BJP has lost the battle; But it can win the war

The BJP CAN win 2019 if it carries out these course corrections in right earnest.

BJP has lost the battle; But it can win the war
BJP has lost the battle; But it can win the war

Even now it’s not too late for the BJP to turn the tide. It needs to do a few things quickly.

Here’s a To-do list:

  1. Sack Amit Shah and get a dynamic person with a clean image;
  2. Win back the confidence of the business community. Treat businessmen as partners in progress. Take whatever it needs to invigorate the economy quickly. Also, please note that there are businessmen other than the Ambanis and Adanis. Make GST more user-friendly. Stop treating businessmen as a bunch of chors;
  3. Address farmers’ issues on war-footing. Modi had time to attend Priyanka Chopra’s wedding reception but he did not meet leaders’ of farmers who had come in thousands to Delhi with their grievances. The agrarian crisis is very grim;
  4. Wage a war on corruption for real. Renegotiate the Rafale deal. Delete the need for prior sanction to prosecute babus. Scrap electoral bonds. Strengthen RTI. BJP is rightly perceived to be a corruption-friendly party. This perception has to be dispelled;
  5. Find a legal way to build the temple at Ayodhya. In fact, it should be possible to persuade the Sunnis to agree to the temple;
  6. Scrap Article 370. It just needs an ordinance;
  7. Get BJP workers to reach out to the masses at the booth level;
  8. Confer Bharat Ratna posthumously on Veer Savarkar and rename Ahmedabad and other cities and railway stations reeking of Moghul or British hangover;
  9. Finally, Modi should stop his foreign travels and focus on fast-tracking the economy.
    The BJP CAN win 2019 if it carries out these course corrections in right earnest. It has a historic duty to perform towards the nation.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. 1st point is not to be taken literally. It is regarding the arrogance of Amit Shah. Rest most of the points need to be implemented asap

  2. Sir please ask PM to instruct banks to provide loans to those people whose cibil score is good but they had settled one or two small loans 7 to 10 yrs ago. Those people who status shows as settled in CIBIL the banks are rejecting loan application outright.

  3. Amit Shah is an arrogant person. He treats people very badly. Modi also did big wrong by making crooked Arun Jaitley as Finance, Defence Minister even after losing Lok Sabha election. Jaitley and Shah are enjoying power and not helping PM Modi at all.

  4. Modi must take corrective measures to appease BJP base:
    1. Increase IT limit to 10 lakhs (minimum)
    2. Make pension up to 20 lakhs tax free
    3. Increase GST threshold to 5 Cr. For service providers Rs. 1 cr.
    4. Force RBI to decrease interest rates
    5. Stop harassment of small traders and businessmen relating to demonetisation cases by IT Dept by dropping all cases.
    6. Dismantle Agri Produce Marketing Commissions (APMCs) to make free trade possible in Agri sector.

  5. Looks like there are many self-styled experts. ‘sack Amit Shah’? Really! What a foolish thinking! If people know what is required to win aall the elections then what were these ‘experts’ doing so far till Modi and Shah came into picture? Pathetic people!

    • BJP came to power even without modi ji and shah ji….
      BJP is built on hindutva…
      When you fail to work on the vision and mission of a party then you end up losing the game.
      BJP was not started to develop India….
      It was started to ensure Hindus had equal rights like their counterparts…
      Many Hindus were arrested, treated brutally , put in jail…denied rights to even chant swamiyae Saranam… in sabarimala…
      When you are indifferent to Hindus then they will be indifferent to you too….
      It’s high time the duo realise the threat possessed by missionaries for the development of India. Anti conversion law should be enacted for whole of India…
      (This might not stop the christian mafia from converting… But it will help the Hindus safeguard their religious freedom to some extent atleast)
      All temples should be fred from government control… And given to hindu religious bodies functioning in that area.

  6. Mr.s.balakrisnan’s observations are really amazingly beautiful. Most of the non political citizens views will be the same. Hope BJP leaders understand the problems and correct

  7. 10. Sack Arun Jetley and get someone hardcore economist who could correct the economic malice.

    11. Kashmiri Pandits have to be relocated back whatever may be the no of such families so that some tangible progress could be shown.

    12. Make Dr Subramanian Swamy as Chairman of Retieval of Black Money with Cabinet rank post to make all necessary departments responsible to be accountable to him.

    14. Strengthen Party in South by recruiting action leaders.

  8. Media and writers can give a possible picture of how Indis will look under congress in future and under BJP
    People who don’t vote should be ready to suffer in future .
    Converts are ready to die and destroy see what they did to Middle East in last 10! Yrs.

  9. You can call me as BJP bhakta. I am one of those get trolled for supporting BJP. it is not possible to address the points raised by the honorable journalist by BJP. at least now BJP should be ground to earth now, should not be arrogant. should learn lessons from the recent election results.

  10. Modi is innocent person he doesn’t know who is the corrupt men in bureaucracy, he followed the advice of corrupt leader of his party but he doesn’t give priority to suggesting people like subramanian Swamy and other intellectual member from pguru and other also in making bureaucracy clean and fearless.

  11. Chill guys.BJP, nay Modi, would retain power, but may have less than 250 seats. MP was a very close fight, inspite of anti-incumbency. Raj is 73 Vs 99, with incumbency and Raje factors.
    Now, Pappu is the PM candidate for the maha-gadbad-bandhan. Modi Vs Pappu, is that a fight? People would vote only for Modi.
    Also, wait and watch, Pappu would hit series of self goals during campaigning OR Sub swamy would jail him in NH case.
    Lets wait and watch. Crucial 6 months in India’s history, next 6 months.
    Modi has to do something for Hindus. Enough of his dev agenda.

  12. Results are as expected…BJP ignored the farmers.. ignored the promises made earlier.. tagged with big corporate houses.. abandoned the Kashmiri Hindus..
    BJP leaders started acting like previous congi minsters.
    If not corrected immediately,2019 election will be a replica of this election

  13. Now, that the congress have won in the three states,the centre should unilaterally bring petrol and diesel prices under GST. KCR couldn’t be routed because of his development schemes to every section of the state. BJP should follow, else, never to be shocked if KCR will be elected PM in 2024. Non corrupt and clean govt is not all what people think. They need a govt who will enhance their livelihood which BJP has utterly failed.

  14. Nice ideas..
    But why can’t Ram Mandir be built with an ordinance?

    They lost Chattisgarh only because of Christian missionaries… They have invaded the state…. So what churches say matter…it is a pity that BJP was too soft on evangelists and missionaries….even in 2014, Shah and modi wanted to meet Kerala christian groups….but later gave up because of disagreements inthe party….
    Don’t know why they are soft on missionaries….
    No action for sabarimala…
    Alphonse ministry …
    Joseph Vijay visits modi before election,
    Gauthami visits (christian convert?? Like Kamal?)
    Rajni (again a recent convert with a Hindu name) his friend
    Mohanlal (a convert ??? Fil- Balaji too I guess??)
    Soft on missionaries and not failing to understand them will prove dangerous to BJP in the long run.. and also for India….

  15. Hindu nationalists are alarmed by the arrogance of BJP. If Congress comes back in 2019 the country will suffer. BJP under Modi and his brainless bureaucracy alienated middle class, SME businesses and Hindu Nationalists. I have no hope that BJP will win in 2019. Arrogance is BJP’s bane as usual.


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