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The Agni-1 missile is capable of striking targets with a very high degree of precision

Medium-range ballistic missile Agni-1 successfully tested from APJ Abdul Kalam Island

India conducts successful training launch of ballistic missile Agni-1 India carried out a successful training launch of a medium-range ballistic missile, Agni-1, from APJ Abdul...
In December, test of Agni-5 nuclear capable ballistic missile, capable of striking targets at ranges up to 5,000 kms with very high degree of accuracy was conducted

India successfully test-fires short-range ballistic missile Prithvi-II

India successfully carries out a test launch of an indigenously developed nuclear-capable Prithvi-II missile The Defence officials announced a successful training launch of the short-range...
The launch was carried out for a predetermined range and validated all operational parameters of the system

India successfully conducts night trials of nuclear-capable ballistic Agni 5 missile

Agni 5: The most advanced missile in the Agni series with a strike range of over 5000 km On Thursday, India successfully conducted the night...
No third party intervention in Kashmir issue

India is gearing up with a “all China target” missile reveals top US report

India's nuclear strategy appears to place greater emphasis on China As India continues to modernise its atomic arsenal and the country's nuclear...


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