My New Letter Series – Dear Hindu, It Maybe A Good Idea To Convert To Another Religion

We might learn a few things from the RSS where people don’t worry about titles but the work that needs to get done!

We might learn a few things from the RSS where people don’t worry about titles but the work that needs to get done!
We might learn a few things from the RSS where people don’t worry about titles but the work that needs to get done!

Dear Hindu,

To use the words of the VERY famous (on Youtube) Adam Seeker, इनको अम्ब का नहीं पता (they don’t know diddly squat). Granted, he used it in another context, but yea, it applies to Hindus!!! Over the past few months, I have been observing an increase in conversion activities! Hindus (I don’t really care whether they’re upper caste or not) are being converted to other more aggressive religions. Initially, I was alarmed at this blatant attempt by minorities, but I have been thinking about this and have sadly come to the conclusion that Hindus SHOULD convert to either Islam or Christianity in order to preserve themselves! After all, it’s a matter of survival, and followers of Sanathana Dharma are totally spineless and self-centered human beings! We don’t deserve a religion like Sanathana Dharma! In order to survive, one needs to be united, which we are not!

Readers, merely liking an article or emoticons showing anger or despair will not do! We seem to be under the impression that we have done our duty by clicking on an emoticon! Sadly, this is the very reason why Sanathana Dharma is suffering!! Most of us are on Facebook and other social media outlets! We see articles about how Sanathana Dharma is being offended every day and all we do is 👍 or 😢 or 😡! How does this help our Dharma? Likewise with those who propagate violence! I’m not suggesting M K Gandhi’s approach, but, we shouldn’t be the first ones to initiate violence! The disgraceful part is, none of us seem to even have a clue of what needs to be done! Yeah, we have to unite; it’s obvious but with so many “leaders”, who’s going to be the follower? We might learn a few things from the RSS where people don’t worry about titles but the work that needs to get done! Oh sorry, the RSS Is a communal, anti-national terrorist organization! I guess we need to follow the TMC or the INC! Or even better, the formidable united, and oh so democratic, JDU! But I digress! I’d promised myself, I wouldn’t bring politics into this article so this is where I start!

We must appreciate unity when we see it! Muslims are the most united community you can find! They may be a minority in India but they have strength in their unity! Hindus are a majority, in numbers, but that’s about it! We are more concerned about what we will gain with unity than anything else! Greed, plain and simple!! Where we should be more vocal, we show apathy; where we should be looking at ourselves to see what we can do, we choose to look away! The end result is the situation we face today! Why are we shocked? Is this one of the fruits of M K Gandhi’s pacifism?? Very probably!!

Too much has been said, and written, about Sanathana Dharma having existed for over 5000 years and will continue to exist! The truth is, we didn’t face these issues then! Yes, the Moghuls and other Muslim rulers persecuted the majority! However, we didn’t face this kind of subtle maiming of the population! To this, if one adds the pathetic attitude of the lackadaisical Hindu and you will find we are in a situation that we will potentially never be able to extricate ourselves from!

In all these articles that I have written, I have advocated the need for unity; however, the situation is one of disunity! People, like Pushpendra Kulshreshta, Rajiv Malhotra, and others have done the same! I am not trying to equate myself to these more illustrious and exalted people, but am trying to explain how all of us realize the need for unity! Do we realize we are now facing a situation where our children show the same apathy towards Sanathana Dharma as we do? They’d rather do ANYTHING else than visit a temple! See if you find that attitude in Muslims!! NEVER!! We, on the other hand, seem to visit the temple only when we think divine intervention is needed! See if a Muslim will miss his namaaz even once a day, let alone five times! With this being the case, why should we feel the need to protest these conversions?

States like Kerala and Karnataka embody the true attitude of the average Hindu! What have we done to even protest these anti-Hindu politics? Sadly nothing, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation! We see more foreigners that know more about Sanathana Dharma than original Hindus! A sad reflection of our apathy! An example of this situation is one that bothers me! A friend of mine, a white person, went to India to Puttaparthi! On her ride from Bangalore, she rode the bus. A gentleman (I use the term loosely) criticized her for this trip and asked if she had seen other places more “tourist friendly” in India, like the Taj Mahal! I don’t want to give any more details other than that he was a Hindu! This is why I say, maybe conversion is a good idea!!

The average Hindu is now, more than ever, bereft of guidance because of a very selfish past, since independence. When one looks at the yeoman efforts put in by the RSS to protect Sanathana Dharma, in adverse conditions, a seemingly losing effort, one realizes the magnitude of damage we, as a community, have done to ourselves! And we then have the gall to blame others for the situation we are in!!!

I will close this out by asking you a question: If we truly want to be a secular society, all people need to be educated on the greatness of their religion! Christians and Muslims are, more power to them! Sanathana Dharma, not so much! Why are people dormant?

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Kumar Sridhar is a full time IT professional who is also a blogger,columnist and an avid sports fan! He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.
Kumar Sridhar


  1. Kumar, you wrote ” all people need to be educated on the greatness of their religion!”

    I like it. One of the factor is in the craze for material development, all Indians and Indian Americans are looking to west and following west. Most of them are Chaarvaaks. Eat and Enjoy type. My observation is based on the fact that I reach out to lot of people to educate themselves on our own platform called Hindu Univ of America (


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