Pt Satish K Sharma asks if it is time to throw foreign Child Abuse Churches into the Amnesty bin

First the Church of England was declared guilty of being deeply institutionally Racist, a bastion of White Supremacy; today the UK Govt IICSA Report condemns Church's Decades of Child Sexual Abuse Cover Ups, says Pt. Satish K Sharma. The report details years of concealment by the Church of sexual abuse. A must watch!


  1. Dear Iyer Sir, thanks for a super interview. Good news is the Hindu parents are realizing the dirty ways of the church and the board of education which was brain washing their children with anti Hindu propaganda. No doubt UK which is not so great wants to glorify its colonial days and wants us to believe they care for us. Nehru dynasty and now Sonia Italiano has allowed millions of missionaries to do all the dirty things to convert people, rape innocent children and nuns. When some body gets caught. No news paper gives publicity as majority of news papers are owned by church funded Vatican loyal news papers. India has done a great job in kicking out Amnesty international. Let us start sending all the foreign missionaries who are fooling Hindus by wearing Saffron clothes, Wearing Rudrakasha and distributing books that demonize all our gods and goddesses. Two priests got butchered in Maharshtra three months ago and no one has been arrested. Last week a priest in Rajastan got burnt alive and nothing has been done. Sonia Gandhi is a Vatican agent and has billions of our looted money. This is what is helping them spread Christianity in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh in a big way. Let us not forget what Pope said in Delhi in 1962 after getting honored by all the religious heads. He said long term goal of Vatican is to bring entire India under Bible by year 2050. If we don’t ban religious conversions and do not punish criminal padres and bishops, we are not sending a clear message.

    • Nobody likes to be advised!
      But here’s some… You can do a lot about it. I take it that you are a woman.
      Throw out all pieces of your attire that are not Indian – no justification. If you already have a 100 % Indic wardrobe, get 10 people to discard their non Indic pieces of dress. BTW, do you pray every day.
      Wear your religion so people know your religious identity.
      Secular is a SEVEN STAR GENERAL! None of them is actually Secular!


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