With Attorney Anu Peshawaria on the arrest of Indian students in the US

In order to do a sting operation on some fake university degree racketeers, the Department of Homeland Security of the US set up a fake university and the fallout of this is that 600 students (mostly girls) are in jail.


  1. No one who is genuinely a student blindly accepts admission in a land 10000 mi away! While the fake Univ setup is not b condoned anyone buying Univ studies abroad need to do their due diligence and it’s caveat emptor! Feigning ignorance does not absolve anyone under the law! Pursuing for baiting n entrapment is more logical legal fight than claiming ignorance! All these ppl seem to want to go to US because they can follow others who went before and claim life is wonderful there! In reality all are being exploited as cheap labor and are living under threat of deportation every day! GoI needs to offer opportunities to study work in India to these millions not look to harvest dollars by sending young ppl to foreign lands. The Emigration Dept needs to crack down on brokers hustlers promising good life to naive Indian students and their parents who take huge loans to send them overseas!

  2. How criminal it’s of USA officials first setup fake University, enroll students, get issued Visas and then put them in Jails.
    Hope @Potus looks into.
    Fear it is another International Education Mafia Fraud.
    Will GOI look into


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