DMK’s anti-Hindi agitation is outdated. Tamil Nadu has moved much ahead

DMK must understand that Tamil Nadu has been touched by Hindi and has a social fabric with a mix of North Indian culture

DMK must understand that Tamil Nadu has been touched by Hindi and has a social fabric with a mix of North Indian culture
DMK must understand that Tamil Nadu has been touched by Hindi and has a social fabric with a mix of North Indian culture

Why DMK is seeing red over recommendations by Amit Shah-led language panel

Hindi down down”.
Don’t impose on Tamilians.

This is how recently, M K Stalin the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu wrote a long letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Provocation was Home Minister Amit Shah’s report to the President of India, of the Official Languages committee of Parliament, which has recommended that the medium of instruction in technical and non-technical higher education institutes such as IITs in Hindi-speaking states should be Hindi and in other parts of India their respective local language. Amit Shah also emphasized that recommended that local languages should be given preference over English in all states.

Why DMK reacted quickly? Answer: DMK has several internal reasons. Poll promises were not properly implemented, and Tamil voters have developed a negative narrative towards the failed administration of M K Stalin. Foremost is that first family politics. M K Stalin himself said that he does not get sleep due to bickering in the party and the government. Stalin said he has fragile health. Stalin chose the platform of the DMK General Council to vent his feelings. Instead of a political speech against BJP and Hindutva, which Stalin should have concentrated on, but he went off tangent. DMK allies were perplexed, and DMK leaders wondered why such a “self-goal speech”. Apparel mute macro syndrome. Editorials in major dailies and periodicals hinted that Stalin losing his grip on the party and government. The above official language report of Amit Shah can too handy to M K Stalin DMK Leader. Not wasting a minute, he began the DMK party slogan, Hindi Down Down, a 55-year-old phrase.

DMK alliance partners did not lag behind. They also ventilated the same chorus shouting Hindi Down Down. Since 1965 the famous anti-Hindi agitation.

But in October 2022 this slogan got further impetus due to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah presenting his 11th report of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Languages to the President of India Droupadi Murmu recently. This Parliamentary committee consisted of all political parties including southern parties like DMK and AIADMK.

This was the 11th report of the committee and it submits one report in five years.

However, this time within three years the committee submitted two reports. It is the discretion of the President whether to accept a report or not. There are more than 12 volumes of the technical dictionary of Hindi.

The committee was set up in 1976 under the Official Language Act, of 1963. It comprises 30 members of Parliament — 20 from Lok Sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha.

It reviews the progress made in the use of Hindi for official purposes and submits a report to the President making recommendations.

More interestingly, P Chidamabaram as Union Home Minister also presented a report to the then President Pranab Mukherjee with much more stringent paragraphs, which have also been implemented. Why did not M K Stalin realize that DMK was part of the UPA and Chidambaram was DMK’s best friend?

Chidambaram’s report in 2011 stated The Committee of Parliament on Official Language has given nine reports to the President so far since 1959, the last one in 2011. Former finance minister P Chidambaram was chairman of the committee when it submitted its report to the government in 2011.

The government will also compile a dictionary of transliterated English-to-Hindi words and avoid difficult language in government correspondence. For instance, a “word like demonetization, vimudikaran or a word popular in public parlance, note bandi, can be used.” M K Stalin DMK chief also realizes that the National Education Policy has certain inputs on the similar line of Hindi being taught in colleges.

Amit Shah Union Home Minister in Bhopal released a Hindi Book for MBBS students. Similarly, the Tamil words book for MBBS medical students in Tamil Nadu is also available in Tamil Nadu. Stalin must also realize that 21 Century is for digitization. Each and everything will be digitized. On your mobile.

For example, a Korean tourist in Mahabalipuram was able to transact in Tamil Nadu by speaking Tamil with the help of a Google Korean Tamil translation. Korean tourists wrote on their mobiles in her language, and the voice of the message was spoken in Tamil on the mobile phone. Such is technological improvement in the world.

But pathetic to realize that DMK especially still in the 1965 era. Hindi down, Hindi down slogan is redundant. Hindi as a political weapon crossed its expiry date. DMK ministers may heckle that those who sell Panipuri in Tamil Nadu are North Indians. Other motor mouth commentaries by DMK leaders. At the same time, in each restaurant in entire Tamil Nadu, one can find youth from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, or Odisha. Hindi has reached Tamil Nadu. The social fabric of Tamil Nadu has now a mixture of northern culture. One may not surprise in 2031 Tamil Nadu may have a Bihari or a Uttarkhandi as MLA even a minister in Tamil Nadu. Such is the concentration of North Indians in Tamil Nadu. In agriculture, textiles, automobiles, tourism, and hospitality sectors. DMK must wake up to such realizations.

Politically interpreting the M K Stalin bogie of anti-Hindi agitation revival can be linked to one major fact DMK wants to categorize BJP in Tamil Nadu as a Hindi party and North Indian party. DMK’s internal assessment is that BJP in Tamil Nadu has grown up. In 2024 BJP may be a threat to DMK.

Hence DMK noises, Hindi down, Hindi down uproar.

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R Rajagopalan is a veteran journalist. He reported Parliament proceedings for Dinamani and Vaartha. Since 1980. A well known face in English TV debates. He Widely traveled with Presidents and Prime Ministers.
R Rajagopalan


  1. The fact is that India is being ruled by people from the north and Gujarat. Only outside India is a person called Indian.
    Inside one is called a Madrasi, Malayalee , Marati etc.

    Language is a means of communication starting as a child. Mother tongue.!

    This problem was settled long ago and now again introduced in the limelight by people who have done nothing for the economy.

    Language is only the tip of the problem.
    Repercussions are huge.

    Nothing prevents a person from learning a language. Being stuffed down a person to whom it is alien will certainly have its effect.

    Best things are left to continue the way it is.

  2. Tamil industry requires more Hindi than others for it needs to dub / add sub titles to its Tamilian movies to earn more money.
    DMK drumming wrong drums !! Is a good news for BJP for it is likely to get more support.

  3. Every leader without a vision can only dig out the old issues. Language, poverty, hunger, joblessness, economy, roads are some of them which have been there since independence, something needs to be done to address these instead to talking about them. Similarly every leader facing investigation, who goes there with the supporters, be sure he has something to hide. The strategy is to play the victim card and then somehow get a bail, engage and pay the hotshot lawyers to ensure remain on bail till death. The crime and debt dies with the man and kids are free to enjoy the proceeds of the crime.


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