Annamalai do not walk into the trap set by the DMK

Annamalai has been able to wrest the narrative from the DMK until now... He should be careful not to fall in the trap set by the DMK, says Sree Iyer. 


  1. I have a different view on the language issue:

    While I agree that proposing Tamil as a link language is meaningless, I think Annamalai’s suggestion was rhetorical/ tongue-in-cheek; I’m sure he would not have really meant it, off the records.

    The real gaffe (if it was not a balloon floated to test the waters) was by Amit Shah. With such statements, I’m certain BJP will be ruining its already slim chances of growth for a long time. So, Annamalai was forced to intervene in a way not directly taking on Amit Shat also, which I think he has done quite well. I’m sure Annamalai is genuinely in complete disagreement with the Central BJP leadership on this issue. In such a case, what does the Central leadership expect Annamalai to do?

    Is the opposition to Hindi as national or sole link language only a Dravidian parties’ deceptive game? Personally I don’t think so, though my father was a Hindi teacher.

    Almost all North Indian languages have similarities with Hindi, but South Indian languages have more similarities with Tamil. So, all North Indians have a clear and significant advantage with Hindi as national or link language; South Indians, esp Tamilians, will have a distinct disadvantage.

    These relative advantages and disadvantages will show up in educational and job opportunities, which is a very genuine issue. There is no point in glossing over this real fear of the Tamilians and others who may be opposed to Hindi as national or sole link language.

    Already, there is a strong and genuine grouse that Central government is filling up its Class 3 and 4 job vacancies in TN with North Indians. This is a time bomb which could blow up unless diffused fairly and honestly.

    By trying to forcibly thrust Hindi on the entire nation, the nation paid a heavy price in the 60s. They could have simply promoted Hindi to a point when the whole nation may have accepted Hindi over time. The Congress Government messed it up very badly. Now such a natural acceptance is almost impossible.

    So, even aside from education and jobs, the issue has now become extremely emotional. Let’s hope the BJP Government doesn’t unnecessarily create a new issue where none exists. Why should the Central Government try to fix something that isn’t broke? We already have enough divisive issues to handle; we don’t need to create another.

    If the Central Government wants Hindi to emerge as a natural national or sole link language, they should do it in honest and sincere consultation with those who are opposed to it. For example, , if the stake holders agree, we can explore if we can add significant handicap marks to those from TN or South, in educational and job opportunities, with review every 10 years only based on data of how well are Tamilians and South Indians are represented in education and jobs? I’m not saying this is the answer. The way things have been messed up, it may not be, now.

    But any forcible imposition will set India back in every way, including economic.


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