A pattern of selective targeting of members of the judiciary

Is there a cabal trying to control the members of the judiciary by making wild allegations to distract them just before hearing big cases?

Is there a cabal trying to control the members of the judiciary by making wild allegations to distract them just before hearing big cases?
Is there a cabal trying to control the members of the judiciary by making wild allegations to distract them just before hearing big cases?

Close on the heels of the Tehelka episode, where the founder Tarun Tejpal was caught for trying to sexually abuse a young journalist in the first week of November 2013, at a five star hotel in Goa, a lady intern accused Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly, who delivered the 2G spectrum case judgment along with Justice G S Singhvi on Feb 2, 2012 of harassing her sexually. The Supreme Court then appointed a three-member committee to probe the allegations and identified A K Ganguly was the one who harassed her. He repeatedly denied all charges. He was indicted on 6 December 2013 by the committee, which agreed with the intern’s allegation that he had subjected her to “unwelcome sexual behavior” in December 2012. He resigned from the West Bengal Human Rights Commission on 6 January 2014 after the Union Cabinet decided to make a Presidential Reference on 2 January 2014 to the Supreme Court for his removal. But surprise, surprise, the intern never recorded her statement before the police and once he had been eased out of the post of Chairman, WBHRC, the case just fizzled out and he was acquitted. The woman was not acted upon for foisting false charges.

Fast forward to the present, the present Chief Justice of India (CJI), Ranjan Gogoi is also being accused of making sexual advances at a former junior court assistant, who said in her petition to 22 Supreme Court justices that her life had literally fallen apart since the incident[1]. Gogoi is about to rule on several important cases in the days and weeks to come and said that there is a conspiracy to de-stabilize the judiciary system of India before the cases are ruled on[2]. The CJI gave a fairly detailed rebuttal saying that the lady has a criminal background – she was in custody after accepting Rs.50,000 from a person on the assurance that she would find him a job at the Supreme Court. He added that her husband was making calls to the office of the CJI, demanding that his wife be re-instated or else… Now we know.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy weighed in on this matter and observed that whenever judges are taking up high profile cases, they are being targeted. None of the allegations are ever taken to their logical conclusion as the idea is to taint the judge.

We saw a similar thing happen with the previous CJI Dipak Misra too when the Opposition parties were trying to impeach the CJI!


[1] India’s Chief Justice is Accused of Sexual HarassmentApr 20, 2019, The New York Times

[2] CJI Ranjan Gogoi: Bigger forces behind affidavit against me just before important poll casesApr 20, 2019, The Times of India

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  1. At least till the SC resolves how to handle such cases, SC should avoid manufactured cases being brought in to derail judiciary and senior judges. Towards tihis end, the SC can unanimously resolve that regardless of such cases, the exisring cases will go on under the same judges, and new cases will be allotted to judges assuming the judge is innocent till proven guilty, unless such cases have direct bearing on any of the on-going/ new cases tat come up.

    Punishment for trumping up of false cases against the judiciary should be extremely exemplary, up to life sentence. The ones who file such false cases, once proven as false, should be allowed to plea bargain, and expose the ones who are behind such cases, provide they expose every conspirator.

    Judges breaking laws is bad, but false cases against judges is far, far worse.

    Judges recusing themselves at the drop of a hat, unless they have valid reasons, should also be strongly discouraged. Otherwise, blackmailers will flourish.

    • Dr Swamy has agreed for deferring hearing to June, to have the IT related associated cases resolved. He believes this would help his case.


    Still Ceaser’s wife MUST be above suspicion. Why the Hon’ble the present CJI of SC has NOT followed the guidelines laid down by the SC judgment dt 13-08-1997 in the case of VISHAKA & OTHERS Vs. STATE OF RAJASTHAN & OTHERS [ Read here – https://indiankanoon.org/doc/1031794/ – for complete landmark SC Judgment on Sexual harassment of Women at workplace ] in dealing with this case. One cannot be a judge in his own case. Be you ever so high, the law is above you.

    Incidentally, the present CJI Shri Ranjan Gogoi was one of the 4 judges who went to the street complaining about previous SC CJI Shri Dipak Mishra, that important cases are NOT allocated to them for RENDERING Justice ! Now, he is claiming & telling, CJI is the Master of the Roster. [ or ROASTER? ]


  3. @swamy39 sir I am sure u have not forgotten,GoGoI was 1 of the Main “BENCH SITTERS” coming against”Former CJI Dipak Mishra,4 a Childish argument that they r being not given Crucial Cases,Don’t forget this is the same man who after b coming CJI said “These r not the things that can b sorted out so easily,a
    procedure 4 Systematic way of Distribution of cases is on/Further said As being CJI he has the authority of taking IMP Cases?Same old sounds”Dhenchu Dhenchu When Pinned,by Same,own Acts,This is the Characteristics of “Antisocial/AntiNational MINDSET of Congis/Communists

  4. HC/SC or most of the Judicial process in our country spins around PC,Sibal,Singhvi, RG,SG “wishlist”. Judicial reforms are a must.

  5. The report that Justice Ganguly was wrongly found guilty speaks volumes on the way the inquiry was conducted and the Justice was pilloried ,. How is it that the fact that the complainant “the intern never recorded her statement before the police and once he had been eased out of the post of Chairman, WBHRC, the case just fizzled out and he was acquitted” did not attract the attention of the inquiring Judge. How was the lady allowed to go scot free. It is such absence of follow up action against such complainants that embolden unscrupulous people to lodge false complaints against honest people. If it is not too late that lady should be proceeded against now to find out who were behind the despicable act. I hope Hon’ble CJI will get full justice.full justice. .

  6. Shoddy behaviour! Some real stringent laws have to put in place. The hypocrisy of our judicial system is they give utmost importance to these devious cases and keep postponing the cases of national interest.

  7. Kapil Sibal and RK Anand are the main mischief makers. Even the paanwala knows. What a f? shame. This is because SC itself is to blame for delaying so many crucial cases. First SC should put its house on order and have the guts to give judgement come what may. Once you compromise yourself the situation becomes untenable.

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