Why Muslims of Sri Lanka, despite being Tamil identify themselves as Muslims first

Sri Lanka Muslims have close ties with Muslims in Tamil Nadu and this could mean that India needs to tread with extreme caution in the days and weeks to come, says Prof. RV


  1. The fact is not more than 20 Arabs settled in Sri Lanka and took Tamil wives. Somehow if you listen to their opinion all Tamil Muslims are descended from Arabs, but one look at them and you know that’s hardly the case. They’re just Tamil converts.

  2. Very well explained. One thing you did not cover is the Christian ethnic profile of Srilanka tamil and sinhalese.

  3. Muslim. The term itself has come to indicate blood and gore. Unfairly perhaps, but the fact that there is no strong voice coming from Muslims themselves as an active initiative, there is always the chance that to the “others” or the unbelievers, the entire Muslim community will be tarred as one drenched in violence. A violence which apparently has the sanction of Muslim religion, which I am sure vast majority of Muslims do abhor.

  4. Muslims always say that they are Muslims first and then only Indians. Nobody says anything. But when a Hindu says he is a Hindu, he is communal


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