For temples to win the equal-rights’ war, we need a permanent and structural fix. Equal rights endowed through legislation and have access to redress if denied.

Temple Freedom Bill shouldn’t fail, but it will

What special-interest groups need is a keen understanding of legislative process, and levers that influence it. Core natives” and “indigenous communities” in India have historically...
With rejections and reviews only likely to increase, only true specialists have the best chance of making through the H-1B process. Of course, that’s how the system was intended to work in the first place.

H-1B in 2020: Immigration Visa Faces Further Restrictions

It’s been a year of big changes for the H-1B visa—and things aren’t done yet. The next 12 months could fundamentally change everything about...
There is an effort to use incidents like these, to impose a culture on us where women cannot move freely, cannot go to work after 5 pm. All these are efforts to impose the Sharia law where women would be locked up at home

Islamist attacks on Hindu women are being monitored by SinghaBahini

Locking up women at home is a culture of the invaders and is not a Hindu culture. We must resist this Islamization of our...