fake. Did you at least issue a public apology?

So, what are the channels Adani owns

Tainted Gautam Adani entered Indian media unobtrusively through his friend Rajat Sharma in 2009 by giving some Rs.100 or Rs.150 cr and legally showing more than 16% crore in Rajat Sharma’s India TV. Then came his stake in Bloomberg Quint. Now Adani owns 66% shares in NDTV.

This is for the government

Gautam Adani acquired 66% shares in NDTV by getting crook Prannoy Roy’s shares through a deal. Adani paid Rs.605 crores to Roy. But the Government of India’s Income Tax is owed more than Rs.800 crore from Roy and his wife Radhika. Mr. Modi, why is your government not acting on this? Was a deal cut with the crooks?

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