फ़तवे वाली मा – ये है ममता दीदी!

सभी ममता के लिए एक दिन के काम में - तुष्टीकरण, आउट-ऑफ-बारी एहसान, दूसरी ओर देख़ना जब अल्पसंख्यक कानून तोड़ते हैं |

सभी ममता के लिए एक दिन के काम में - तुष्टीकरण, आउट-ऑफ-बारी एहसान, दूसरी ओर देख़ना जब अल्पसंख्यक कानून तोड़ते हैं |
ये कैसी दीदी हैं ममता?

सभी ममता के लिए एक दिन के काम में – तुष्टीकरण, आउट-ऑफ-बारी एहसान, दूसरी ओर देख़ना जब अल्पसंख्यक कानून तोड़ते हैं |

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  1. MR MURADI- You are a racist! Its true the Hindi is wrong but don’t use that to abuse MAdrasis! Pgurus is Tamil Brahmin Iyer who is NOT like other mandrasis who love only Tamil..if that was the case he would have never wasted his already popular platform to add Hindi content! Tamil Brahmins being 3% of population in 3% in TN and they are the maximum winners of Noble prize winners and 2 CEOs google and pepsi are tamil Brahmin. The owner Sree Iyer is a scientist with many patents so the face of India is not Hindi it is a language created to appease Mughals incase you don’t know..we Indians even southindians do learn Hindi just for India’s unity. Face of India is intelligence and high IQ which Tamil Brahmins or Telugus constantly represent something you northindians get for free. Please don’t be in this platform and unnecessarily without an ounce of knowledge of greatness of sounthindians.
    Northindians attitude inspite of contributing to dirty/polluted and unsafe states like UP, Bihar or even national capital is laughable. Go visit Chennai(madras), Bangalore, Hyderabad and go see for yourself how advanced they are. Southindians speaks 5 languages but its a shame Northindians cannot speak any language other than Hindi, even that is polluted with Urdu. Spend some time improving your IQ.

    • Mr. Muradi has pointed out the grammatical errors that crept in. These will be fixed in forthcoming posts. Thank you, Mr. Muradi. In the larger picture, should we collectively, not think as a single entity? The British insisted on everyone having a last name (before that India’s names were [Village][Father’s Name][Your Name]) but it changed to [Your Name][Your Family Name]. In many instances, the Family Name got substituted with [Your Caste].
      Keep the discussions vibrant but let us not divide ourselves. This is what the world wants. Do not give them the pleasure.

  2. Another correction, I apologize to submit: the header “फ़तवे वाली मा – ये है ममता दीदी!” is certainly not correct. It should be “फ़तवे वाली माँ – ये है/हैं ममता दीदी!”. Also note the footer “ये कैसी दीदी हैं ममता?”– the dissonance is distinct. Barring a typo/technicality, it is a typical मद्रासी, or for that matter I concede, any Hindi-alien, propensity to tarnish and take down Hindi to such a level of dishonor.
    But indeed it would be barbaric if I fail to stand up and salute your handsome handshake with Hindi as an added medium for your communication with common folk. Because here comes to my mind, how several मद्रासी coteries themselves have been, day after day, rampaging ravenously all over Tamil’s age-old honor and grace, rendering it impossible any more for any of us to discern, dissemble or defeat any disastrous consequences staring at us as Indian Tamils.
    So why don’t you increase manifold your Tamil publications, in true Tamil color and creed, reflecting India’s values before anything else?


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