Arun Shourie provides bail bond to trial court in hotel sale case. Jaswant Singh’s son & wife provide sureties. Sale approved by Vajpayee’s Cabinet, says Shourie

CBI under Modi is inexplicably chasing Shourie and NDA-1 Cabinet's decision to disinvest. This might scare current Cabinet ministers

CBI under Modi is inexplicably chasing Shourie and NDA-1 Cabinet decision to disinvest. This might scare current Cabinet ministers
CBI under Modi is inexplicably chasing Shourie and NDA-1 Cabinet decision to disinvest. This might scare current Cabinet ministers

In a big embarrassment to the BJP led NDA-2 Government, former Union Minister and noted journalist Arun Shourie on Wednesday furnished bail bond and two sureties before the Jodhpur trial court in a case registered and later closed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for a cabinet decision taken by the NDA-1 Government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee for sale of Laxmi Vilas Hotel, Udaipur. Interestingly the two persons provided Rs. One lakh of each sureties for Arun Shourie were his old colleague Jaswant Singh’s son Manvendra Singh and his wife Chitra Singh. Shourie also provided a personal surety of Rs.2 lakh bail bond.

Talking to media, Arun Shourie said that CBI decided to register the case in August 2014 based on an anonymous complaint forwarded by Finance Ministry’s Disinvestment Division. Denying the allegations, the former Union Minister said a strict procedure was adopted under Vajpayee’s supervision. “This was my principle and direction of Atalji to adhere to the procedure,” he told reporters in Jodhpur.

After the CBI registered FIR, Shourie and Modi’s two-decade-long friendship collapsed. This bizarre incident shows the pettiness, vindictive nature of politicians by misusing the authority.

Shourie stressed that the matter had first come up before an inter-ministerial committee after which it was taken up by a committee of secretaries and then the Cabinet Committee on disinvestment, which was headed by the late Prime minister. “The CBI filed a closure report twice, stating that there was no irregularity in the deal. There were 14 points in support of the CBI’s observation and the High Court has also admitted it,” he said, adding that even if the CBI court felt there was something wrong, let the re-inquiry happen.

CBI in 2019 filed a closure report and was rejected by the trial Judge. The Judge even ordered for arrest Arun Shourie, whose name was not even mentioned in the CBI’s First Information Report (FIR). The trial court even ordered the seizure of the hotel and handover to the State Government. Later Rajasthan High Court stayed the trial court wondering on many aspects of the lower court’s order. The High Court also ordered that Shourie will not be arrested and must be given bail by the trial court.

PGurus have earlier reported in detail about the origin behind this dubious case foisted against Arun Shourie by Narendra Modi led Government[1]. Those days in mid-2014, relations between Arun Shourie and Modi were bickering as the former was not included in the Cabinet. It is shocking to note that then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley forwarded an anonymous complaint against Shourie to CBI. It is interesting to note, this hotel deal was approved thrice by none other than Arun Jaitley as Law Minister in Vajpayee’s Government before Cabinet approval. And look at the fraud – the same Jaitley forwards the anonymous complaint to CBI on the decision approved by him and CBI under Modi registers case for Vajpayee’s Cabinet approved decision! After the CBI registered FIR, Shourie and Modi’s two-decade-long friendship collapsed. This bizarre incident shows the pettiness, vindictive nature of politicians by misusing the authority.

The CBI court in Jodhpur has listed the matter for hearing on Thursday (October 15). The other accused in the case are former disinvestment secretary Pradip Baijal, MD of Lazard India Limited Ashish Guha, MD of Bharat Hotels Limited, Jyotsana Suri, and hotel’s valuer Kantilal Vikamsey.


[1] Why did Narendra Modi allow CBI to register a case against Arun Shourie for the hotel disinvestment approved by ABV’s cabinet?Sep 19, 2020,

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  1. Modi’s personal financial integrity and priority to commitment to the National interest cannot is beyond question. He knows that this cannot be achieved without being in power, which requires handling and dealing with crafty and not so crafty people. The lead role player in RAEFEL allegation brought out some of them, and the credit for identifying and protecting the country from them in the initial days must go Modi.

  2. This episode was creation of Jaitley to tarnish Modi’s image and eliminate competition. It was Jaitley who supported Modi’s candidature as PM and perhaps to satisfy Jaitley, case was booked as file was forwarded by latter. The matter would have been closed had Jaitley ignored the anonymous manufactured complaint. The same Jaitley saw that S Swamy didn’t get MP ticket from Delhi.. Both A Shourie and S Swami were competitors to Jaitley for FM post, hence entertain complaint against Shourie.

    When CBI filed closure report twice under Modi, how can a court reopen the case ? Who then is going to investigate the case ? Mody few weeks ago called on Shourie to convey birthday greetings and must have clarified the subject.

    One thing is certain, Modi has more enemies in BJP due to jealousy, but he hardly looks at them and moves on . While Modi has no personal benefit to be a PM, he is the best option for India, and perhaps most abused by pseudo and god fearing Hindus and leftists.

  3. In our Country public perception of a politician places an important role. Till today, the Country believes our Prime Minister is upright, never indulges in devious method to settle political score / old rivalry. Since, CBI is coming under PMO, he could have stopped the witch hunting of Arun Shourie, initiated by Late Arun Jaitley through an ananymous complaint. People in highest places of power should & must display their nobility of character through their actions and set a right example. In the instant case, Arun Shourie was not charged with financial impropriety and his name was NOT included in the FIR and above all he has implemented a Cabinet decision, which was vetted at various levels including clearance given by Law Ministry headed by the then Law Minister Shri Arun Jaitley.

    Mr Arun Shourie is a man of manifest competence, highest integrity and incorruptible, that is the reason why the Disinvestment Portfolio was entrusted to him by the then PM Shri AB Vajpayee. Probaby, PM Modi made an inadvertent slippery in this episode, it is better for him now to correct his own mistakes and make amends, tread on the righteous path, otherwise he will face the avalanche of political backlash from the general public like Rajiv Gandhi faced after advent of Defamation Bill and Bofors Scam in 1986 and permanently ensured downfall of Congi Party, from which they are unable to climb up again despite their best efforts. I would strongly advise PM Modi not to display / entertain any bitter feelings towards Shri ARUN SHOURIE and TREAD ON THE RIGHTEOUS PATH.

  4. Let us break this in to simple questions

    1) Anonymous complaint received by Shri Arun Jaitley
    Option 1: Throw it in the dustbin of office files by stating that there is no merit in the case
    Option 2: forward the same for enquiry

    Implication of Option 1: The anonymous complaint will be converted into PIL and the government is accused of shielding corruption
    Implication of Option 2: The enquiry will cause inconvenience to the parties named in the complaint. which Shri Jaitley would be aware may include the entire cabinet of NDA under Shri ABV as PM of which he is a part.

    Arun Jaitley chose Option 2 may be because of pragmatism or because of rivalry with Shri Arun Shourie.

    2) CBI enquires and files a closure report rejected by Trial Court. What should the government / CBI do?

    Background: Your report above has given that High Court has remarked that the observations / decisions of Trial Court judge are inexplicable. CBI files a closure report TWICE. The process of enquiry is continuing not because there is any evidence but because the trial court is rejecting the closure report

    Option 1: Ignore the trial court rejection and do not enquire further.
    Option 2: Continue with the process of enquiry / trial

    CBI chose option 2 since the officers of CBI would not be able to opt for Option 1.

    Implication of Option 2:
    Shri Arun Shourie and other are party to the case in question and are forced to defend their actions at considerable physical, mental and financial expenses.

    From the reading of the article above, my understanding s you have found fault with shri Jaitley for forwarding the complaint to the CBI.

    However, you have not found fault with the judgment of rejecting the closure report. Shri Shourie’s statement quoted in the article mentions 14 points by CBI accepted by the High Court still the CBI court continues to have the trial rather than discharging the accused.

    You have not written how the government should have acted, what you would perceive as a fair act on their part.

    My reading of your article is that YOU blame the government for filing the case. They should not have filed the case in 2014 is the basis of your entire article.

    The whims and fancies with which the process of justice in India is handled by the various agencies including judiciary as well the lack of structured reporting by the press makes it a difficult activity for ordinary readers to understand.

    Look forward to your article on why the trial court judgment to continue with the case is correct and appropriate since you are blaming the government for harassing Shri Shourie.

    Best of luck in your reporting of matters. Some of your stories are well researched and good. This however lacks the required completeness.

    • Nagapavan, thanks for your in depth analysis on this news line.
      After reading your analysis and other valued subscribers of Pgurus in these columns it’s clear that if anyone is holding the highest office in the country must take the services of highly “experienced advisors” and good supporting staff/bureaucrats without age bar to understand certain critical issues. Further, education brings in samakara /good culture in us. If you look at recent tweeted attempts fellows with the BJP/RSS started targeting Dr.S.Swamy thus dividing Hindus within the hindutva party!!! Where is Dharma in their own cadres?
      I like Shourie than cunning Jaitley.

  5. Internal feuds of old dirty Jan Sanghis settling their scores in their long time battle to grab the Delhi Central power. Modi, Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh who hoisted the flag at the Top want to kick and throw the weaker ones and losers like Arun Shourie, Jaswanth Singh, Yashwanth Singh down the slope to ensure there is no future threats. Arun Jaitley never took up the cases pending against P. Chidambaram, Nalini Chidambaram. In fact Chidambarams were well shielded by Arun Jaitley and strong evidences gathered were systematically destroyed one after the other. In contrast, pushing the button on Arun Shourie and pinning it on CBI is a dirty, cunning, cheap act of Modi. Be it Congress or RSS Sanghis, they are all the same dirty ones who cut cozy deals across the party lines while being ruthless to slash the throats of their own group so as to stay in power to fool the masses of India projecting themselves as crusaders of Corruption. To quote Arun Shourie, “Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts.” Yes, it holds very true to Modi as he turns a blind eye, mercilessly unleashing CBI to pounce on poor Defenceless Arun Shourie while leaving the true culprits enjoy great Parliamentary hospitality. Strange, Weird, Stinking India.

    • Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan, I liked your opening sentences! I belong to old school of thought based on poverty/economically poor Jan Sanghis bestowed with intellectual prowess. Nanaji Deshmukh, Ashok Singhal, Dr.S.Swamy, Madhok, Sudarshan et al…….

      Post 1997 BJP/RSS adopted corporate style more so post 2013-14… is economic down turns……..only two man show….talent gone….

  6. Modi is a big crook. What a devious person he is? Why used CBI to settle scores with Arun Shourie? Karma caught Jaitley for engineering this fake case.


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