Cheap tricks to boost the image of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan exposed

Another tall-tale attempt to make it appear that Australia was thanking Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala CM falls flat

Another tall-tale attempt to make it appear that Australia was thanking Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala CM falls flat
Another tall-tale attempt to make it appear that Australia was thanking Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala CM falls flat

PR gimmick to display name on an Australian building caught!

The Left-ruled Kerala Government’s attempt to glorify its “achievements” in COVID-19 using a sneaky Public Relations (PR) trick has been exposed and stands bare for its bald-faced lies. Kerala Government’s PR team aided by many Left-leaning journalists were heaping praise on the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and State Health Minister K K Shailaja on the “stellar” work they did battling the pandemic. Many media houses in the National and International circuits got into the act and went into a tizzy at the “achievements” of the state. It was somewhat similar to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party Government’s tall claims on the “World Class Mohalla Clinics” articles that appeared in international media like the New York Times.

But this time the Kerala Government or its coterie of crony journalists and their PR tricks have fallen flat. On Sunday (April 19) and the following day, many media houses flashed a photo of a big tower in Melbourne in Australia having a big display of “Thanks Giving message” to the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his great work (nothing in Kerala PR is less than “great” – it was a “great agitation” in Jamia in Dec 2019) to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. Even videos were shown on TV channels.

Photo of newspaper clipping – Thanks Pinarayi
Photo of newspaper clipping – Thanks Pinarayi

Now it has come to light that this was a building owned by the Australian mobile phone company Telstra who will display anyone’s name sent via SMS, for a fee. The Telstra will display the name mentioned in the SMS request and also provide the display photo of the name in their big display board. According to many Kerala Congress and BJP leaders, this cheap trick was engineered by a former party cardholder journalist Thiruvallam Bhasi who now lives in Australia. The Opposition party leaders accuse that this photo of the display board of Telstra company office was first posted in Kerala’s journalists’ WhatsApp Groups by Bhasi, which ultimately turned into big news only to fall flat when its fakeness was exposed.  BJP leaders accuse Bhasi, who is engaged in the recruitment business, has started his Left party activities in a covert fashion in Melbourne and is engaged in anti-CAA protests in Melbourne. They accuse him of floating a covert organization called Melbourne Secular Forum to promote anti-Central Government and anti-BJP campaigns. Bhasi’s photo of Thanks giving to Pinarayi Vijayan display board was published in all media by Vijayan’s media managers and party-affiliated journalists like John Britas and P M Manoj, accuse BJP leaders.

The whole gimmick was exposed soon when Social Media warriors found the Tweet of Telstra CEO Andrew Penn offering to display their name by sending a chargeable SMS.

Finding the Mobile phone CEO’s Tweet, many Keralites started sending chargeable SMS to Australia and got their names also in the Display Board like Pinarayi Vijayan’s name displayed and started posting it in Social Media making a total mockery of the PR attempt by Left Journos.

Everyone started putting their names
Everyone started putting their names

Now the media organization which praised Pinarayi Vijayan has come out with a retraction that they were fooled, on the false report of Australia honoring the Chief Minister for his “glorious work” to fight COVID-19.

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  1. Only that the CPIM government has stooped to a new low. The left wing intellectuals and their their crony media outlets in Kerala are desperately trying to undermine Modi’s effectI’ve leadership during the pandemic by trying to boost the beleaguered Pinarayi Vijayan’s sagging image. Washingto Post and NYT too are complicit. This is not meant to belittle the good work done by the health workers , doctotrs and members of the administrative staff in Kerala Health services. The Govt. is trying to hog limelight by hogging the credit. Shame on them.

  2. Last night I was flipping international News channels and to My shock I saw on RT News, same tall claims about ‘Flatening the Cruves in the Left-ruled Kerala Government’ attempt to glorify its “achievements” in COVID-19

    Some Guy from Birmingham named .. was glorifying Kerala’s Govt and saying.. Modi has done nothing for the people …. Modi is callous etc ..

    • Vijay Prashad , brother of Vrinda Karat, gave the eulogy to the CPIM government in Kerala on the RT Channel. Surprised anyone!

  3. There is no need of any advertisement for the honest work done by Kerala govt under best Leadership of CM pinaray Vijayan
    It is already proved in the disasteranagement during NIPPA epidemic n flood in the previous years
    In Kerala there is no religious
    based treatments among the people bcoz of highly educated
    Since keralites are very educated it’s not easy to fool them for anyone

    • Disaster management in Kerala during the 2018 floods was an utter disaster. It is the local people who stepped in to help. The party workers embezzeled the Flood funds. The CM packed off to Gulf to beg for funds. Fine example of ‘effective leadership.’ Ha!

  4. बहुत अच्छी जानकारी आप ने दी इसके लिए धन्यवाद नहीं तो हम लोग अछूते रह जाते किस-किस हथकंडे से अपनी झूठी तारीफ की जाती है है


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