R V S Mani says that NAC and its commissions ensured that MSME failed to compete against China

R V S Mani, who worked in the Home Ministry for several years makes startling revelations on how the National Advisory Council, by setting up various Left-leaning/ run commissions ended up hurting the MSME sector of India.

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  1. Unbridled follies show one’s foolishness-frame of mind.
    India seems to be an exceptionally queer (not flattering for a self respecting people) state.
    No country allows social security/welfare recipients to wage a war against the state.
    If I am a tax-payer and the government indirectly hands out my hard earned money to persons who do not appreciate, the gift, the good-will, why should I support the ones who would not hesitate burning my business down, chopping my hands, head off ?
    In majority of countries which have such social welfare programs, beneficiaries who refuse to take-up work, or contribute to society ; do not have the right to vote.


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