After indulging in corrupt & crooked activities, Chidambaram pleads mercy to Supreme Court by lying in the petition

Is Palaniappan Chidambaram indulging in the same kind of tactics that his son Karti tried?

Is Palaniappan Chidambaram indulging in the same kind of tactics that his son Karti tried?
Is Chidambaram indulging in the same kind of tactics that his son Karti tried?

When the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) are about to corner him in the INX Media bribe case and Aircel Maxis scams, a worried former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has landed in the Supreme Court with a curious petition. This petition is a first of its kind and it looks like a Mercy Petition by a criminal who has seen the writing on the wall. Chidambaram is well aware that his fate is sealed in the INX Media bribe case after the CBI arrested the bribe giver Indrani Mukerjea and the ED arresting his family’s Chartered Accountant Bhaskar Raman a few days ago.

His main argument is that his name does not figure in the Aircel-Maxis and INX media First Information Reports (FIR) and still, the agencies are behind him. This is a bogus statement.

Now it is the turn of his son Karti, who accepted Rs.5 crores from Indrani and whose arrest by the ED is imminent. Chidambaram is certain that he will be next. The INX Media bribe case is an open and shut case as the bribe givers Indrani and husband Mukerjea have already admitted about giving details of the bribe to Karti’s firms. Karti is expected to land back in India on February 28.  It is a near certainty that either the ED or the CBI will arrest Karti in the month of March.  As the agencies have arrested bribe giver and accountant, how can they leave the bribe receiver out?

Karti got the bribe because his father Chidambaram, the then Finance Minister, dubiously and illegally approved the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance of INX media. Under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Chidambaram would be an accused in the case as his son misused his official position. Seeing the imminent danger, Chidambaram has landed with a 26-page petition that makes for curious reading.

On first looks, the petition appears to have been written by a legal neophyte. Chidambaram, who is also a Senior Lawyer in the Apex court claims victimhood. His main argument is that his name does not figure in the Aircel-Maxis and INX media First Information Reports (FIR) and still, the agencies are behind him. This is a bogus statement.  As per the Indian Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) 160, it is the prerogative of the investigating agencies to summon people whom they suspect. There is no need to be named in the FIR and the agencies have full right to call anybody they suspect.

Though being a designated Senior Advocate, it is apparent that Chidambaram is lying. Because in the Aircel-Maxis scam, in the charge sheet against Maran brothers, CBI details the role of Chidambaram in illegally approving the deal. CBI even stated to the trial court and SC about filing a supplementary charge sheet on the illegalities of the FIPB violations by Chidambaram.  However, due to his less-than-holy links, Chidambaram appears to have “managed” CBI officials till mid-2017. Now CBI is facing heat from Supreme Court in this case and ED has attached Karti’s properties in this case[1].

In the INX Media case, CBI has detailed the illegalities of Chidambaram. So why is Chidambaram lying in the petition to the Supreme Court? The fact of the matter is that Chidambaram was hounding the good officers in CBI and ED.  CBI’s Joint Director Ashok Tewari was shunted out from the agency in January 2015, for summoning him in Aircel-Maxis. The then CBI Director Anil Sinha, who appears to be another acolyte of Chidambaram was only too happy to please. Cases against Chidambaram were revived after the new CBI Director Alok Verma issued stern directions to the sleepy/ crony minions of Chidambaram in the agency. Now we have seen that the draft of the CBI’s sealed cover was seized by ED from Chidambaram’s home[2]. Recently CBI also registered a preliminary inquiry in the hotel grabbing case by wife Nalini’s sister in connivance with Indian Overseas Bank. One must ask as to what the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was doing while all these shenanigans were happening in CBI.

The Enforcement Directorate’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh was hounded by Chidambaram and his friends in Finance Ministry. From December 2013 onwards all the corrupt people were trying to shunt this honest and bold officer from the organisation. The main petitioner Subramanian Swamy had to approach Supreme Court at least four times for retaining Rajeshwar Singh in the ED.  From 2012, for every promotion, this officer has had to go to the courts as the corrupt people in Finance Ministry were blocking and harassing him. These are the messages to the honest officers. Still, his petition about recent harassments by acting on the anonymous complaints is pending with Supreme Court[3] and his promotion as Additional Director is also pending with the Finance Ministry.

The ED and Income Tax joint raid at Karti’s firms in connection with Aircel-Maxis scam has exposed the INX Media bribe case and Chidambaram family’s illegal properties and business in 14 countries and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts[4].

PGurus has detailed the illegal assets of Chidambaram family in a long article titled as Chidambara Rahasya[5].  Doing all these corrupt and crooked activities, Chidambaram is now facing the heat. Karma is catching up with him.


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  1. Many thanks & pranams to Dr. Swamy for this great victory….. Chidambaram & his fat son Karthik both to be jailed for life term for the corrupt practices & entire property to be confiscated.

  2. What is fundamental right . This is the question lingering in my mind. To whom it applies. Under what circumstances it can be applied and to what extent and vice versa on such cases. Time is overdue in India to redefine Fundamental Right. Let the right people think for the sake of the country as a whole including J and K

  3. The great rationalist chidambaram must know the wheels of Karma. It is slow. It has already made one politician to sit on wheel chair and not able to speak for all the abuses he had heaped. One more powerful politician was trapped by her own friend to hell and then to death. A great rationalist in Tamilnadu, spent his life abusing Gods and Godesses of Hindus, literally have to around with kidney bucket in his hand. The judicial process may be slow. The judicial clearance may be forged or imposed upon, but the law of karma never fails

  4. When he makes such a plea in the SC, isn’t he scared that SC may set aside & dismiss the petition? Is he not inviting further scrutiny by the apex court into his involvement in the whole scam? Why should he knowingly run the risk unless.. he thinks that there is a way to block proceedings by CBI / ED on the basis of the need to protect his ‘fundamental right to live with dignity’ with some friendly help from ‘gang of four’ kind of judges! If a Judge can say ‘a feeble No is yes’ and another say ‘no scam or criminality in 2G’, some other judge may also be able to say Chidambaram’s right to live with peace & dignity is paramount & would take precedence over all matters of corruption & wrong doing!! Who knows??

    • What is fundamental right a layman cannot understand. But to whom and under what circumstances it applies? Under what circumstances, it does not apply. To what extent it applies. Who can claim fundamental right? These are the questions of common man.

  5. After World WAR II the nazis who escaped were hunted down and tried as War criminals. Similarly PC and his buddies in Cong and NCP must be tried by setting up special courts. As it is the matter is delayed. Govt has to move fast to make up for the lost time.

    • That is what Morarji Desai attempted to do by setting up a Nuremburg like special courts. But seeing his fate that made him loose his position & drive him into oblivion, no one wants to take risk. Which is why not a single case by Govt so far on Sonia or Rahul even though the scale of scam would be 100 times bigger than what Indira Gandhi did. Sometimes it feels exasperating of course!

  6. This bastard coined the terrm saffron terrorism
    Ensured Col Purohit gets tortured for more than 7 years
    Needs to be shot in Temple as summary justice

  7. ‘Wishful thinking’ or ‘height of memory loss’ ??!! Team Gurus is naively asking : Agencies have arrested the ‘bribe giver’ and the ‘accountant’, how can they leave the ‘bribe receiver’ out? This is true based on logics? But ‘Team Gurus’ is well aware ‘logic’ never works with ‘corrupt Indian Politicians’. ‘Bofors’ and ‘Agusta’ must be still fresh in ‘Team Gurus’ memory’ – wherein the ‘givers’ were grilled to the maximum (and even arrested) while the ‘receivers’ were carefree in their ‘cozy comforts’

  8. It is stated in this report that “Karti is expected to land back in India on February 28”. The moot question is- Would he return or he becomes another malya, lamo or nimo ?

    • Rawat, Have no dotbts. Karti will never return. A big ‘coterie’ consisting of members of Judiciary, CBI, ED and Finance Ministry (all in the payroll of Chidu) are trying to shield ‘Chidu and family’. AJ is the ‘chief coordinator’ of this ‘coterie’ on behalf of Chidu. Obviously Chidu + AJ have some weak point of Modi in their ‘mutti’ which they use to ‘arm twist’ Modi to buy his ‘silence’.


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