CBI books 48 firms from Tamil Nadu and three persons for transferring Rs.1,038 cr black money to Hong Kong in 2014-15. The main accused is from Sivaganga

48-companies run by persons close to a father-son duo from Tamil Nadu caught by the CBI

48-companies run by persons close to a father-son duo from Tamil Nadu caught by the CBI
48-companies run by persons close to a father-son duo from Tamil Nadu caught by the CBI

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has booked 48 firms with addresses in Chennai and three people from Tamil Nadu for transferring black money of Rs.1,038 crores to Hong Kong during 2014-15. The first accused Mohammed Ibramsa Johny belongs to Sivaganga and the other two are Chennai-based Zinta Midhar and Nizamuddin. All three persons are widely believed to be benamis of a senior Congress leader, who is facing a series of corruption and money laundering charges by the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

The CBI First Information Report (FIR) registered by the agencies of the Bangalore Unit has listed 48 firms mainly linked with these three persons also accused along with unknown bank staffers who helped them send and receive money from Hong Kong. The CBI FIR accused the three persons and the 48 firms of using four branches of Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and State Bank of Mysore (now State Bank of India).

It is learned that certain firms of a young Congress MP from Tamil Nadu also have financial deals with these accused 48 firms that transferred more than Rs.1000 crores to Hong Kong during 2014-15. The Young Congress MP is having a set of firms used for money laundering and the first-accused person from Sivaganga is known to him.

The CBI has alleged that out of 24 companies, 10 had made imports in small quantities but the goods imported and the value of imports did not match with the invoices submitted by the firms to the banks.  “It is further revealed that the accused and others who were involved… were paid commission on the basis of the amount transferred and duration for which the bank accounts remained active and that the concerned bank officials were also bribed in cash,” the CBI FIR alleged.

The agency also alleged that most of the remittances were made in the second half of 2015 and the annual turnover of the firms was shown in lakhs whereas the amounts remitted were in crores, which was “fraudulently and dishonestly” facilitated by the bank officials.

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  1. For too long we the people of India allowed ourselves to be mesmerized by one single family and one single party to rule us for 60 years and they have become parasites living on false ideology of secularism and socialism. They used one particular religious community as vote banks to cling on to power to loot us. So do not complain because we have allowed ourselves to be exploited by this single entity which has many branches in every state whose only purpose is to accumulate wealth and keep the masses under their bondage. These political parasites are anti-indian, anti-any religion and along with other set of Indians calling themselves communists, liberals and secular are wanting India to remain poor and exploited. The game is up and Indians are slowly waking up to this reality. BJP may not be perfect in all respects but they have some commitment to the people of India.

  2. Go and have a look at the Sivaganga Bus Terminal area. It remains as a stark example of Primitive, Pathetic, Potholed muddy site as the money given for development is swindled by the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs from this region who work in conjunction with DMK rogues to advance their personal wealth. These two MPs live in posh palaces and mansions in near by Karaikudi that would beat the top 5 Star hotels in Delhi. Stupid, dull head Tamils elect and select warlords who swindle and go hand in hand with antinational Mafia-minded, Benami sponsoring dirty Hawala agents who are all out to ruin India.

  3. Hm..mm.. ..no unknown devils, probably! The value could be more, only then Tamil Nadu people would turn their heads this way and cast their eyes to smell rat, 1038 crores is less black money for T.N.people to get impressed, well!


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