Arun Jaitley’s Finance Ministry transfers top Income Tax Officers probing NDTV frauds

Why is the Finance Ministry under Jaitley letting NDTV off the hook? What is it that Jaitley and Modi are afraid of?

Why is the Finance Ministry under Jaitley letting NDTV off the hook? What is it that Jaitley and Modi are afraid of?
Why is the Finance Ministry under Jaitley letting NDTV off the hook? What is it that Jaitley and Modi are afraid of?

In a move that will raise eyebrows so high that they will disappear into the hairline, the Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley has transferred the Chief Income Tax Commissioner SK Mishra and Principal Commissioner PK Ambastha, who were handling the extremely sensitive NDTV tax evasion case. Both officers were heading the Delhi-6 Region of Income Tax, handling several sensitive cases such as the tax evasion of NDTV, Lalu, Mayawati and Mulayam.  Mishra was shifted to Delhi-4 region a week back and PK Ambastha has been shunted to Jodhpur. Mishra was co-ordinating the NDTV cases with other agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Enforcement Directorate (ED), the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the legal team in Supreme Court and Delhi High Court.

Chief Commissioner SK Mishra’s team in Delhi-6 region has been working hard for the past two years diligently to fix the humongous tax frauds of the NDTV and slapped Rs. 450 crores tax evasion notice on the corrupt TV channel. The Income Tax findings were ratified by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)[1].   NDTV’s promoters Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy were also caught for tax evasion and the tax sleuths had recently fined them Rs. 30 crores each[2].

SK Mishra was monitoring all the cases related to NDTV in several legal forums and ensuring that the Government prevailed. Naturally, he became an undesirable officer for the NDTV’s friends in the Finance Ministry. The bold officer and his team were fighting in all legal forums against the battery of high-flying lawyers fielded by NDTV. Mishra’s move to attach the 30% shares of NDTV[3], held by the shell company (RRPR Holdings) of Prannoy Roy has created many enemies for him.

As he is a very senior officer, if he is transferred out of Delhi, clearance would have been needed from the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) under the Prime Minister’s Office. So the Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley cleverly transferred him to another region inside Delhi to avoid PMO’s interference.

PK Ambastha, the second-in-command in the Delhi-6 region is now shifted to Jodhpur. Now the tax sleuths in the region will have to start all over again to bring their new bosses up to speed in all these cases. The message is clear – the new heads will be pliable, as they are aware as to why the Finance Ministry transferred their bold predecessors.

NDTV is using the services of its friends in the Narendra Modi government to sabotage the probes of CBI and ED. Till date, CBI and ED officers have been prevented from summoning Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy after raiding their homes in June 2017 for ICICI Bank loan fraud. After this event, Roy had jumped up and down to claim in the Press Club how the freedom of speech is in danger[4]. The Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley has not yet allowed SEBI to register criminal cases against Prannoy Roy for stock exchange manipulations.

The only notable action that has happened thus far in the NDTV frauds is from the Income Tax team under Chief Commissioner SK Mishra and now this bold officer is transferred out to another region in Delhi. It is high time for Prime Minister Narendra Modi fixed the crooked elements that are working overtime in his departments to covertly provide escape routes to the tax evader NDTV and its owner Prannoy Roy.


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  1. Fools are those who believe democracy or for that matter any ” crasy ” would deliver. Once elected politicians join the elite club of citizens above law ( protected by commandos ) , answerable to none and able to frame and form rules to benefit themselves.
    It is only comparison of luxury and competition to amass wealth is the only goal left to ahieve
    People who elected them are prohibited from approach, stopped from criticism and thrashed for protesting
    Politicians will improve only when all the freebies like security, accommodation, food, health transport tours travel donations are stopped by law ( supreme court )
    Thre has to be a PIL to stop all freebies and a fixed allowance till they occupy offices any pensions and post-retirement benefits should be stopped for a poor country like India
    Shameless are as these people only a PIL can stop this

  2. The state of affairs in India under the recent Modi government is nothing but pathetic. Who is to be blamed for this ? is it Modi or its the ministers ? well the answer is its the gullible people of India and failed idea of Democracy. Democracy as it suggests ‘ruling by people’ is totally an incorrect meaning as we all know the people we elect do not behave the way they have promised; they work for a bunch of elites, whose only intention is profit-even if that is on the expense of making the poor more poorer. In the law of Karma no one is spared, however the short term ill effects of electing a crook like Modi should be experienced by everyone. The decision of electing Modi was not wrong however, as we elected a better among demons.

    • Sir problem is we allowed elected leaders to snatch away our economical rights over 70 years. That is not problem of democracy. We were unaware of this or those who understood were silent. Those who were not silent like Dr Swami were lonely and were ignored by masses. Once we acknowledge this , we need to counter it by educating people around us about economic liberty and how it can liberate us from all major evils.

    • You had rightly stated that in the law of karma, no one is spared. Very true, but there is no time frame for karmic results. There is individual karma and a group karma and both act in an unknown time frame ranging from few minutes to hundreds of years. As individual, Modi does his work without looking at his personal gains. The problem is with rouges who have done criminal acts and have taken rebirth now. Take the case of Mahabharata, which is fight between 5 dharmic people and 100 adharmic people and even God incarnate couldnt avoid war. Democracy is a part of vedic dharma and we have to accept it and with the churning of rebirths going on, let us thank our stars for not taking birth in Pak, erstwhile part of India. As you have rightly pointed out among crooks Modi may be best, but it is difficult to give results when smarter crooks surround him. May be divinity is grooming smart leaders for future, but as of now we have to live under Modi and wait for results.

  3. Modiji is hell-bent upon bringing disrepute to himself by allowing Jaitley to continue with his portfolios. Like Bofors case during Vajpayee regime, Modi will be known for letting down the country in many high profile corruption cases. A great disappointment for our beloved motherland !!

  4. Arun Jailtey is a sin of Modi Govt. Deals with every corrupt. Modi is responsible for making Lok Sabbha defeated Arun Jaitley as Finance, Defence, Corporate Affairs and I&B Minister. After four years, Modi can’t pretend as innocent. All knew Arun Jaitley’s heart beats for NDTV, Chidambaram and he dilutes all cases. Arun Jaitley is SIN in Modi’s Cabinet and Modi is responsible for this SIN

  5. It must be easy to transfer Jaitley to another ministry. It appears that Jaitley is the one who must be blocking the outcome of the NDTV case. He must be involved previously with the congress party and hence protecting the finance ministry moles of congress.

  6. Is Modiji not aware of Arun Jaitley’s ” gimmicks”?
    No concrete solution for any of the corruption cases so far, by this govt!!!


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