Yaadon ki Baaraat nikli hai aaj 15 ke dwaare!?

Owaisi, Razakars, Waris Pathan, 15 crore muslims vs 100 crore hindus
Yaadon ki Baaraat nikli hai aaj 15 ke dwaare!?


  1. The caption Yadoki Bharat & 15 million vs 15 crore….excellent. A spoken word is a missile which cannot be retrieved unless on eis a saint / sage. All three are stoking hatred in India & they should know that if Hindus start speaking the same language they will be at disadvantage. Once Punjabis ruled the roost in Delhi prior to 1983 due to influx of terrorism in PUnjab they shifted their based to Delhi. After 1984 riots, Punjabis just mellowed down in Delhi never to raise again. Then saw Biharis thronging Delhi during Lalu’s reign & continues to do so now als. Biharis were polite & submissive, so they did not have to face like Punjabis.
    After demolition of LTTE, Tamils seems to have slightly mellowed down. Muslims & Tamilians are likely to get a beating of their life should they continue with their existing anti-India attitudes

  2. I personally feel owaisi is a good person…he has always denied Pakistan’s call for Muslims in India…
    This lady is a christian n you know the divide and rule of British people….
    Christian groups want to divide Hindus n muslims…so that they can rule India with their many educational institutions…


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