Are Hindus under siege in Andhra?

Was the attack on Hindus by Christians in Chirala pre-planned?

Was the attack on Hindus by Christians in Chirala pre-planned?
Was the attack on Hindus by Christians in Chirala pre-planned?

Are Hindus under siege in Andhra? It appears so…

Video evidence emerging from Chirala, Guntur district shows Shiva Shakti members being physically attacked by a group of approximately 300 Christians. The videos clearly show the attackers identifying themselves and crowing that they are proud of what they did. If the recalcitrant Police of Andhra Pradesh needs any proof of misbehavior, it is provided in this post, in Black and White.

Misguided Dalits?

For a long time, Christian Missionaries have been actively involved in religious conversions in the Guntur District. Though many have converted to Christianity, officially they remain Hindu. This is clear breach of law especially for those who are classified as Scheduled Caste[1] as the Indian Constitution mandates that those belonging to Scheduled Castes lose their reservation status when they convert to Christianity.

The incident took place while members of (Aadhyaatma Chaitanya Vedika),  were attending a meeting in Chirala, Guntur Dist. They were carrying books written by Karunakar Sugguna, one of the founders of Shiva Shakti. Members of the Christian community took offence and condemned the Shiva Shakti members for having those books and started beating them. They also accused that Shiva Shakti members belonged to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Despite the assault being committed by the Christian group, the Police department, allegedly under political pressure, has filed cases against the Shiva Shakti members.

It is ironic that Missionaries can give Bible to Hindus and their children, but Hindus cannot give the Bhagavad Gita to Christians, and if any Hindu attempts to do so, he is likely to be penalised and attacked. Do fundamental rights apply only to the minorities? In the view of Left-Liberals and Chrislamists, Hindus are deemed to not have any right to protect themselves. If they do so, they are projected as communal. Such a case does not apply to any other religious group. In recent years there has been a huge outcry across some western countries that Christians are being persecuted in India. Even Barack Obama lectured Hindus about being tolerant towards India’s minorities, doubtless egged on by the powerful Christian voter bloc[2]. How ironic that the westerners are being brainwashed with the false allegations against Hindus when the reality is that it is the Hindus who are getting persecuted in India by the Christians and Muslims.  The incident in Chirala is one such example.

Karunakar Sugguna, Kalyan Chatlapally, Rishin Vijay, Bhaskar Killi along with few others established Shiva Shakti. Karunakar in the past has debated many a Christian Pastor on the Bible and its contents. He wrote two books, “The Real character of Bible God” and “The Other side of Jesus”. In these books, he highlighted many faults in the bible verses and questioned the missionaries for misleading people by providing wrong information on moral values. These books were a sensational hit and thousands of people started following Karunakar’s views. The common public read these books and started questioning missionaries and Christians, this slowed down the proselytization of Hindus in some districts of Andhra. In a very short span of time, Shiva Shakti became very active on Social Media, and they started engaging many pastors and missionaries.

It is learnt that members of Shiva Shakti have been receiving threats from different Christian groups. Karunakar even received several threats to his life.  The incident in Chirala seems to be pre-planned and it is a shame that the State Administration and the Police are trying to implicate Shiva Shakti members under communal laws. In one of the videos, we see a person claiming to be Christian and openly crowing that he physically abused Shiva Shakti members[3], and saying he would have killed them if he had the chance. In another video, someone else is saying that they belong to SC (Mala) caste[4], and the other person is saying he is Christian. These two-people recorded the video while they were sitting in a police car.

This is an excellent example how some of the misguided elements claiming to be from SC/ ST are abusing the law. Chandra Babu Naidu’s administration has already started minority appeasement politics in Andhra Pradesh. Members of Telugu Desam Party are pandering to minority vote banks by harassing the majority and foisting false cases. It is time, the Center took cognizance of this or 2019 elections will be a polarized polemic of obscenities and imaginary threats to minorities.


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  1. No doubt that All Pastors will go to Hell. They are always brain washing the Christians. If you see most of the Christian faces , you can understand that , they are in some type of hypnotism. Actually , they are good and due to some reasons they converted. These Pastors are utilizing them very badly.

  2. There is lots of conversion happening in Andhra / Telangana. The christian preachers are basically charlatans & missionaries are engaged in landgrabbing / amassing land from govt or private players in small & big amounts. The fact it surged maximum during the time of Rajasekhar Reddy & Naidu govt is posing silent ignorance.
    Religious conversion should be made illegal. What is registered during birth is final & it should change for any thing.
    Religious discourses of all relligions should be covered by law & it should be recorded, for use during any investigation. Any inciting during the sessions have be punished severely.

  3. The primary tool of conversions seems to be money and power. If so, the only hope for the Hindu community is a severe global recession.
    Also, if these incidences happen after four years of rule of ‘right wing Hindu party’ , the prognosis doesn’t seem to be very good.

  4. It is time :’India’ is cinverted to ‘Bharat’ by declaring her a ‘HINDU RASHTRA’. all other religions except ‘Sanatan’, ‘Sikhism’, ‘Jainism’ and ‘Buddhism’ should be banned – since those dacoit and pirate religions never existed prior to a millennium.

    • Very true…. All foreign religions should be banned and the huge lands allocated to Christian schools should be taken up by government to ensure a peaceful India in future…
      These were given at throwaway prices to christianise India….to British schools…
      What is the need for Christian schools to be minorities?
      Atleast Muslims are backward n don’t have education…but christian groups are the ones who had western education n why do they need the minority status…they were the ones who claim they educated all Indians…why do their schools need minority status n minorities rights… And minorities aids??

  5. dear Pgurus those Christian attackers released a video proudly saying that they have attacked Hindus ” and we will file SC/ST atrocity cases if they counter us..! please give the clarification to Indians whether SC ST atrocity act is applicable to Christian converts …!

    • It is applicable to hindus, since the scheduled castes and tribes(sc and st) are hindu damit. If they change their religion to Christianity or islam, they are no more sc or st. If they accept Christianity, they become bc-c

      • my Guru said this to me- ST convert to christianity can still use his ST reservation, for SC it is not the case, they loose their reservation status. Thats why the missionaries are very very active in tribal areas…. where ever the missionary is there must be a reason why they are there…. definitely not for pure love or service….. hope this answers your question

  6. the CM appointed a known christian as Head of TTD.
    further he is saying that reservations should be given to Dalith Christians,
    Actually they are given to Daliths who continue as Hindus. If they are converted christiaity has no caste system

  7. What this article says confirms my worst fears, as it proves conversion/ de hinduization of AndhraPradesh(AP) during the YSR years has been a stupendous success, and now the fall out of it on hindus(indics) of AP is clearly visible. Another hallmark of YSR years is the belligerence he brought about in the ‘converted lot’ against hinduism which is very evident in this instance. It is also well known that YSR went on to become ‘blue eyed’ boy of Sonia Gandhi had her complete backing in the ‘dehinduization’ of AP. YSR also reffered to SG as india’s Mao/Marx who will change the face of india by bringing in a revolution .(dehinduization) It is also extremely tragic that hindu leaders of AP like Niadu for their short term gains & self aggrandization are choosing to take legacy of YSR forward. All this puts AP alsongside the state of WestBengal where also ordinary hindus/indics are under seize and are in the process of losing their homeland & identity.

  8. Once when travelling from Chennai to a temple in AP, at Chittoor we saw a small hill on which a cross was planted. The hill has been named “Zion Thirumalai”.

  9. Hmm….I have been telling this that christians are the cancers to peace-loving India spreading very fast. But who listens? Even Hindus don’t listen and they start criticizing us…
    Good things will happen….
    These are good to expose the hidden nature of christian groups.
    But Narendra Modi ji is the one person who can take strict action abolishing all castes n religious differences in giving aids n reservations….
    Reservations/aids only based on economical layers.. should be carried out.
    But judicial support n people support is also needed because people (in villages n illiterates) will be easily brainwashed…by selfish political parties….
    Lot of propaganda by media is needed.
    But they themselves are run by leftists and christian groups…
    This is why god shows his anger in the form of floods n tsunami…and no water….

  10. Dear team pguru.
    Now I am retired. But from early 1970s through 80/90 2k ,been traveling all through India. Half of the time has htravelled to n via Ap. Found yOy increase in Christian Sabha,halls n churches. It was paining. But now this attacks are different. If press state Govt is not capable/ willing, then it is very serious .


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