Achhe Din… For Pakistan

In a highly questionable move, the PDP-BJP coalition government has filed an FIR against in the Indian Army for gunning down two anti-nationals
In a highly questionable move, the PDP-BJP coalition government has filed an FIR against in the Indian Army for gunning down two anti-nationals

The PDP-BJP coalition government in Kashmir has filed a First Information Report (FIR) for murder (IPC Section 302) against our own army for gunning down two anti-nationals who were part of a mob which was about to lynch an officer in Shopian yesterday. The army has been named in the FIR!! Truly Achhe Din for the ISI and Islamabad!! What a fantastic achievement!!

The Bhakts may say it is the compulsions of coalition politics which is forcing the party to go against our own army. To which my reply is it’s better to be in opposition rather than be a party to a grossly anti-national act like filing an FIR against our own army which was only performing its patriotic duty. How do you expect the army to counter terrorism if FIRs are going to be filed against it? Are army men only meant to be shot, stoned to death and packed in coffins? This is the best way to demoralise the army and make Pakistan happy. The govt has been unable to restore even a single Hindu (of the 3 lakhs who were hounded out by Pak-supported Islamists in Kashmir at gunpoint 25 years ago) back in his home in the Valley. And here its govt in Srinagar is filing an FIR for murder against the army!! Everyone knows that the stone pelters and terrorists are working for Pakistan and want to handover Jammu and Kashmir to the enemy. And yet our army is charged with murder if these Pakistani proxies are killed. Anyway what else can one expect from the BJP govt which asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its order making the screening of the tricolor and playing of the national anthem mandatory in all cinema halls? I demand the immediate withdrawal of the Shopian FIR against the brave jawans of our army. If you endorse my demand pl write to I will forward them to the PM. After all, INDIA IS ABOVE ALL!!!

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Forming a coalition Govt with PDP is a betrayal by the BJP towards its voters and supporters. It proved that Chair is their first priority. The slogan COUNTRY FIRST, PARTY NEXT AND SELF LAST is only a slogan.If it continues like this 2019 election will tell a different story. To salvage its image the least BJP can do is to dismiis the J&K govt, promulgate president’s rule and withdraw FIR against the Army.

  2. Coalition with PDP is a great betray of BJP with the good wisher of BJP. When should they cleanse themselves?Enemies of the party has enter to BJP. And they make loss of them(pjp) by making distance between the supporters and the party. People who really love India , can not understand the mystery of such activities like coalition with PDP. Common people have purity, and keeps some ability decide what is wrong. I know the HS real good wisher of BJP till now besides many misdeed BJP and for that they (HS) make conscious BJP of their misdeeds. The BJP should have the minimum intelligence to remember the pictures of HS during general election 2014. I believe that the HS like in straight and true way to strengthen INDIA and make her prosperous.May god bless BJP not to make themselves insincere with manju, mukul, lakshman( Lakshman Set)!

  3. U r on d dot! BJP has no business to support
    These anti nationals , leave alone filing FIRs agst t
    Our Jawans ! Shame on them!

  4. Is this done specifically for a purpose to open the eyes of all opposition politician and trollers. No sane Govt would file an FIR against their own army

  5. Is there any other country in the world where the State govt & State police lodge an FIR against own Army ? The matter would have been laughable if did not have the have the potential to seriously affect the morale of the Army. Can a nation surrounded by two hostile neighbors & affected by several insurgent movements afford it? Time netas devoted some time to such grave matters of national security.

  6. WTH ! First they call Sadak ka Gunda and now this! Time to go to war with Pakistan, cross the LOC and finish Kashmir once and for all!

  7. When guilty goes unpunished, Judges worry about their own position & perks, Politicians are too busy enjoying their perks, businessmen worrying & finding or inventing new ways to beat / circumvent the GST & AADHAR & other tax laws, only the common is harrassed & “buried”, the government intend to run their ruling on the dead bodies of its soldiers.


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