Aircraft purchase scam – CBI must question Chidambaram, the key approver of the deal: Swamy

According to the minutes of the EGoM, Chidambaram as its head approved all the purchase deals of the aircraft for AI & IA

Every purchase of allied equipment and Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus was approved by the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.
Every purchase of allied equipment and Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus was approved by the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy petitioned to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for probing into the role of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the controversial purchases of aircraft for Air India and erstwhile Indian Airlines. In his letter, Swamy produced the minutes of EGoM (Empowered Group of Ministers) headed by Chidambaram approving all the dubious purchases. Swamy demanded that the recently initiated CBI probe in this regard should note the role of Chidambaram in the aircraft purchases that led to huge kickbacks.

Every purchase of allied equipment and Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus was approved by the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.

“It is quite clear from perusing these extracts that the purchased aircraft was approved by EGoM headed by Chidambaram as the Finance Minister. The extract as you can see is signed by Chidambaram, and according to Chidambaram, the Ministry of Civil Aviation was authorised to direct Air India to place orders with Boeing and General Electric (GE) accordingly and the Indian Airlines directed to purchase the Airbus,” said Swamy producing the minutes of Minutes of EGoMs in 2005.

The EGoM’s minutes published below this article show that every controversial purchase amounting to billions of dollars was approved by Chidambaram and he had put his signature everywhere. Every purchase of allied equipment and Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus was approved by the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.

“Hence Chidambaram ought to be the principal accused in your investigation into the aircraft purchase scam. Other members of the EGoM may be questioned about the stand they took in the EGoM but as far as Chidambaram is concerned, his culpability is crystal clear,” said Swamy arguing for interrogation of his arch rival Chidambaram.

Then Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel had recently said that he had executed all deals as per the directions of the EGoM, which was cleared by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Swamy’s letter to CBI and attached Minutes of the EGoMs, approving the controversial aircraft purchase is published below:
Page 1 of Ltr to CBI
Page 3 of Ltr to CBI
Page 2 of Ltr to CBI
Page 4 of Ltr to CBI
Page 5 of Ltr to CBI

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  1. Sir are you aware that in an investigation supposed to have been launched in the US by FBI against Boeing Company into sale of aircraft by Boeing to AI in which kick-backs/bribes were allegedly involved both Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel were allegedly questioned by FBI agents while in US though the inquiry was primarily aimed at the Boeing company’s shenanigans?

  2. I feel that you should not exhibit the photos of the culprits detailed in the blogs anywhere. In stead, photos of the persons who have unearthed the scam should be given to honour them. In the present case, the photo of notorious PC is most unwelcome at the top of the story.

  3. Dr.swami,
    Request you please amend bills stopping visit to foreign when any enquiry Leveled against netaz ?
    Should public keep hearing echoes….
    By the time you get lost next election?
    Fantastic progress to 70years….

  4. It is high time that the govt. takes speedy decisions on various scams that are pouring out of the previous govt. Not by way of vendetta but setting an example that however high & mighty you maybe, you have to pay for the wqrongs you have committed while you were in the office. Unless such examples are put forth, public will loose confidence in the present government.

  5. Slowly but surely the noose is tightening around those who planned to loot betray and sell india! From the white widow waitress looter queen to he muppet maunmohan to the venomous arrogant brazen Chiddu to his equally arrogant brash son! Until such heads are left untouched the country cannot convince its citizens to change!

  6. Sir, P.C and his ilk must be dumped in the deepest dungeons of India without being allowed to see the sunlight along with those responsible for the damage caused to mother India,as soon as possible.

  7. Chidambaram with cooperation from the epicentre of corruption has looted India and shared the same with barwaitress turned politician.Indian judicial system may not catch the thieves but they are answerable for their misdeeds to the public.

  8. Swamy can do whatever tapasya and may even get a boon from Brahma eventually but little does he know that it is near impossible to prosecute former FM effectively(raids,CBI enquiries are eyewash,theatrics at best) who may be his nemesis,arch rival but without causing collateral damage to his own present party.

    • You either have personal insider information, or you are one of many faithless impotent citizens who demoralize instead of encourage our honest patriots! Your kind belong in Pakistan! That is a country of impotent cowards who exist on alms and nurture corruption from birth with pride!


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