Delay tactic fails, Karnataka Govt Falls

Delay tactic fails, Karnataka Govt Falls

Karnataka Govt, Yedurappa, HDK,Kumaraswamy
Delay tactic fails, Karnataka Govt Falls


  1. HDK is no Duryodhan nor he has any knowledge of Jala Yoga. & Yedurappa is no Bhimsen for he was defeated few times before…

    Still…. it is a good depiction.

  2. Koti pranams for using a Sanatana Dharmik Mahabharata Purana situation— Duryodhana delaying his demise at the hands of Bhima— to expose the plight of current adharmik dogmatists, bigots and plunderers. Again, koti prarthanas to continue this trend.

  3. This time all the BJP leaders needs to be united and work towards development rather than giving loose talks and playing blame games. People have witnessed their drama after BSY resigned, so this time they should be active and work properly, Mainly MLA’s who won because of Modi or else Karnataka will be left in a state where they have to elect either a culprit or a thief.


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