Chidambaram parked 40 million dollar bribe got from Aircel-Maxis deal in NDTV, informs Income Tax Commissioner to CBI

More evidence that P Chidambaram maybe the real owner of NDTV?

More evidence that P Chidambaram maybe the real owner of NDTV?
More evidence that P Chidambaram maybe the real owner of NDTV?

Whistleblower of NDTV frauds, Income Tax Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Srivastava has informed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that the former tainted Finance Minister P Chidambaram had parked 40 million dollars (Rs.200 crores) in NDTV. In a detailed letter to the CBI Director recently, the Income Tax Commissioner said that this 40 million dollar was the bribe taken by Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis deal and the money was parked in NDTV as an investment from a Maxis subsidiary All Astro Asia Network.

As consideration for that fraud, an illegal gratification of US $40 million was paid by Maxis and T Ananda Krishnan and on behalf of Karti Chidambaram was routed through NDTV Ltd disguised as a purchase of shares (49% indirect stake whatever that may mean) of NDTV Lifestyle Holdings Pvt. Ltd…

“NDTV Ltd. needs to be investigated over parking of bribe of US $40 million by Maxis and its owner T. Ananda  Krishnan (accused in the Aircel-Maxis case) on behalf of P Chidambaram and Karti P. Chidambaram for obtaining FIPB approval in Rs.3500 crores. Aircel-Maxis deal fraudulently claiming the proposal for Rs.180 crores only when gross value of the proposal was to be considered and which has been hushed up by certain IRS officers in lieu of bribe paid by NDTV Ltd,” said Srivastava in his 88-page letter to CBI Director detailing the frauds committed by bank scam accused Pranoy Roy headed TV channel.

“As consideration for that fraud, an illegal gratification of US $40 million was paid by Maxis and T Ananda Krishnan and on behalf of Karti Chidambaram was routed through NDTV Ltd disguised as a purchase of shares (49% indirect stake whatever that may mean) of NDTV Lifestyle Holdings Pvt. Ltd wholly owned by NDTV Networks Plc, UK which was wholly owned by NDTV Networks BV, Holland and which in turn was wholly owned by NDTV Ltd, India and all of which were sham letterbox companies owned and floated by NDTV Ltd to launder the proceeds of crime bring the bribe paid to the Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Karti by various entities by All Astro Asia Networks Plc, UK wholly owned subsidiary of the Maxis Ltd an T Ananda Krishnan.

“The fraudulent nature of the transaction between NDTV and Maxis is borne out from the fact that Maxis Ltd never cared to carry its investment or seek any return on that or get involved in the affairs of the company which was 49% owned by Maxis Ltd & had just forgotten their huge investment of about Rs.200 crores with NDTV Ltd and its subsidiaries. The case was hushed up by the NDTV Ltd by paying a bribe to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers,” said Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava.

In his detailed letter, Srivastava also told CBI Director that certain CBI officials closed down the Preliminary Enquiry against three IRS officers who were in charge of NDTV’s Income Tax related files.  “Presently different divisions of the CBI are handling the cases of the bribe paid by NDTV Ltd to IRS officers and their conduits (Sumana Sen IRS & her spouse and then NDTV anchor Abhisar Sharma and accomplices Ashima Neb IRS and BK Jha IRS) and the embezzlement of Rs.1,46,82,836 from Government account by NDTV Ltd,” said the Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava to CBI offering to share his findings of how Chidambaram parked his ill-gotten wealth in NDTV. Srivastava also produced many internal circulars of NDTV in his detailed 88 page letter.

The full letter of Income Tax Commissioner to CBI is published below:

NDTV CBI Letter Dated 02.04.2018 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Another opportunity for Modi to use this to further arm twist congress rather than throwing Chidabaram in Jail. BJP did similar thing in Maharashtra…. let go NCP minister Ajit Pawars n others in multi crore irrigation scam for political gains. Modiji has not booked even a single congressman for corruption. This is another proof of both parties hand in gloves when comes to corruption. People are idiots they chant Modi Modi… Rahul.. Rahul…..

  2. We need Crystal Clear Clarity. Who are on whose sides when it comes to stalling of Corruption Cases against Sonia-Rahul-Vadra, P.Chidambaram-Karti Combos. Are there inside links, moles getting huge kickbacks and it looks like a big maze as all are sent out on leave. One can’t make out who are righteous and who are dubious and shady? We need a thorough investigation. Rakesh Asthana, Rajeshwar Singh, Alok Verma who is upright and honest? Whar are their links to Congress War Lords vs. power structures within the BJP such as Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Modi, Dr. Subramanian Swmay. In the end, it seems to be a big cob web of powerful Businessmen, Bureaucrtas, Polic officers, I-T officials, powerful Netas working together hand in glove who are determined NOT to resolve and and weed out Corruption. India stinks from the top to bottom each being endlessly avaricious and intensely selfish. Give us some heads up in this matter. Swamy is withdrawing and is helpless, ready to give up.

  3. All the comments on public life,politicians and governments is acceptable. But how does Tata sons come up in this. It is a internal matter of the company. The shareholders and the stakeholders forum is the place to comment.

  4. This is massive. Great job by Pgurus! Since the letter is dated april 2018, what has CBI etc done? We need to make the govt accountable. Kudos to the brave-heart tax officer for exposing this. While there is the corruption and money laundering angle involved here, we should also not ignore that this transaction shows that NDTV could have been controlled by Chidambaram who was one of the most important union minister at that time. Media is supposed to be independent – at the very least it needs to declare any political connection and hence a possibility of political influence. Further given the complex web of structure in so many geographies, NDTV should stop calling it self as NEW DELHI Television 🙂

  5. These people who have involved in so many crimes lecturing the present govt what to do & what not to do. Congress has looted the country more than any one else. It is better to put them in jail than allowing to be outside where they will tamper with evidence.

    • LATEST NEWS: HC quashes I-T order sanctioning criminal prosecution of Chidambaram’s family

      It is very easy writing comments fantasizing ‘incarceration of political criminals in India’

      But the fact is Chidambaram led UPA Mafia has spread so many land mines in our Judiciary, Secretariats & Ministries that whoever dares to clean our Institutions will become victims of Chidambaram’s landmines.

      I can assert 60% or more of our Judges in HCs & SC are criminals in the payroll of UPA Mafia.

      Observe how the CBI was reduced to the level of a fish-market when high-networth-criminals started facing the CBI-heat

  6. PCji is the most honest politician in the country. Inspite of his educational background & family background, he leads a very simple & straight forward life for last 50 yrs for his believes.
    Compare this with Modi. Dubious education & humble orgins which has been showcased always, but lives an exorbitantly luxurious life with 20 lakh suit, 2 cr hair cut, lavish spending on dresses, food & travel in public money. Helping crony capitalists always without shame and due diligence. Who is corrupt ? Modi or Chidambaram. If you pay money any journalist and bureaucrat will go on writing shameless baseless accusations like this. What prevented NDA from acting on this? We saw 2G. We will see more Gs(Gas) like this.

    • You perception is very very wrong dear, open up your eyes and truth is in front of you as deliberated by mr. Shrivastava jiT

    • Our PM is the only politician having no Properties and cash and his net worth is around 1 crore. Remember he was CM for 12 years and is PM for last 4 and half years. If he is corrupt, he coould have amassed properties/Mony worth of Thousand crores like you PC and all congis. Is this not enough to open your eyes and understand how HONEST our PM is?

  7. I do not understand one thing. When there were so many evidences against Chidamabaram and his son, Sheila Dixit, Suresh Kalamadi, Raja, Marans and many other scamsters, what is our government doing? It should have immediately jailed all those within 6 months of coming to power. When Chidamabaram as Home Minister could put Sadhvi Prajna, Swami Asimandanda, Colonel Purohit behind the bars for almost 10 years, ensuring that they do not get bails through CBI and CBI courts, what was the problem for these clean hands like Modi? He and his government could have just followed what Chidambaram did. But, this government instead of doing any such things, it did not make any attempt to get the accused in Malegoan blast even after 4 years. The PM controlled CBI still opposes bail for Prajna and others and also charge-sheeted them. And this government had not taken any action against those bank officials who helped black money hoarders to exchange their black money when 500 and 1000 rupee notes were banned. If the present law is not good enough, the government should have made existing laws and/or enacted new laws and sent all these scameters and corrupt officials and ministers to jail. What is badly needed and sadly lacking is the will power to walk the talk. Mere talk is does not yield anything.

    • Why do you think PC is getting thareeq pe thareeq and not getting arrested ? Jailing a person ( high profile ) in near impossible. Let us take a criminal case in lower court where a person is booked. He will get bail based on the caliber of his attorney, and after x years he gets convicted. He approaches HC and gets acquitted after Y years. Then the PP approaches SC , gets a stay and case is heard after zz years and person gets convicted. He then files review petition which may be heard after zzz years. So a case may prolong to 20 years or more. Classical examples are those of Jayalalitha and L Yadav. Criminality and corruption is so deep in society, man made courts cannot provide speedy justice. In fact the British system has to be overhauled ,which even God cannot do. At present we have to live with the system where criminals have a field day. At best Modi can reduce corruption and he has a long way to go.

      We have enough good laws, but the system is helping the criminal and not the aggrieved party.

  8. Chidambaram funded Indian Express also in 2003. For a long time Shekhar Gupta & wife held 14 percent shares in Indian Express. This is nothing but Chidambaram’s fund.

  9. Informed to Rahul Gandhi You your finance Minister Chidambaram has done.He blaming to Mr.Modi.Who is real Chor.

  10. The documents should be circulated to all MPs, PMO, NSA, all news channels,to Prashant Bhushan and Arun Shourie, and Tihar Jail Superintendent. I request Pgurus to dig out truth of 26/11 Mumbai attack, which it seems was orchestrated by UPA to prop up hindu terror.

  11. I have a feeling the Director on leave is extremely cunning and derailed many cases. He misused S Swamy and Pgurus to prop up his image. Modi is very smart and he realised the only way to checkmate the Director, is to have a clean guy parachuted into CBI, as the latter cannot be touched for 2 years. Shocking revelations of stalled cases will be revealed by 12 th Nov, including NDTV issue. Pgurus should expose all such letters so that we know who are the sold out people living amongst us. what happens when CBI, politicians and judiciary fuse together, result is known as PC is getting relief after relief in courts.

    In our mythology, we see a demon has his soul controlled by a parrot in an island. If you have to kill the demon you have to kill the bird.In india the souls of corrupt are controlled by X institution. Untill it is reformed, adharmic people will thrive in india.

    • Oh Come on. Modi is so innocent. If he want anything to get it done, he could have ordered CBI. By taking Jai Italy as Finance Minister, Modi has ditched the public mandate

      • I appreciate your point. If Modi had ordered CBI ( like UPA ) it amounts to gross interference , psychphency will be patronised and truth will be buried. This is how S Swamy was used by Director on leave. Unless there is evidence, which evolves on its own ( as happenings in CBI now) it is difficult to differentiate between devil and angel. Hence the slogan ‘ Sathya meva maya the ‘ ‘.

        True Modi is not innocent and knows the truth. Punishing a criminal is an impossible task in India ( high profile ) and he is aware of the moles of UPA in every dept and they cannot be removed. At best, the officers can be transferred. Hence he parachuted Asthana into CBI, to dig out truth.

        Of the five people in the selection of PM, Joshi, S Swaraj,R Singh, Jaitley and Advani were in picture. Joshi, Advani and Swaraj were against Modi. Only Rajnath and BJP karyakarthas supported Modi and seeing the wind Jaitley supported Modi.

        Modi knows Jaitley is cunning , so kept his man Adhia as finance secretary, similar to Asthana in CBI.So Modi using the better side of Jaitley and tracking his movements and playing goody goody with him. Same games are played in corporate houses where the Chamchas of one Director plays with another. Ex. C Mistry of TATA sons is 100% honest. When N TATA knew his misdoings are coming out, Mistry was booted.

        Power game is like playing Snooker. We are like the balls. X hits the first ball, it hits y ball, which in turn hits z ball, which in turn hits ZZ ball. All I can say is the person who hits the first ball or the invisible force motivating him to hit the ball is GOD. This is essence of GITA

      • Most people are of kinder garden level understanding of politics in India. Congress is not just political party but it’s an corrupt institution in all the departments including CBI, Court judges police, bureaucracy and no institution is lest.
        When non Congress govt comes these corrupt people get together and does a silent non cooperation movement.
        Congress and its supporters both are corrupt and traitors as my experience witnessed.
        Hope this nation wakes up to this fact, time is running out fast, Modi is our last hope you like it or not, Truth knows how to protect itself.

  12. With the above fool proof evidence the offenders i.e father and son is not convicted at the earliest it is not the fault of judiciary it is because some vital persons of the present dispensation is ready to bring down the present regime for their own benefit. Obstacles are with in the Modi Govt. Except Dr. Subramanya Swami others are either not capable to fit enough to act or they are also part and parcel of the corruption. When Mrs Gandhi took a decision to jail all her opponents a strong man like Modi is unable to even speed up the action and throw away the persons who are impediment for the poll promises what he made in 2014

    • Corruption is the fundamental truth. Chanakya stated that clearly. India is not strong enough to limit its bad consequences. Indians are the victims, not first hand criminals.

  13. Great to hear. Only, way to get solutions is to remove all the congress moles from CBI, Revenue Departments, Judiciary, Police and replace them with HONEST officers. They should not have an affinity to any specific party. Unless this happens. New and cases will continue. Action will remain pending. By the time Justice happens all those who were working on it would be gone!

  14. Good job by TEAM PG, in exposing PC and PR. IT letter dated 02 april 2018 and now we are in oct 2018?
    No action by CBI yet? Will the CBI act now ? I doubt because CBI is not organised with infighting going on? Why PC is getting immune from arrest? Questions unanswered??

  15. Modi is in deep slumber regarding the action against UPA ministers and others.Because of his inaction you will shortly see the assembly election results.At least now he has to pull up his socks and put Vadra and others in Tihar.Time is running out.m

  16. Can you feel how honest officers–posted in Chennai in particular, must have suffered during the period when this FM was ruling supreme, along with a more filthy MoS from DMK/AIDMK?

  17. Any other country would have seem PC sitting in jail, not on India. As long as judiciary, stacked by Congress and cronies, is there to subvert justice rather than to provide one, we will just continue to read only on these scams. In the process the BJP seems to be a lame duck government in the center. “It is emphatically not the duty of the courts to manage the government or to pass judgment on every policy action the Executive branch takes,” Jeff Sessions said. Sessions is the US Attorney. Meanwhile people tend to wonder as to why they should continue supporting the present government if they are so lame. Like S Swamy once said that development alone will not win BJP elections. Indian mindset is quite different. To a majority of the voters who matter when elections come, they wouldn’t have a clue what it means to the country when it was rated “forward” for doing business in the country. Indians quickly fall for freebies and false propaganda. Sad but true.

  18. SK Srivastava is a maveric officer. This Chidambaram used lady IRS officers to hoist fake cases against Srivastava and jailed him for few weeks during UPA tenure. CBI should fix PC & Paranoy Roy for parking Aircel-Maxis bribe money in NDTV.

  19. Max is is the benami of one me country which spread wa b is m globally. note.. rndtv is funded by the same country via fraud pc who sold his sole to wa b is. note rndtv never used a word t rr is t rather they called them as son of schoolmaster or the like.. pc coined saffron trr in india. govt must check the route of cash flow to rntv and such breaking india tv channels.


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