Defeat Modi in Gujarat, then in Lok Sabha polls in 2024

An international conspiracy is being hatched by several foreign countries to dislodge Modi

An international conspiracy is being hatched by several foreign countries to dislodge Modi
An international conspiracy is being hatched by several foreign countries to dislodge Modi

A global conspiracy

Why are several foreign countries conspiring to defeat Modi? Here are some reasons:

  • India’s increasing self-reliance on its Armed forces has irked the arms lobby, whose fat cats used to swallow up to 20 percent of any arms deal.
  • India’s emergence as a ‘world leader’ is a key irritant for many of the developed countries. For instance, India can easily become the world leader in Pharma because of its manufacturing prowess in the pharma sector.
  • India’s increasingly successful stance of keeping China at bay in key tech sectors such as Telecom has riled the dragon.

Reliable sources have shared with me five to six major theories on how many countries are ganging up to ensure that BJP and Narendra Modi are defeated in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and subsequently in the Lok Sabha general elections in 2024.

The disappointed Army lobby

First is the conspiracy being hatched by defence and arms dealers, the Pharmaceutical lobby, and international telecom companies. Now to elaborate the conspiracy further from an Indian angle, it is speculated that five regional political parties are getting funds from certain international outfits like Khalistanis and also from banned religious fundamentalist organizations. Why defence and arms lobby is determined to defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in 2024, reason, there is a huge mafia working at various levels and in many countries. Indian government especially after Narendra Modi stopped buying arms and ammunition and also fighter jets and ships from foreign countries.

Pharma lobby against India for its inventions

Modi introduced the concept of self-reliance, Atma Nirbhar Bharat. The entrenched medical and pharma lobby worldwide has decided that Modi should be stopped in the 2024 elections. The reason? Covaxin is an all-India invention, not based on any foreign know-how. Plus India can manufacture vaccines for the whole world at a fraction of the cost it takes for the established players. By giving its vaccines free to 85 countries during Covid, at a time when China’s offerings were failing pathetically, Modi has earned the respect and gratitude of several countries. This is another source of heartburn for the West-based Pharma industry.

India’s 5G is a major irritant for World Telecom companies

When Modi introduced 5G in India many Chinese companies like Huawei wanted to sell their equipment. But Modi ensured that it was done indigenously. This disappointed five to ten top world mafia leaders. Hence the Defeat Modi slogan is gaining momentum in world capitals.

Developed countries sneak into Indian universities to lobby against Modi

Now the modus operandi of some foreign powers is to ensure indirect funding of Indian regional parties. Foreign students in several private Indian universities are indulging in spreading untruths to try and foment trouble. The case of Kallakurichi in Tamil Nadu is one example, claim my reliable sources.

India stopped allowing foreign funds to come in for conversions

Conversions in many parts of India are a secret strategy to counter Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Religious and communal non-government organizations and environmentalists over the past several years had direct funding into India, thereby making it possible for them to install friendly governments that looked the other way. That chain of activities has been totally disconnected by Narendra Modi. That is the secret of those who earned huge money through mafias and world arms lobbies.

Foreign powers are envious of India’s economic growth. In the next few months, the following events will be taking place in India, further boosting its image:

  1. India is 5th in the IMF ranking. India to host G-20 in New Delhi in 2023.
  2. India to head Shangai Cooperation Organization in 2023
  3. India is emerging fast in defence preparedness. India makes ships and fighter aircraft.
  4. India is self-reliant. India is a hub for various digital platforms.

5G/ 6G technologies are an irritant for foreign corporate magnets. How BJP and Narendra Modi will handle this international onslaught on India, remains to be seen. The 2024 poll results can give a befitting answer to what the people of India think of the BJP and Modi at its helm.

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R Rajagopalan is a veteran journalist. He reported Parliament proceedings for Dinamani and Vaartha. Since 1980. A well known face in English TV debates. He Widely traveled with Presidents and Prime Ministers.
R Rajagopalan


  1. Modi is modern day Abhimanyu who survived Chakravuh of Godhra Riots & “killing of young woman Islamic terrorist” “denied USA Visa”….etc… unlike Abhimanyu, he is slaying all 8 parties & will emerge victorious !!

    He has “Reliance” (which controls blackmoney of many politicians & polical parties) & destiny on his side


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