Why did RaGa start a company in UK?

Congress answers raise more questions
Congress answers raise more questions

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What could be reason for Rahul Gandhi to start a company in 2003 and then close it a few years later in 2009? Why did he go to such great lengths to establish one (or more) residences in the United Kingdom, to the extent of claiming British Nationality? If you read his Wikipedia page, it says that he completed his M Phil from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995 and then worked at The Monitor Group, a Boston, Massachussetts based Management Consulting firm, which itself went bankrupt in November 2012. It is not mentioned as to how long he worked there.

He started a Mumbai based company on May 27, 2002 with the objective of providing back office and advisory support services. The name of the Indian company? Backops Services Pvt. Ltd.

A few months pass by and Backops Limited is started in the UK, by Rahul Gandhi on August 21, 2003. Note that most of the income of the Indian company has been in the form of foreign exchange, which was not properly reported, according to Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Also, the company failed to report the appointment of an American national as a Director. The name? Ulrik R McKnight.

So the two individuals who are Directors in both “Backops” companies are the same. It is not clear as to what business Backops Limited conducted in the UK, but it was closed in 2009.

When the new revelations about Rahul Gandhi declaring himself as a British National in the Annual returns, the Congress Party brushed them off, saying that the Certificate of Incorporation of the company in 2003 states that Rahul Gandhi was a citizen of India. The Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala while speaking to NDTV did not furnish additional details of what the company did or an explanation of RaGa’s nationality in the Annual filings of the company.

Back to the original question – why did Rahul Gandhi start Backops Limited? Congress should answer the following list of questions to clear the air:

  • What was the purpose for which Backops Limited was started?
  • Why was the company closed in 2009?
  • Since the Directors in both “Backops” were the same, what was the relationship between the two companies?
  • Annual returns were filed electronically by Backops (or their appointed entity). The nationality of the other director, Ulrik R McKnight is entered correctly. So why would Rahul Gandhi’s nationality alone be entered incorrectly, that too by its own personnel?
  • We are showing below a copy of the first two pages of the Annual returns of Backops Limited for 2004, in which the Nationality of Rahul Gandhi has been hand corrected to Indian in Page 2. His British nationality is revealed in the Annual returns for the year 2005 onwards.
Page 1 of BackOps filing
Fig 1. Page 1 of BackOps filing
Page 2 of BackOps filing
Fig 1. Page 2 of BackOps filing
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  1. Has Sri LalKrishna Advaniji the head of ethics committee in one of the houses of Parliament finished hearing ethics related issues/concerns if any of its members brought to him on any member yet?

  2. Congress are not fools, I am sure , they have a file on every corrupt BJP Politician in their possession.

    This government will not take any action. Just lip service. They left amma, no action on didi , Yedurappa is their Hero……… Swaraj aunty is quite on Lalit issue. Adani owes the banks much more than that joker who fled this country.

    Still no action on Panama leaks.

  3. Rahul Gandhi know that after making so much loot one day he will be exposed This is the exit route. Many criminals with money are welcome in England . He know that . Having British passport ,Italian passport it easy to get out of the nation

  4. Everyone knows RG and the entire family is totally corrupt and operating such shell companies is not new for them. Now with such proofs available, what is so curious is why the current BJP government is not going full steam and using all its resources and channels in India and UK to get to the root of this and make all these public in India followed by immediate legal actions on RG? This should not go as just another case just like Maran/Karuna/DMK (2G, illegal telephone exchange, Kalignar TV), PC (Vasan eye care, 2G), Sonia/RG/Vadra (NH, IPL, etc), Tharoor (IPL), etc. Nations first enemies Presstitutes media also should be put to their place with fast tracking all cases against them, especially NDTV. We want to see actions on all this and formally brought to closure quickly. Improving railways, passing GST bill, etc can wait or not even needed to hand over all the improvements in a silver plate to a Nitish/Lalu/Sickular govt in 2019!


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