Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections

It’s time for all Americans to take control over their country so that there are no pockets of secessionists anywhere in the USA.

Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections
Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections

It’s my analysis that 2020 elections may result in GOP gaining majority in Congress as well.

There are approximately 26 Democrat presidential Candidates and 2 Republican Presidential Candidates. 2020 election assumes significance in that it is expected to bring ideological shifts in American domestic policies and American foreign policy. For Americans, the divide has been between Patriotic Americans and Leftist / Socialistic Americans. 2020 Elections will be for the soul of USA, and elections will be fought more on ideological grounds than mere electoral calculations. The two ideological groups are present in both parties. Ultimately, the candidate who becomes the POTUS in 2020 will have to carefully plan balanced ideological messages. Democrats are planning their messages around Social Justice, Medicare, Economy, Racial Equality and Trump. While, Republicans are planning their messages around Trump Administration Success, Foreign Policy Success, Economic Performance, Defence and Patriotism. Any candidate in either of the two parties who come close to a balanced messaging in each party will win the presidential nomination and maybe the Presidential election.

The best combination will be Joe Biden + Tulsi and Bernie + Kamala. Let’s see what unfolds

Bernie Sanders is one of the top contenders for presidential nomination from Democrats. His key support base has been ultra left wing amongst Democrats. Even amongst Democrats, he is viewed as an outsider because of his socialistic messaging. He is appealing mostly to academics and ultra left wing who are tied to organizations such as CAIR. His messages so far are not resonating with the mainstream neutral Americans. My take on him is that he might not win a Presidential nomination. Who he chooses as his running mate is more important today. His choice will reflect whether he is a serious contender.

Joe Biden is the strongest contender amongst Democrats due to his past experience as VP. He has the experience that matters and plus he has a mainstream appeal to the Americans. He is so far the best in terms of a balanced democratic candidate. His message is focused on his experience, reach and also being a mainstream Democrat. His choice of running mate again will either expand or reduce his base.

The other Democratic candidates like Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris have been somewhat making news for one reason or other but they might end up as running mates for either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. The best combination will be Joe Biden + Tulsi and Bernie + Kamala. Let’s see what unfolds.

From the Republican perspective, it’s Trump all the way. I believe that he will bag the second term because there is practically no credible democratic alternative. Also, the message of Democrats is convoluted and it’s almost looking secessionist. Today’s world politics has loved towards nationalism and patriotism as globalism has failed. Keeping in view the world trends, it’s highly probable that many Democrats may secretly vote for Republicans this time. It’s my analysis that 2020 elections may result in GOP gaining majority in Congress as well. It’s time for all Americans to take control over their country so that there are no pockets of secessionists anywhere in the USA.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. I’m a Tulsicrat and as long as she’s running she’s my only candidate. If she were to go Green (which I hope she doesn’t, because it would be an absolute career-ender and turn her into a Cynthia McKinney), I’d follow her. But as long as she’s running, I’m with her and her only.

    Team up with Biden? I just don’t see it. Biden’s an organization hack, just not quite as bad as Hillary (though Hillary’s foreign policy is far more murderous than Biden’s or nearly anyone else). As VP she’d have very limited influence in a Biden administration, and anyway, I can’t see Biden picking a running mate who’s as out-of-favor with her home-state Democratic machine.

    One interesting possibility? If she doesn’t get the POTUS nomination, think about not running for reelection in the second district and instead spend the next two years running for Governor — the People against the Machine. Tulsi’s environmental programs — not just OFF Fossil Fuels but also oceanic and coral-reef protection, which have a special interest to her island state — would bolster her already strong environmental record. She’d be in a position to influence criminal-justice reform on the front-line level. Her housing policies are interesting — build high-rise on Oahu (or just in Honolulu) to address the problems of homelessness and very high housing prices while preseving agricultural and open space elsewhere. Opiod addiction, where she supports treatment of addicts and prosecution of Big Pharm, ties criminal justice reform together with public health policies.

    There’s a whole host of progressive issues Tulsi’s already associated with, but too much of the mainland public who even know her at all associate her with foreign policy alone. As governor, she could build national recognition on her strong domestic policies as well and also keep her hand in at foreign issues by reaching out westward to Asia on trade-and-commerce. (Her university degree is in International Business.)

    She’s young, and the governorship could give her a good staging-ground for a future presidential run. She could demonstrate her executive abilities. And since Ige is term-limited in 2022, she wouldn’t have to primary an incumbent.

    But as long as Tulsi’s in for POTUS, the Tulsi2020 campaign is my sole interest.

  2. In the US, economy is a major issue. And it seems that a major economic crisis is going to unfold in 1 year. It would be difficult for Trump to convince the people that that crisis is not due to his policies (trade war, Iran tensions, etc.)

    I think the real issue will be not leadership skills of Trump, but his poor performance on economic front. Obviously, what I have said depends on how deep the economic crisis will be, if we go by the bearish analysts, it could be “the everything bubble”.


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