Bifurcating a state– Andhra style!!

A comparison of J&K bill to Congress's Andhra bifurcation

A comparison of J&K bill to Congress's Andhra bifurcation
A comparison of J&K bill to Congress's Andhra bifurcation

A point by point rebuttal of how Congress did the same & maybe worse in Andhra bifurcation in 2014, but blames BJP for J&K bill now.

Congress has said it is criticizing the government not for bringing in Article 370, but for the manner in which it has been brought in.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi then intervened and said that “the resolution would reflect the party’s unhappiness over the process followed by the BJP rather than its decision to remove the special status allowed to Kashmir by Article 370.”[1]

Congress MPs from AP used pepper spray on their own colleagues in the Lok Sabha! Speaker and other MPs had to be carried out as they got sick!

So, since it is concerned about democratic processes now, let’s see some history. And let’s not go back to the usual Emergency, Indira Gandhi’s being dictatorial history. But let’s just see what happened 5 years ago, when Sonia and Rahul were very much in charge.

Andhra Pradesh reorganization act was passed in 2014 by Parliament to bifurcate AP into Andhra & Telangana.

1) Congress blames Modi government for not getting assembly approval for bifurcation of J&K.

Congress got the AP assembly to approve… err….Wait a minute!

Their own Congress govt in AP rejected the bill, asking the centre not to split the state! [2]

2) Congress says government ignores discussion in Parliament:

When Congress brought the bill in Lok Sabha, its own cabinet minister Chiranjeevi, brought the bill and said he is opposed to it! He OPPOSED his own cabinet’s bill in Lok Sabha.

3) Congress says Mehbooba, Omar and Farooq, former CM’s were not allowed to speak and were arrested:

Congress CM of AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy was on record opposing bifurcation of his state, brought forward by his own party![3]

4) Congress said no time to debate in Parliament, the government is pushing through:

Congress MPs from AP used pepper spray on their own colleagues in the Lok Sabha! Unwitnessed since its existence!

Speaker and other MPs had to be carried out as they got sick![4]

So next time Congressmen talk about democratic norms around the J&K bill, please ask them if it has to be done Andhra style or “Oppa Gangnam Style” !!

Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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The author is originally from Madurai, and currently lives in Chennai. The author has lived/worked in different countries like UAE, USA. He has contributed several columns to newspapers in India like Economic Times, Times of India etc.
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  1. Congress Bifurcated Andhra Pradesh to satiate its own selfish agenda of creating a Islamic Republic of Hyderabad.AS demanded by Owaisi Brothers Sonia Gandhi went out of all norms to create Telanagana state by dividing Andhra against will of people.The state assembly refused to adopt the bill and pass.The Bill was then adopted and passed by Lokasabha and Rajyasabha by Voice Votes without Physical voting after closure of the gates of house and throwing all opposition out of house by marshalls

      • She is a Christalomist.Her gene is Christian contaminated with Rajeev’s Islamic gene.She harmed Hinduism in her period o 10 years as de-facto PM.After death of Rajeev she took over President post and imbibed Christianity in all Congress members.Her instructions are all those who favour from her should convert to Christianity.By this many Hindu leaders of Congress converted to Christian.
        Now it is proved that due to her anti-Hindu policies she lost all Hindu votes and gradually congress lose all states.MP CG and Rajasthan win is done by MODI to escape anti-incumbency vote in LS election.Modi wanted that all angers of voters against BJP state govt will subside with the defeat in assembly and next in LS he get all seats .MODI AMIT shah knows pulse of voters


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