Congress President can’t even lie properly

Congress President can’t even lie properly

Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, 1984, Sikh Riotd
Congress President can’t even lie properly


  1. Pappu & bottle were born in Z+ security

    How come pappu became a hardcore drug addict & his sister, a chronic alcoholic??

    Even the top lieutenant of dawood wouldn’t have dared peddle his wares to the above two without risking incurring the wrath of the Indian state.

    tdk not just sold her soul, our country, her husband to the devil but also destroyed her only two children to continue her selfish interests.

    On behalf of the nation, I urge the Mighty Brahmin Dr Swamy to save the progeny of his late friend from the clutches of their satanic mother.

  2. Rajiv Gandhi is the root cause of communal devide in India , as he used his mandate to overrule supreme Court judgement on Shabano case in 1986

  3. Actually it happened before Rajiv Gandhi became PM. So the bar maid is permitted to talk nonsense on this case. They used the mandate to loot the country.


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