Bengaluru Riots – detailed discussion on fact-finding committee report by “Citizens for democracy”

The fact-finding committee finds Bengaluru Riots a preplanned conspiracy and not only that Bengaluru Riots or Delhi Riots are just rehearsals for larger co-ordinated conspiracy against our country of which Land Jihad is also a part. Also shares some of the findings of the report which exposes it wasn't a spontaneous attack

Read the complete report below:… by PGurus


  1. Act, before it is too late. Enemy is knocking on the door.
    A step on the side :
    Government of India spends an enormous amount of money on rented property (usually luxus, the most expensive in the metropole) for The Embassy and staff is not paid pittance. Are India’s ambassdors on a permanent holiday-plum jobs ?
    Most likely !
    How much each one of these ambassadors costs the exchequer ?
    Islamabad’s degreed lawyers in maulavi’s garb attend international conferences on Human Rights. These degreed detectives evaluate the direction/wind Human Rights movement is going. These degreed lawyers cum detectives do not travel abroad to learn international law rather to detect loop-holes (soft spots) in Human Rights laws to push through Sharia’s frontline scouts, install ‘Trojan Horse’ in the targeted country.
    Islamic Charter (original Arabic version) of Human Rights contradicts and clashes with UN Charter of Human Rights.
    CM of UP Yogi Adityanath was quoted in this program/video :
    a)Yogi regime punished 800 corrupt govt staff
    Friday, 11 September 2020 | PNS | Lucknow–800-corrupt-govt-staff.html?utm_source=vuukle&utm_medium=talk_of_town
    Despite facing barbs on heightened corruption in his rule, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath cracked the whip on around 800 state government employees in the last three years, vindicating his commitment to zero tolerance against corruption.
    Only this week, the state government suspended two IPS officers — Prayagraj SSP Abhishek Dikshit and Mahoba SP Manilal Patidar — primarily for their involvement in corrupt practices and lax policing.
    b) Yogi Govt Cracks Whip On Don Mukhtar Ansari’s Ecosystem, Seizes Property Worth Crores, Suspends Arms Licences

    bySwarajya Staff-Jul 15, 2020 11:14 AM
    c) The Curious Case of Azam Khan’s Hindu son
    Inquisitive case of political stalwart Mohd. Azam Khan, who got a fraudulent birth registration done for his “HINDU” son Mohd. Abdullah Azam Khan
    By Pankaj Jain August 18, 2020
    d)During Corona virus pandemic, Congress Party played games with lives of innocent citizens :
    Congress tried to pull CM Yogi down with tricks.
    India was almost scam-free for the last 5 years And now
    Here comes Vadra Virus-2020.
    Publicity, Politics, Cruel joke by Congress and of course, no real help.
    Not buses but goods carriers- trucks
    Vehical Registration expired in 2013
    e) Yogi Adityanath Orders Expeditious Actions Against Corrupt Government Staff: Official
    Action has been taken against 33 police personnel and 117 officials from other departments involved in corruption, Awanish Awasthi said.
    All IndiaPress Trust of IndiaUpdated: August 27, 2020 7:59 pm IST
    f) Can search or arrest without warrant’: All you need to know about the new Uttar Pradesh special security force
    The members of this force would be authorised to arrest any accused without the orders of a magistrate or a warrant. 14 September, 2020 OpIndia Staff

  2. Meaningful discussion. The take away was that law enforcement is not adequate, the community needs to do it on its own. I would say that you people (good at heart) are still not speaking it out. The community is NOT going to do it on its own. If as per discussion, majority part of the community does not agree then they have to disown the riots, but they are not doing that, which obviously means that they all want that (with very rare exceptions). That’s their global agenda. So the only way is to enforce what is right.

  3. Dear Sree Iyer
    Can you give me the contact details of this particular organisation. I would like to be of help to this laudable initiative. I am a retired IAS officer having experience in various fields. I was a member of the NSAB. I have had hands on experience in dealing with insurgency etc in Assam ( I am an Assam Cadre officer) and have worked in the Cabinet Secretariat as well as various Ministries..
    K. Sreedhar Rao — 080 26586049 and Mob 9886840697

  4. Can the neighborhood composition be maintained like we do for archeological sites?

    Ensure that people are not forced out by making sure only a few % move in either direction. So religious jihad won’t make headway.

  5. Unless I missed it, not one viewer asked questions. This is probably because of the audience composition. Can you give a heads up about the upcoming shows so people can be prepared?


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