All eyes on Justice Arun Mishra-led Bench’s Judgments on Telecom AGR case and Prashant Bhushan Contempt of Court case. Expected on Aug 31 or Sept 1

Justice Arun Mishra has to deliver judgments on the controversial Telecom AGR dues payment case and on lawyer Prashant Bhushan for the COC charges on August 31 and September 1

Justice Arun Mishra has to deliver judgments on the controversial Telecom AGR dues payment case and on lawyer Prashant Bhushan for the COC charges on August 31 and September 1
Justice Arun Mishra has to deliver judgments on the controversial Telecom AGR dues payment case and on lawyer Prashant Bhushan for the COC charges on August 31 and September 1

With hardly two working days (August 31 & September 1) left for the retirement of tough judge Justice Arun Mishra, the entire Corporate-Legal-Political-Social world is waiting for his two judgments pending. On Monday or Tuesday, Justice Arun Mishra has to deliver judgments on the controversial Telecom AGR dues payment pattern and the conviction of noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan for the Contempt of Court charges. Though the judgment on the payment pattern of Telecom AGR dues amounting to more than Rs.1.25 lakh crores is the biggest one, many see the quantum of punishment judgment against Prashant Bhushan as an emotional one. These two judgments are expected to be delivered by the Bench headed by the senior-most Justice Arun Mishra on August 31 or September 1 as on his last day of working (September 2), he will be sitting with the Chief Justice of India’s Bench as per the custom.

Justice Arun Mishra has given enough opportunities to Prashant Bhushan to offer a unilateral apology, which was rejected by the lawyer who wrote abusive tweets against many Chief Justices of India. Even Bhushan’s lawyers and Attorney General K K Venugopal sought mercy for him, the lawyer was not ready for apologies. Prashant Bhushan was caught by a young lawyer Mehak Maheshwari who filed a petition to the Supreme Court for initiating action for Contempt of Court[1]. Justice Arun Mishra was treated as an enemy by uncouth Left and Liberalism pretending people. Their attempts to browbeat him never worked and even some angry Left Advocates unions even come out with fake news of boycotting his send-off ceremony on September 2. PGurus have reported how this uncouth lobby played different yardsticks in Contempt of Court cases in the matter of noted financial analyst and Editor Gurumurthy[2].

Justice Arun Mishra deserves credit for finding and stopping the attempt of big Corporate Houses trying to avoid the huge dues of more than Rs.1.45 lakh crores from Telecom AGR case. Actually, on October 24, 2019, the Bench headed by the Justice Mishra ordered for the payment of dues. But Corporates and Government played dubious games by not paying these huge dues. After Justice Mishra headed Bench’s intervention all the crooked Corporates and Government got slapped and immediately Rs.25,000 crores were suddenly paid by Corporate Houses to prevent their owners going to jail. The Bench has unearthed how Ambani brothers covertly swapped the spectrum and are not paying more than Rs.31,000 crores dues of shut down company of Anil Ambani[3]. The government even allowed 20 years’ installment to the erring telecom companies who have already collected money from the public per call on behalf of the government. It is widely expected that the Supreme Court will allow a 15 year-installment package[4].

All eyes are on the expected two Judgments from Justice Arun Mishra led Bench on Monday and Tuesday – August 31 and September 1.

Note: As per Supreme Court Registry judgment on Prashant Bhushan Case will be pronounced on August 31, Monday


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  1. Justice Arun Mishra has exposed Telecom AGR dues ducked by so called BJP lead NDA under teflon PM Modi has come to a naught. Silence from Cong-I on this convinces one that 2G/Kapil Sibal’s ZERO Loss theory is understood by BJP very well and tried to implement the same but Justice Arun called BJP’s bluff on corruption drama/ loss to the exchequer during UPA 1& 2!!

    Justice Arun Mishra should show no mercy on litigant Prashant Bhushan. Bhushan must be sent to Tihar to cool his acerbic tongue and heels!!

  2. I feel CONGRESSISATION of BJP has begun.

    One of the factors that led to Modi’s victory was COW PROTECTION.
    Though Morarjibhai & Atalji sincerely attempted to bring COW SLAUGHTER BAN bill the two raskals Naidu & Mamta thwarted the attempts.
    Now Modi has earned the distinction of Highest Beef Exporter!!!

    Modi talked big about Sikkim becoming 100% Organic State but failed to implement the same in other states. Obviously the BJP is unable to resist the Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticide, Seeds MNCs pressure.

    Corruption Issue was the foremost on which Modi Govt was elected. Even 6 years after none of the Scamsters has been sent behind bars. The Mass Looter Chidambaram’s COCK A SNOOK AT the Government is demeaning.

    To be continued….

    • Nagar Iyer, Truly said
      Liked your observation “CONGRESSISATION of BJP has begun”.How can for instance BJP forget CASH COW Pawars with whom BJP formed Govt midnight in Maharashtra for three days thus giving indirect clean chit to Ajit Pawar another big scammer cash cow!!

      Under late PM Rajiv cow meat exporter was given award! if reports are true under PM Modi Govt has achieved the distinction of top most Beef Exporter!!!

      Tax Terrorism was also on high during May 2014 elections. Now under BJP lead NDA’s PM Modi still continued it.

      If you ask any brain washed Modi (andhe) bhakts they still say that rotten system is deep to clean up.
      I feel that if you take paid services of 100 retired patriotic NIA/NSA/RAW/ED/ex-servicemen/Nationalists/ media like Pgurus and few freelancers this inherited rotten hidden system could have been documented and simultaneously investigated in as many years. It is common knowledge that to achieve a target increase the talented staff under the talented ministers.

      After six plus years of rule, BJP’s intentions are like ex-Pakistani cricketer Mudassar Nazar opening batsman remains not out till the tail ender walks into the pavilion and give scamsters now 6 plus years run away and its very difficult to trace those bank accounts!!Its reported that today HNI count in the country has gone up!! How about Panama Papers? How about Indiana/ Indian companies invested Abroad?

      Modi/Shah in particular and BJP in general intend to go slow on corruption/black money/ hawala ………… have become a non issue during elections. BJP can be Renamed as “SmartBJP”.
      BJPs’ leadership does not want old dirt/muck stick on it. In fact, I guess BJP is fed up with Dr.S.Swamy’s successful cases and weekly writing letters to PM!!! BJP likes PPT giving smart-IAS and unproductive fellow.
      RSS come out of the coon during election times.

      BJP says it wants to untie all Hindus in the country but create fissures and distances itself from Dr.S.Swamy et al fight against corruption/old cases, suggests reforms. BJP does not help him to fight cases!!

      Why BJP is dead slow on admin, economic and judicial reforms?

      Only PM and HM are intelligent and others are not!!! Sorry to say this!
      Present BJP’s ministry is akin to a pied piper!

  3. The country requires Judges like Justice Arun Mishra. The government should not lose the services of the like of him. One one would shudder to think what would happen to justice in the country if some high earning lawyers become Justices of the Supreme Court.


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