Ayyappa Devotees! Please stay off Sabarimala this time. CPI-M is upto something

Is the CPI-M government making it extremely difficult for Ayyappa devotees in their trip to Sabarimala? When will the Center act?

Is the CPI-M government making it extremely difficult for Ayyappa devotees in their trip to Sabarimala? When will the Center act?
Is the CPI-M government making it extremely difficult for Ayyappa devotees in their trip to Sabarimala? When will the Center act?

  • Overflowing toilets, no sewage system, no accommodation
  • Sabarimala is a ticking time bomb which may explode any time causing pandemic diseases


The CPI-M led government in Kerala is out to destroy Sabarimala Temple and scare away the devotees, if the actions of the Police during the last 24 hours are any indication. Saturday evening saw the arrest of K Surendran, the young leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who has been steadfast in his stance from the beginning that the temple traditions should be protected from the evil designs of the communalists and the Communists.

Surendran was on his way to Sabarimala with the customary Irumudi on his head when a police team blocked him at Kazhakoottam near Thiruvananthapuram, pulled down the Irumudi, arrested him and took him away in  the police vehicle, notoriously known as Idivandi (the vehicle for assaulting and murdering people).

Arrest of Surendran comes within 24 hours of the arrest of K P Sasikala, president of Hindu Aikya Vedi, the umbrella organisation of all Hindu outfits in the State. Sasikala was arrested while she too was on the way to the shrine with the Irumudi and was taken to Ranni Police Station where she spent the night singing Ayyappa devotional songs. Various Hindu organisations called for a hartal in Kerala on Satrurday to protest the arrest of Sasikala. The woman leader, a popular speaker was released on bail by the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Thiruvalla on Saturday afternoon.

Even as leaders like Sasikala and Surendran are arrested and detained by the poloce, the government is ensuring the safe passage of activists like Rehana Fatima and Mary Sweety to the shrine. Sweety Mary was prevented by the devotees when she was on her way to the shrine from Chenganoor.

What upset the Ayyappa devotees more was the blatant violation of human rights in arresting devotees who are on their way to the shrine with the traditional Irumudi (the bag containing the offerings to the deity which could be opened only in the sanctum). Moreover, a devotee who is on his way to the shrine with the Irumudi could not be prevented from completing the pilgrimage.

Saturday saw two devotees succumbing to cardiac arrest while on their way to the shrine. The unprecedented police force deployed along the route to the temple and the bandobust at the Sannidhanam has upset many devotees who are experiencing this kind of police guards for the first time in their life. Both the devotees who died on Saturday were below the age of 50 and this adds to the worries of pilgrims.

Elsewhere in Kerala, the CPI-M  with the support of Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI), an Islamic extremist organisation specialising in murdering and maiming Hindus have launched a series of assaults on Ayyappa devotees all over Kerala. According to Janam TV, news channel, the entire State has come under the control of CPI-M and  SDPI alliance and the assaults are continuing with impunity.

Earlier in the day, the CPI-M Minister Kadakampalli Surendran who is in charge of Devaswam Department, questioned the motive behind Sasikala’s  frequent visit to Sabarimala. “This lady, who spits venom, is visiting Sabarimala frequently. Why she should visit the temple twice or thrice every month? She should be taught a lesson,” said Surendran while addressing a press meet at Thiruvananthapuram.

Interestingly, the Kerala journalists who never miss any chance to prevent the BJP and RSS leaders from speaking during press meet sat dumbstruck throughout the press meet of Surendran. They know the repercussions if they ask any question to the minister who is famous for his arrogance and temper.

The evening news bulletins aired by  Malayalam TV channels were full of pathetic scenes from Sabarimala and surrounding areas. Overflowing toilets, non-availability of drinking water, and absence of proper sewage system has made Sabarimala a ticking time bomb which may explode with contagious and pandemic diseases anytime now. Health experts are asking devotees to stay off the temple for fear of diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice and infectious diseases.

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  1. Do not forget that the Ayyappa Bhaktapur prevented Trupti Desai from setting foot on Kerala soil by resting to nama-japan Yajna. For close to 17 hours, they blockaded the exit of Kochi airport peacefully. Only shows that Hindus can and will show their mettle when the occasional presents itself. May we see more of that spiritedness in the difficult days ahead.

  2. Majority is being ruled by the minority in “Gods Own Country”!
    Deteriorated Health and Hygiene conditions and lack of potable drinking water speaks volumes about the wicked intentions of the Kerala state government.
    Only Almighty God can save Kerala.

  3. A typical negative advice from the article. Same advice was given to Hindus in 1947 in Pak. Retreat to India. L K Advani and M M Singh took shelter in India like cowards instead of fighting mullahs. Are Hindus incapable of protecting their shrines ? Where will the devotees be pushed, Arabian Sea ?

  4. S Swamy stated earlier that military force may be used if necessary, to implement the SC order. Lesson—— as long as Hindus are disunited, they will be plucked and destroyed one by one. 5 lakh Sants want to assemble and demand Ram temple, not a murmur on Sabarimala. Why can’t these pseudo sants protect an existing shrine, than fighting for a new one ? After all Rama and Ayyappa are Avatars of Vishnu. Rajanikanth, Amitabh Bachan and many businessmen have fallen at the feet of Ayyappa, but never supported the devotees.

    Learn from Muslims. A Mazhar was built illegally on foot path in Hyderabad. When the municipality wanted to remove it, a crowd descended on them with sticks and beat them up and they simply ran away like Usain Bolt.

    Lesson of the century—— Follow Arjuna and GITA , not Gandhi who infused coward ness in our life style. We are in the age of laser and atomic weapons not of bows and arrows.

  5. The fear expressed in the article is shared by many and the left govt. may wreck havoc among the peaceful devotees by such methods as not ensuring hygiene at the shrine so that suffering can be inflicted on the devotees. Devotees should be alert to the machinations of the left govt. and the socalled activists to weaken the Hindu faith and as advised in this article, stay away and not fall prey to the evil designs of these inimical forces. One expects the Centre Govt. through the Governor to call for a report and take action against the State Govt. for causing health hazard at a place where millions are expected to gather. NGT must also step in as they otherwise do in other areas.

  6. Why Can’t a Central Government interfere as a means to ensure law & order situation & get the report of Police Deployment at Sabarimala & its activities from CPI-M Government. Why it is mum & get involved completely in Elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh & Rajasthan.

  7. Since I like some of your conversations, specially those with Prof RV, I follow this channel.

    The above report is fine.. But the heading should be, Every single Swamy Aiyappa Devotee is ready to sacrifice their life to protect the Tradition of Sabarimala.

  8. What the central Government is doing? Just watching the suffering of Kerala people. File a case in supreme court, as the rituals of Hindu dharma has been destroyed by brutal police of Kerala. Get a stay for such activities. That is the solution.


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