In conversation with Rajiv Malhotra on his interactions with USCIRF and why they bash India

Started in 1998 by Clinton to appease the Christian lobby, this organization bashes India every year, inviting the John Dayals and Kancha Ilaiahs (Sepoys) and make up fake narratives. A must watch! Conversation with Rajiv Malhotra


  1. Has the HINDU goodness gone too far?
    Without a Hindu majority country the world will fall into chaos because no place for disenfranchised human beings like the Parsees of yore, the Jews of times gone by and most recently the Buddhists of Tibet — they live in Bhaarat since a long time. Where will such people take sanctuary?
    All has been brought on by the Brits but the West talks about equality while never really practising anything even close to such ideals. Someone must attack the HumanRights record of western countries including USA in a book soon -a short easy to understand bok-let.

  2. Good expose’! I keep getting a Facebook post from Ram v Malhotra ji and his foundation. I have tried often to join it but the condition he postulates is Donation. Since I can’t donate I can’t join it. But I have personal experience on how these types of American organisations also fund fake narratives of persecution in India, use human beings as samples and then confront them daily with ‘persecution’ via their Christian and Dalit acolytes to make the story sound true. The media is then instigated to pick it up and relatives are financed to be loyal to their funding foundations. In my own case, despite an Italian scholarship (funded, as I discovered subsequently, by the Vatican and CIA), an M.A. English from Delhi University, an M.Phil and PH.D research scholarship from JNU, Delhi, I cannot get or retain a job in Delhi and am forced to do without pension, without any income and to live with a paltry interest income from government saving schemes. That of course is the consequence of my defying such lobbies. But it works in their favour as they use me as an example of injustice in India! So it is a Catch 22 situation. Don’t you think our political thinking has to take cognizance of such realities? Instead of passing the buck by tutoring the local police and Christian parishners to respond that ‘it is your family that is creating problems for you’ or that it is ‘the Americans’!

  3. Why do not both of you file a suit in the Court of Justice that your hard earned tax money is wasted for these foundations without proper representatives for all religions of the world.

  4. I Thank and pray almighty to give a long life to Mr. Rajiv Malhothra to turn the tables of Hindusim which is under suppression by the Isalamic perverts and Christianity fanatics with lot of money using poverty of Hindu families for theirconversion and benefit.


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