Benefits of Education in your Mother tongue – with Ranjith Vadiyala

Which is better? Understand the concepts in your mother tongue or a foreign language? What happens in a heterogenous school? What is the way out?


  1. I kind of disagree. It will be a huge advantage to study professional subjects in English, as most of our textbooks are in English, especially medical text books. It will also give those kids an upper hand while interacting with people outside the country. I think that is a huge advantage India has over other countries that you mentioned like China.
    One way would be to encourage kids (especially underprivileged kids) to interact and talk more in English and also interact in their native language. They should be encouraged to read in their native language also in-addition to English. Children can learn as many languages they like at that young age and that will develop an interest in them to persue study of those language as they grow older.


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