#NDTVFrauds: Beyond the expose. With SreeIyer & Anuraag Saxena

#NDTVFrauds A no holds barred discussion on what a reader can expect from the book NDTV Frauds.


  1. Yes.Be it Mr.Sreeiyer or Dr.Swamy keep exposing the economic offenders like Sonia,Vadra, Chidambaram,kanimozhi,maran brothers,etc but all of them are ,not only being out of jail ,but are giving lectures on democracy ,rule of law etc.Espeacially what negative comments we hear about chidambaram ,his son ,his wife etc why are they still out of jail and why their properties are not confistigate.Where is the truth,did they really steal public money as much as we hear or those are not true or why Modi is keeping quite. Onle reason why Modi is not doing anything for the past five and half years,could be that for all the exposures on the likes of Chidambarams,there could be equal if not more economic offenders in BJP, and that is why Modi is quite and not handing over the FM job to Dr.Swamy,who keeping in focus the overall good of the majority of deserving Indians,will have vanquished the likes of Sonia,Badra,Chidambaram,Kanimozhi etc. Will it be that ever Modi puts country above his party bandicoots,if there are,and give the FM job with a free hand to Dr. Swamy and allow the magical,much needed economic transformation of our beloved nation which it truly,richly deserves,putting the likes of chidambaram out if our public life.

  2. Sree Iyer sir, you keep doing good work exposing the corrupt. What is the outcome? Anyone ever proved corrupt and sent to jail,? Still charge sheet not filed? See the case of PC, he gets bail after bail. Why not any of you petition against he getting bail? Will a common citizen get such comfort?

  3. Waiting for the day when government of india put a ban on NDTV .
    It’s totally fraud news channel and defame our country . Disgraceful
    Shame on you NDTV


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