Academicians come in support of Farm laws

The academicians from various institutions have given their consent for the new farm laws, some of them being expert in the area of Agriculture.

Academicians come in support of Farm laws
Academicians come in support of Farm laws

The Modi government has been under pressure right from the time it passed the farm laws in the parliament – we have seen agitations on the roads of the capital city – Delhi. Farmers mainly from two states namely Punjab and Haryana have issues with the reforms, while the rest of the states are perfectly fine with the new farm laws.

Now, academicians from various institutions and universities like the IIM Bangalore (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore), IIT Madras (Indian Institutes of Technology), IISc Bangalore (Indian Institute of Science), University of Delhi, IIEST (Indian Institute of Engineering Science And Technology, Shibpur), IISER Kolkata (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research), University of Mumbai, Central University of Jharkhand to name a few have come forward in support of the farm laws and addressed a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The said academicians have given their consent for the new farm laws, they all are from prominent institutes and some of them being expert in the area of Agriculture.

They have quoted in their letter that “This is a golden opportunity for reforms which has been eluding agriculture since the industrial reforms in 1991. We are convinced that the moment has arrived for agriculture and if these reforms are missed, agriculture will have no future in India”

Also, they have opined that the new farm’s laws will benefit the farmer and will not harm them, as depicted by certain vested interests. The laws will help them get better prices.  With this law in place, middlemen will be eliminated, which will give more option to the farmers with the government playing the role of regulator. The act is flexible and gives complete independence to the farmers to trade products wherever and whoever they want. Also, give them free hand to sell their produce at Mandis and at MSP at their will.

The academic world has also said, “our support essentially comes from the fact that the Government will always remain committed to the basic sustenance of farmers, especially small and marginal ones, as it has assured”.

Letter Consent Final Full by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. It is due unfortunate that people’s with holy educational qualification supporting laws.
    No ground zero understanding. 🙏
    God helps us.


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