Aircel-Maxis Scam: Time to arrest Chidambaram for seizure of CBI’s documents from his bedroom

Government running out of reasons for not arresting Chidambaram

Government running out of reasons for not arresting Chidambaram
Government running out of reasons for not arresting Chidambaram

If the common man (sorry I don’t use Aam Aadmi anymore) were to be caught with “For SC Eyes Only” papers prepared by the redoubtable Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the hereto mentioned Common Man will be:

  1. Divested of every piece of clothing on him except for the barest essentials to cover his modesty,
  2. All papers in the house, all clothes, jewellery, pillows, contents of hidden drawers (the said incident occurred in the Palli arai (Bedroom in Tamil – it is a different matter that the same two words also mean a study room)) will be carted away at a time when all the neighbours are home and will be drawn by the commotion and taking videos as precious (and not so precious) inventory gets carted away.
  3. As a final act, the Officer in charge will take the said common man’s signature right in the middle of the road, in full view of all the video freelancers, with the aforementioned minimal piece of clothing, and with a smug smile, drive away, leaving the common man to devise new ways of retreating to the comforts of his confines before any of the curious neighbours can get even a word edgewise.

But the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram is not a common man, despite being caught red-handed by the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) seizure of CBI’s draft status report to be submitted to the Supreme Court (SC) in a sealed cover from his bedroom. For those who were wondering why the ED was repeatedly raiding the various premises of the Chidambarams, perhaps this is a clue. The probe agency’s draft report was recovered from the main culprit Chidambaram’s home in Jor Bagh proving PGurus allegations that some IPS officers in CBI were moles of Chidambaram.A delay of more than three years in prosecuting Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis scam had created many doubts over the functioning of the CBI1. Most of these sensitive cases are supervised by CBI’s controversial officer Rakesh Asthana. This officer’s name was found in the Diaries for accepting regular kickbacks from a tainted company Sterling Biotech[1].

The Pioneer’s report[2] says that the CBI has started an internal probe to find the “moles within” the organisation[3]. The raid conducted on January 13 by the ED found CBI’s draft report to be submitted to the Supreme Court on January 23 from Chidambaram’s home. Chidambaram and his son Karti got panicky after the Supreme Court’s 2G Bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra was repeatedly slamming CBI for inordinate delays in Aircel-Maxis in the case initiated by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

Raiding Chidambaram’s home and Karti’s firm by ED and IT in connection with the Aircel-Maxis scam in December 2015 had unearthed illegal properties amassed in 14 countries and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts[4]. For initiating this raid, ED’s Joint Director and Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh is still facing hardships by the Chidambaram gang in the Finance Ministry headed by Arun Jaitley. For the past five years, the officer is fighting service cases as his promotion was denied by an uncouth cabal in the Finance Ministry and a coterie of Chidambaram. It is obvious that some “bent” people in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also support Chidambaram. No other reason can explain the delay in charge sheeting Chidambaram.

Now Chidambaram is caught for violations of Indian Penal Code for interfering in an investigation which deserves another case and imprisonment. In any other law-abiding country, Chidambaram would have been in jail for the seizure of CBI documents from his bedroom.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy tweeted/ responded to this recent development:

We all know who Swamy means when he mentions the name Sakuni. But who is Dushasan? Anyway, this incident proves that many “people with flexible morals” exist to protect the corrupt Chidamabaram family, which is already facing 10 cases involving, corruption, money laundering, black money and hotel grabbing[5].

Now media reports that CBI is probing as to how their classified report was leaked to main suspect Chidambaram. What kind of probe is CBI intending? First, they have to arrest and interrogate Chidambaram. Only he can reveal how he got the CBI’s classified documents.


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  1. An end has to be put to hearing cases at after Court’s normal working hours. Influential persons are able to force an hearing in the mid night and judiciary, prosecution and the defendants agree to grant or to extend the bail and the culprit flies away. This is a national shame and lakhs of cases which require immediate hearing are getting adjourned. It is time that financial crimes are treated with utmost urgency and the culprits punished.

  2. Legal procedure takes time. 5 years ago Dr Swamy was sure to send Rahul and Sonia to jail for NH case very soon but nothing has happened so far. It may take another 6 years to see the result. So, let us not make Mr. Jaitley a villain. He cannot dictate what CBI or ED has to do. Law enforcement agencies work independently.

  3. Your contention that PC has his moles in CBI is cent percent true. Not only PC, his corrupt son Karthi is also having a very strong connections in CBI. There is a company called Zylog Systems Ltd, in which I am having minimum shareholding, has indulged in cheating banks. With his power, Karthi has inserted his faithfuls into the company, evicted the promoter directors, and also made the CBI to proceed against them. The other directors, who have actually done the mischief and diverted the money through hawala means to their various inland and foreign accounts are not at all touched by CBI, and are now looting the company every single paisa remaining. No financier bank has raised any objection to this and are just watching as a witness to the looting of numerous shareholders’ money. CBI is presenting false picture to the court when in its backdoor the powerfuls are enjoying the bonanza.

  4. I wonder, how outspoken against curruption, Prime Minister is so cowed down when it comes to bringing P. Chidambaram to books. Is he afraid of someone within BJP, Jaitley, perhaps. But PM is a fearless personality. What it is then? Some bigger game play? Mr. Swamy should know.

    • Legal procedure takes time. 5 years ago Dr Swamy was sure to send Rahul and Sonia to jail for NH case very soon but nothing has happened so far. It may take another 6 years to see the result. So, let us not make Mr. Jaitley a villain. He cannot dictate what CBI or ED has to do. Law enforcement agencies work independently.

  5. It is becoming doubtful of the BJP pursuing cases against politicians and can bevome another congress party. Then people find no difference with congress a d co gress will come bavk with a bang .
    Ultimately people of this country is to live with corrupt politicians of either congress ot BJp.

  6. All world knew Shakuni is Jaitley. But who is Dushasan? Not only Arun Jaitley, seems there are some more crooks in BJP cut up deal with Chidambaram. It is very sure that Chidamabram might have made a big deal with some other people in power (might be thru Jaitley) to save his illegal assets across the Globe. Otherwise, Chidamabram, wife Nalini and son Karti would have been in jail by now. Seems there is a Broker or Extortion Gang in BJP to squeeze money from corrupt Congress leaders. Same is the case of Vadra, Shashi Tharoor. I doubt the politicians involved Cricket and its wicked Betting Syndicate is behind. Who are the Cricket Administrators from Congress, BJP and NCP. These guys make deals in every case. They involve in Judgment fixing, setting in cases, eliminations etc.

  7. Having born with a silver spoon in his house, Chidambaram Chettiar need not have become money monger that too on corruptive methods, using his position, status and power in the Government. He has brought disrespect to the Chettiar Community in Tamil Nadu, who are familar for their business practices and disciplines. For his education and high knowledge in economics, he could have behaved himself much better in his life. What is he going to take with him on his death.. In case he is found guilty, maximmum punishment should be awared to him.

  8. It is a shame that the main media instead of exposing PC for all his misdeeds and corrupt acts, is entertaining him by publishing his articles criticising the govt., etc. as if he is a great social activist caring for the common man. It is equally an enigma why our PM is not taking strict action against corrupt elements particularly the powerful ones as PC despite his promise to people during election time to weed out corruption. Are BJP and the corrupt Congress and its netas two sides of the same coin is what people wonder now.

  9. Is finding out the moles and corrupt officials in CBI, ED and fin ministry is such a difficult matter for this FM and PM? Or its intentional for not to do. Why the FM is soft peddling in many of the clear open and shut cases is a million dollar question. Certainly it has dented BJP’s image particularly Modiji’s. Slowly the intellect class of BJP supporters and sympathizers r moving towards NOTA.

  10. One has to admire the congress party for their corrupt skills. How well they have corrupted various govt agencies including judiciary that even when out of power their ‘moles’ continue to give them a heads up on every investigation. With these corrupt agencies is there any hope that the corrupt and guilty will ever be punished?


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