Who in the CBI is protecting the Chidambarams?

A CBI officer appears to be hand-in-glove with tainted fixer Upendra Rai

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Upendra Rai, journalist-cum-lobbyist in Lutyens Delhi and also conducted searches in various premises associated with him. Reliable sources have confirmed to PGurus that CBI has unearthed incriminating which directly point towards a deep-rooted nexus between Upendra Rai and a senior officer of the CBI.

The first question this throws up is as to how deep is the involvement of this official of the CBI with Upendra Rai? It has now been widely reported that certain senior Income Tax officials are under the CBI lens for their alleged links with Upendra Rai. CBI’s second First Information Report (FIR) against Upendra Rai clearly says that he was in touch with senior Income Tax officials in extorting many industrialists and corporates by blackmailing them with adverse Income Tax findings. PGurus had previously reported that Upendra Rai has been indulging in an extortion racket in the Nirav Modi case in connivance with several senior Income Tax (IT) officials[1].

Coming back, this senior CBI official, apparently has been entrusted with the investigation of the Aircel-Maxis case[2]. It is common knowledge that this official made no progress in the investigations against Chidambaram for last one year, thereby providing him & his family, the CBI protection. It is extremely strange, rather intriguing that the CBI status report indicting Chidambaram was found during the search conducted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) at his residence. The CBI’s draft report to be submitted to Supreme Court in sealed cover was found from Chidambaram’s bedroom[3] in Jor Bagh residence in New Delhi! That poses a very pertinent question as to who leaked the “top secret” investigation report to the person who was being investigated against? Did Upendra Rai collude with the top CBI official to send this across to the Chidambaram?

It is significant to mention that the Supreme Court bench monitoring the 2G scam, has directed that the investigation against Chidambarams in the Aircel-Maxis case needs to be concluded at the earliest. It is in this context that we may notice a fresh posse of complaints against the ED Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh of this case. It is relevant to mention here that the ED has attached the properties of Chidambaram’s son Karti under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) much before the CBI has filed the charge sheet in this case. The unholy nexus between Upendra Rai and the CBI official has got active again to protect Chidambaram again and target the Investigating Officer of the ED in this case[4]. This amounts to contempt of Supreme Court. These desperate attempts are being made by this duo to divert the attention from the investigations being carried out by the ED. To state the least, it is highly unfortunate that Upendra Rai, who has been placed in the UCM (Undesirable Contact Men) list by the CBI is in involved so deeply with this top ranking CBI official. Is there no accountability in our top investigative agencies? Where does the buck stop?

CBI investigations have revealed that Upendra Rai is in possession of Call Detail Records (CDR), which he has illegally obtained and which is a punishable offense under Telegraph Act. Further, he is in possession of Suspicious Transaction Records (STR) which are issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and which is punishable under the Official Secrets Act. The CBI already has two cases registered against Upendra Rai for possessing sensitive airport entry card (issued by the BCAS) and for allegedly carrying out extortion to the tune of over Rs 15 crore in one case, for which the ED is investigating him under the PMLA.

The top CBI official along with Upendra Rai have apparently started filing complaints against BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who is one of the original petitioners in the 2G case. Many CBI officials doubted the behavior of the top CBI official when he started stringing with a lady journalist close to Chidambaram.  There are doubts that this top CBI official is honey trapped by the gangs close to Chidambaram in Delhi. A former CBI Director told PGurus that these kinds of honey trapping is a casualty that agency suffers when its officers were trapped during the high profile cases involving top corporate and top politicians. He said in these kinds of sensitive cases, fixers will lure with cash or women. “I always tell my boys to stay away from women and wealth. Unfortunately, some weak or not so good guys fall for temptations,” he said.

The Supreme Court in its order dated March 12, 2018, has given a deadline of six months to conclude the investigations and has directed the CBI and ED to ensure that the investigations are completed by then[5]. This has further aggravated the unholy nexus between the duo – the CBI official and Upendra Rai – to attack the ED, which has already attached the assets of Chidambarams even before the CBI has filed a charge sheet in this case. It is necessary to emphasize that the attachment made by the ED, in this case, has been upheld by the Adjudicating Authority under the PMLA. Actually, the attachment by ED has revived the Aircel-Maxis case and forced CBI to speed up their probes.

Will the Aircel-Maxis case ever see the light of the day with this unholy nexus protecting Chidambaram? Will ED be able to proceed to complete the investigations in this case without the CBI filing charge sheet? How does Chidambaram get to know about every move of the CBI in this case? Who is responsible for the “top secret” investigation documents landing up in the residence of tainted former Finance Minister Chidambaram? Who is shielding this unholy nexus and thereby scuttling the investigations in this regard? Will the truth come out anytime soon in this matter?


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Team PGurus


  1. It’ll be a sad story if the Supreme Court & the BJP brass let this rotten scoundrel & mega scamster off the hook.Chidu has corrupted the CBI,RBI & the IT Dept,and,maybe some influential fiscal decision makers in BJP itself,during his stint as FM & afterwards.Modiji must ensure that the allegations made by Dr.Subramanian Swamy & others against this family are proceeded with firmly.

  2. Why central agencies are acting childish.. if their boys are into some kind of hanky panky with corrupt politicians or business entity, it can be justified as perks used while working to get information. If intention is to serve the people then that should not be a big deal for men at work.. after all they put their life at risk besides this perks mentioned.. after closure distribute the perks among all.
    Can’t say on flesh(women) trade. That’s a different kind of sickness & must be dealt severely.

  3. I haven’t been following this very closely.
    Which CBI office are you talking about.
    Someone who have commented can point me to the links of the office who is being singled out here.

    We know that Finance Ministry is riddled with issues. The CBI and FM surely needs a re haul.

  4. I think BJP goverment is not acting aggressively because everyone gets a share of the loot. Let’s agree BJP is not pure – Modi may not have a selfish attitude to amass wealth like PC but he may still have to do hide his face or ignore a few things for the sake of party. How can they run a party, fund elections, fly chartered planes etc.. without money. There is a give and take everywhere with which you cannot rise in politics. If you decide to be a saint, you will be sidelined or destroyed.

    • Your observations are on the bull’s eye.

      This is a political system that came from West. It is past its sell-by-date. It is unsuitable for India, (and perhaps for any well-meaning society).

      BJP is not far better than Congress because under this political system, it cannot be. Congress is not bad either given the fact that it has come up with great leaders like IG, great thinkers like PVNR, and great conflict managers like MM. PC is a clever man, too. Our misfortune is the useless political system! Try and think on those lines.

  5. I still recall an old blog whose name goes by soniasagents.blogspot.in , still I doubt it’s credibility but time&again I get confused if it is indeed true.
    Also the author of the blog should maintain & try to include modi,shah as well by this year end when things will be more clear

  6. By writing these kind of unproven things about Upendra rai you are only polishing your portal and giving support to your friends Subramanian Swamy and Rajeshwar Singh. Everybody knows the real case and why you(pgurus) are trying to reflect Upendra rai as a fixer and also why you with Subramanian Swamy helping Rajeshwar Singh to make Upendra rai suffer . This is all planning of you three(Porta+ED+swamy) you cannot fool your readers. Do something else for earning. God is watching u and and this is the reason why Rajeshwar Singh is not getting promoted and because of this he is getting on Upendra Rai and taking pointless actions and digging out pointless evidences against him so that he stays in jail and Rajeshwar get promoted.

  7. All are human beings pliable to likes and dislikes. CBI or Judiciary is not God incarnation and there also only human beings are working and are naturally enticeable. Mr. PC, having been in governance, since Indira Gandhi’s time, has got strong clout with all agencies and Central Secretariate and this clout cannot be broken overnight. Politicians are the root cause for all evils in the society and it percolates to the lowest layer of our system. With this present trend, even if Mr. Modi comes to power in 2019, he will not be able to contain corruption and punish corrupt elements as the enemies are very very powerful and influential and they will get rid of at any level. May the Almighty punish these elements.

  8. I can only say that Mr Modi is like Vikram in Vikram and Vetal story.He is saddled with a inefficient HM and a Corrupt and Cunning FM the two Vetals and this Vikram appears totally Helpless and Pathetic.

  9. Obviously it is Special Director Rakesh Asthana. This Asthana being a Gujarat cadre officer close with PM and Amit Shah – but also close with Ahmed Patel. These type of two boat footed many Gujarat officers are in Delhi now. These people were Ahmed Patel’s men till May 2014 and still hearing his orders as they were obliged to him for decades. Asthana’s name is found in Ahmed Patel blessed Sterling Biotech diaries.

  10. Arun Jaitely himself is protecting the Chidambaram for politicians are of transgender race & befits them to bed & sleep with anyone

  11. Very true and glad that you have been at the heels of the corrupt at ED and making it harder to hide. I wonder why, PMO cannot get IB to track and get every corrupt official across the country to be caught with evidence and inprisoned. With no fear of law, money, wine, women has corrupted our society. It is a pity that amongst the major things expected by common man- hound and ruthless convict the corrupt- this govt has done not much. Every bit of black money was allowed to be converted. Yes the govt now may have trails but what is the point. You will never be able to prove in court or close investigations. Catching them off guard was a one time opportunity the govt goofed up. Of people still trust Modi it is because he offers the best choice. His govt and party is not winning. It is because many people think his being in power is better. But for how long. Builder Mafia rules Bombay even now. The denotifictaion of salt pan land in recent DP of mumbai shows that this govt too is beholden to corrupt interest. With Karnataka gone the way it has, and congress polling more votes than bjp and a lot more NOTA, Modi and shah must realise that they have maximised their intelligence on arithmetic ways of winning. Unless cleaner people are visibly encouraged in policies and executive, Modi may very well find his charisma wanting in 2019. As optimistic as ever, we hope the next 12 Months proves all of us wrong and the corrupt cool their heels in jail- provided the courts consider this good for the country for the last fort for the corrupt to hide is the courts which is rock solid for Them at the moment At least

  12. It is extremely tragic that even under the best possible government since 1947 , this kind of subterfuge by unholy nexus of babus & nehruvian elites prevails &succeeds . This is exactly how the 2G case was brutally compromised by insiders of the government and the state machinery could do nothing about it! All those lion hearted individuals like Dr. Swamyji, Dr. Ashok Khemka who have taken on this unholy nexus single handedly have been let down very badly and it seems that the culprits are very close to victory . Despite PM Modi’s best efforts it is quite clear that the Nehruvian status Quo is alive and kicking in the corridors of power and no one can challenge its supremacy! The un washed indian masses will get no respite from their wretched existence of Nehruvian india!

  13. Things do happen , not only in India but in other countries , top leaders or highly ranked government officials were trapped by the agencies. In this case Mr. Rai and his entire team whether related to CBI or IT or PMO, are doing exactly what had been asked by the Boss, whom they are working for…Found a secret official file in the bedroom of so called ex. FM. Aren’t a punishable offence..? How he managed to get rid of that Crime..? What is the truth, hv you people even tried to give a thought onto this matter…?
    It’s is crestal clear that these guys have simply succeeded to make the investigation of 2g scam quite delay.

  14. Time has come for an independent organisation like VHS to prepare list of top 70 of IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS officials and get them scrutinised from the start of their career till date.Their career track record will tell us how honest they have been,their capability,their clout.If this horoscope is available, it will lot easier to predict what will happen.Similarly judges track record of judgements will tell us what kind of judgements they will give.We get surprised because we hardly know the people in position of power especially bureaucrats.At least in the case of politicians,social media is working over time to expose all crooks,honest,capable politicians so we know what we will get electing them.We definitely know a antonia cannot be a Morarjibhai

  15. When P gurus have found out so much against CBI .I think you should pass on to PM ModI and get action.Time is running out. Govt.should punish the “Crook Chidu”

    • pGurus have been hammering this BJP govt. on many issues to correct things.They may not be right in all issues but certainly in many of them, I agree with them 100%.Even many modi bhakth media guys are puzzled why corrupt elements are still given clout in this government or even in media interviews especially running to ndtv.What Arun shourie said is true.This bjp is actually a congi with a cow

  16. If you know this much on the unholy nexus between these individuals, how much the PMO will be knowing and why are they silent?

  17. Sure you would be knowing the rat in CBI. For obvious reasons leave it to readers to guess? The Nation has full implicit faith on Dr Swamy and look forward to him only to punish in 2G AM case and NH case.

  18. Social media and blogs are going to be India’s savior….. Indian MSM is busy chasing dumbed down issues like social problems don’t exist all over the world.


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