Cauvery holds IPL to ransom

Immature politics are trying to embarrass the IPL

Or so the narrow, parochial politicians of Tamil Nadu would like us to believe. Even if the Center has valid reasons to delay constituting the Cauvery Water Management Board as it tries to build a consensus between the states that share Cauvery waters.

Leadership deficit or Immature Leadership?

Lately one sees this kind of “regional” posturing that has swept the country which in the long run may sign the death warrant for the same parties that adopt this scorched earth policy. Let us admit it – All the Kazhagams won’t even get their deposit outside of Tamil Nadu. Trinamool is firmly stuck in Bangal and can’t get any traction outside the land of “Amar Sonar Bangla”. In fact, it is doubtful if it has any appeal in even some parts of West Bengal! The two deediyaan are limited to just their regions and holds and even this could be in danger, come 2019.

Parochialism and pampering of sections of society has forced these regional parties to take extreme stands, akin to painting themselves into a corner, from where there is no retreat. It is not unusual to see parties that won’t even get their deposit punch above their weight, especially in Tamil Nadu. Why? Because the tolerant majority ignores the pin pricks caused by such fringe parties.

The game must go on

There is a lot riding on the Indian Premier League (IPL). None of the other Twenty20 leagues come even close to the profitability, glitz and glamour of the IPL. Why is it that for every issue, the IPL is dragged through the mud in Tamil Nadu?

That these fringe elements represent the interests of the state of Tamil Nadu is laughable. About 10,000 people turned up just to watch the Chennai Super Kings practice! At the end of the day, IPL provides edge-of-the-seat entertainment and it gives public a break from their daily struggles. This posturing by some parties is cheap politics at its cheapest.

What is the solution?

The State Government needs to treat this just like another law and order situation. If the Intelligence inputs suggest that there could be pitch invasion and vandalism, they should deploy enough policemen to ensure that it does not happen. The show must go on. Will it? We will know in a few hours.

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  1. Laughable… center is taking consensus for what? Enlighten us on this… Usually the PGurus would upload the verdict and throw its weight and let the readers decide… on this , it is not doing that?

    Everyone know the petty politics people do here… it there were many who voted to BJP in 2014 just for Namo… he also bagged one seat… so if you don’t want to bother be it… but remember it is only centers action that is not letting Hindus unite…his incompetence is a big let down …good that gujarat is still in its arms…. but Hindus there also thrashing namo… just follow mediacrooks on twitter

    It is wrong to interrupt Ipl, but asking the public to stay away from stadium is not…


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