With Mohandas T G on Kerala Floods and his PIL on the cause of it

What really happened in Kerala? Could it have been avoided? Has Kerala Floods narrative been hyped for subversive activities? Mohandas T G tells us why he has filed a PIL on this.


  1. My experience of living in flooding zone tells me two thing.You would have flood water level up-to the top of ground floor when you live very near to a river, when embankment gets breached as water takes time to flow out or you live in a totally low spot where water just sits there.Seeing from many video clips one can see that release of water from dams or other water storage source was not timed properly as rightly mentioned by Mohandas. I thought Kerala as among the rich state but CM begging everyday in TV channels present a very poor image.NE India,much poorer than kerala, gets flooded every year, sometimes two or three times in a year but never seen their CM begging everywhere. You should see the vastness of river Brahmaputra during monsoon and the magnitude it can flood.

  2. A self respected Indian and kerala citizen speaks truth but political unscrupulus men in bringing down the respect of the nation for their own good not for the citizens.

  3. TG Mohan Das ji is absolutely right in his observation.
    The state Govt do not have a proper rehabilitation plan till now. All they talk about is how to collect money with out any accountability.
    They wanted one month salary from all state govt employees .80% of salaried people are from one income family and salary is their only income.


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