The silence of Congress on the Income Tax Assessment Order in National Herald case is deafening

Should the silence of Congress in the IT Assessment Order on Young Indian be construed as assent?

Should the silence of Congress in the IT Assessment Order on Young Indian be construed as assent?
The silence of Congress in the IT Assessment Report on Young Indian is surprising

Why is Congress observing Maun vrat?

The silence being maintained by the Congress party and its leadership for the past five days after the exposé of Income Tax Assessment Order (ITAO) against Young Indian (YI) is deafening. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi together own about 76% of Young Indian, an entity they established to grab the assets of Associate Journals Limited[1]. The Assessment Order dated December 27, 2017, was revealed by the main petitioner and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in a trial court on January 20, 2018, to prove that his charges in the criminal case have been ratified by the Income Tax department.

Congress leadership must have received the ITAO dated December 27 at least by the first week of January. The Order clearly states the Congress claim of giving Rs.90 crores loan to Associated Journal Limited (AJL) a complete lie. It also asserts that this blatant lie was engineered to grab the Rs.2000 crore assets by the Gandhi family who floated a new company called Young Indian. The Order says that Young Indian has concealed a taxable income of Rs.414 crores. This means that Young Indian has to pay a fine ranging from 100 to 300% of the concealed Income and also YI’s directors will have to face criminal prosecution. As of December 28, 2017, the Directors of Young Indian, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, trusted National Secretary Oscar Fernandes, Party Treasurer Motilal Vora and Gandhi family’s close aides Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda have to face criminal prosecution for this big fraud aimed at grabbing the Rs.2000 crores worth real estate assets in Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Lucknow, Panchkula in Haryana and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

Is it the shock of being found out that has got the cat’s tongue? Slowly but steadily, a chorus of media has started reporting on this revelation but Congress is unresponsive. The usual tactic of blaming the Government for using the Income Tax Department as a tool for political vendetta is missing this time around.

In public interest, PGurus has published the entire 105 page of the Income Tax Order exposing the loot of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi firm Young Indian[2]. More than a lakh people have visited this site in the past 24 hours, while many in the mainstream media (MSM) were keeping a studied silence.

With the normal response of lashing out not in show, what exactly is cooking in the kitchen of the Congress leadership? Should the silence be construed as assent? The nation wants to know.


[1] Income Tax fixes Sonia-Rahul firm YI for Rs.414 cr gains from NH FraudsJan 20, 2018,

[2] NH Case: Read 105-page Income Tax Assessment Order against YIJan 22, 2018,

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  1. Mecaulay of british regime, working as educationist TARGETTED to UPROOT bharatiyas from their practices based on ‘SHASTRAS’ of ‘SANATAN DHARMA’ as british had to get works performed by indians in LOOTING INDIAN WEALTHS! Till then although tortured by muslims ‘killed by muslims bharatiyas performed right things as per ‘shastras’
    Mecaulay devised through rducational process to term bharatiya practices as ‘superstitions’ /’primitive’ compared to scientfiic works/
    allurements by offering jobs etc. THIS EDUCATION HAS NO DIVINITY and sue to administrative powers indians adopted slowly but very fast after british left leaving it to congress(their planned forum)
    In short congress is not AT ALL A GROUP TO RELY UPON BY A TRUE BHARATIYA

  2. Sonia is feeling happy inside because of the inability of India to dig the monument of her corruption and the national herald is only tip of the ice berg oftheir corruption

  3. Rahul Gandhi tweets on everything which he perceives anti-modi. His tweet on Oxfam report on concentration of wealth when PM was in davos was inappropriate. Why not start a twitter campaign against RaGa on this demanding explanation. I tweeted yesterday


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