Brazil riots: PM Modi expresses deep concern; extends support to Brazilian authorities

PM Modi, US President Joe Biden, France President Macron condemned the violence that erupted in Brazil

PM Modi
PM Modi "Deeply Concerned" About Brazil Riots

‘Deeply concerned… Democratic traditions must be respected’: PM Modi on Brazil violence

Amid the riots that occurred in Brazil, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concern and said that democratic traditions “must be respected by everyone”.

PM Modi tweeted, “Deeply concerned about the news of rioting and vandalism against the State institutions in Brasilia. Democratic traditions must be respected by everyone. We extend our full support to the Brazilian authorities.”

France President Emmanuel Macron tweeted, “The will of the Brazilian people and the democratic institutions must be respected! President Lula can count on the unfailing support of France.”

US President Joe Biden tweeted, “I condemn the assault on democracy and on the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil. Brazil’s democratic institutions have our full support and the will of the Brazilian people must not be undermined.”

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has denounced the violence which erupted in the South American country after his supporters stormed Congress (the country’s legislature), the Supreme Court, and the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

On Sunday, thousands of pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators bypassed security barricades, climbed on roofs, smashed windows, and invaded all three buildings namely, Congress, Supreme Court, and Presidential Palace.

Some of the demonstrators called for a military intervention to either restore the far-right Bolsonaro to power or oust Lula from the presidency. Following this, at least 400 people have been arrested for storming key government buildings in the national capital.

In a news conference from Sao Paulo state, Lula accused Bolsonaro of encouraging the uprising by those he termed “fascist fanatics,” and he read a freshly signed decree for the federal government.

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