Mehbooba Mufti govt struggling to identify ‘black sheep’ who helped Pak terrorist Naveed Jatt escape from SMHS hospital

The escape of Naveed Jatt shows deep conspiracy involving several elements and entities

The escape of Naveed Jatt shows deep conspiracy involving several elements and entities
The escape of Naveed Jatt shows deep conspiracy involving several elements and entities
The Top cop raises a few tough questions

  • Why was Naveed shifted from Kathua to Srinagar?
  • Why was Naveed not referred to a Police hospital?
  • How did the gun-wielding militants remained unspotted inside the hospital?
  • How did he manage to escape on a motorbike after the killing of two policemen?
  • Why none of the active ‘nakas’ captured him while he fled?
  • Who provided him with the shelter for several hours in Srinagar?

The alliance government headed by Mehbooba Mufti in Jammu and Kashmir is facing a crisis situation in the aftermath of the escape of a dreaded Pakistani terrorist Naveed Jatt alias Abu Hanzalla from the busy hospital premises on February 6.

Two JKP cops were martyred by the terrorists before escaping from the crowded hospital premises in broad daylight on Tuesday.

The dramatic sequence of events has not only left behind a trail of puzzles to solve but has also dented the image of the state police as terrorists were able to successfully execute their plot and run away safely even after killing two policemen in the busy hospital premises.

The shocking incident has also raised a number of question marks on the conduct of the state police and other state government agencies who remained a mute spectator while a dreaded terrorist exploited the loopholes to his advantage.

On Thursday as the state police tried to score a few brownie points by claiming that Special Investigation Team (SIT) sleuths have cracked the case by arresting two militants and overground workers yet the main suspect and prize catch remained at large.

Several raids were conducted by the state police to lay its hands on the big fish but the Pakistani terrorist was still evading arrest.

At the same time, sensational disclosures made by one of the top cops has raised serious doubts about the conduct of the senior police officers as they apparently failed to follow the rule book.

Incharge Inspector General of Police, Kashmir range Munir Khan while addressing a press conference in Srinagar Thursday claimed a big conspiracy was hatched by a group of militants at the behest of their sympathisers to set free Pakistani terrorist Naveed Jatt who was languishing in Central Jail, Srinagar.

He avoided making public a few names claiming that it would hamper the ongoing probe in the matter as police is still investigating to ascertain the quantum of their involvement in the said case.

Interestingly, ever since Naveed fled from the police custody he is enjoying his freedom and posing before the camera to further confuse the security forces.

By releasing his pix, holding a gun, in social media the terrorists are giving an open challenge to the security forces to track them down if they can.

Naveed and Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Saddam Padder from Shopian were seen together in a photo, carrying AK-47 rifles.

According to IG Kashmir range Munir Khan, during preliminary investigations, it has been established beyond doubt that a big conspiracy was hatched to free Naveed Jatt from the jail at least a few months ago.

Initially, they had planned to execute the plot in Pulwama court but when they failed to do so they hatched a fresh conspiracy.

Raising certain tough questions a senior officer claimed, “if few days ago Naveed Jatt was camping in Kathua jail how he was brought back to the Central jail in Srinagar and who gave the permission?”

The police officer also revealed that Naveed Jatt was shifted from Kathua to Srinagar under the court orders.

While he was languishing in central jail two local militants from Pulwama who were identified as Hilal Rather and Tika Khan used to frequently call on him, Munir Khan said.

“Who allowed these visits in the jail premises and how they were able to use mobile SIM cards from within the jail premises”, Munir Khan questioned.

The police officer also claimed it has been established so far that the mobile phones were used and they were in constant touch.

The same day, while he was brought to the SMHS hospital in Srinagar for a medical check-up a group of waiting militants, opened fire on police party and managed to escort him freely without facing any resistance.

Naveed was arrested by government forces in Kulgam district in June 2014.

Addressing a press conference Munir Khan said, “We have arrested three militants and an OGW involved in this act who include Shakil Ahmed, Tika Khan, and Syed Tajamul alias Rahil Kachroo. The OGW has been identified as Muhammad Shafi, who provided vehicle and a bike to ensure the escape of Naveed”.


Naveed Jatt was shifted from Kathua jail to Srinagar on orders of court? Why?

Terrorists Hilal and Tikka Khan visited Central jail Srinagar on 2-3 occasions and met Naveed to hatch the conspiracy. Who allowed this?

Naveed while in jail was in constant touch with the other conspirators on mobile. Who facilitated?

Why was Naveed not checked in the jail itself or referred to high-security police hospital? Role of jail doctors?

Hilal and Tikka Khan were already waiting at the parking when Naveed was brought to the hospital. Who gave them the minute-by-minute details?

Naveed also fired at the two police escorts. Who gave him the weapon and when?

Police did not retaliate to prevent collateral civilian casualties. Was it to facilitate escape?

Naveed and other conspirators escaped on a motorcycle and waited for 6-7 hours in a house in Old city before they finally went to their hideout in a car in the evening. What were the various police nakas doing?

Naveed, a LeT terrorist is lodged safely in a Hizbul Mujahideen hideout. The role of United Jihad Council based in Muzaffarabad cannot be ruled out.

Why is Mehbooba Mufti delaying a First Information Report (FIR) against the ‘black sheep’ behind the easy escape of dreaded LeT Commander from SMHS hospital?

Mehbooba Mufti maintaining a stoic silence?

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been maintaining stoic silence ever since armed militants managed to run away along with a dreaded top commander from the busy hospital premises.

In the aftermath of Shopian firing incident in which two stone pelters were allegedly killed in firing by the army Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had expressed her anguish and blamed the ‘black sheep’ in the army behind provocative incident which she claimed adversely affect peace process aimed at restoring normalcy in the state.

To contain the public anger on ground zero the state government had ordered a magisterial probe, as well as the state police, was directed to register an FIR in the matter. Moving swiftly the state police went ahead and also named one of the senior army officers in the FIR.

As pressure mounted on the Chief Minister and few BJP legislators made public their anger even on the floor of the state assembly Chief Minister stood rock solid and even dragged Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman claiming before filing an FIR against the army she had spoken to Ms. Sitharaman and slapped FIR only after receiving her nod.

But in this case as head of the state, she is yet to make a statement leave alone share her viewpoint on how to punish those found responsible for the escape of Naveed Jatt.


  1. What else one can expect where & when dreaded terrorists & Stine Peters are freed blot free & DEFENCE FORCES who got responsibility to protect NATION & ALL are being deprived of their basic rights while performing their duties & even they are being takencat law task by local govt.?


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