Dr. Rabindra Narain Singh elected as Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) President

Vishwa Hindu Parishad elects a new President - a Padmashri awardee

Vishwa Hindu Parishad elects a new President - a Padmashri awardee
Vishwa Hindu Parishad elects a new President - a Padmashri awardee

VHP elects Padmashri awardee Dr. Rabindra Narain Singh as the new President

Rabindra Narain Singh, an orthopedic surgeon, and a Padma Shri awardee were elected as the President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday. Rabindra Singh, who hails from Bihar, was serving as the Vice President of the organization so far. He had received Padma Shri in 2010 for his contributions to the field of medical science. “Our board of trustees today unanimously elected Padma Shri Ravindra Narain Singh as our president,” VHP’s joint general secretary Surendra Jain said at a press conference.

Singh replaced Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje, who had been serving as the VHP president since his election to the top post in April 2018. Noted jurist Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje was Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court and Governor of Himachal Pradesh. “Kokje Ji is now 82 years old. He wanted to be relieved of his responsibilities as the VHP president. The election has been conducted as per his wishes and our constitution,” Jain said.

The newly appointed president Rabindra Narain Singh of the VHP was present during the press conference and shared the dais with Jain and other VHP leaders.

Rabindra Narain Singh is a renowned orthopedic surgeon. He is known for his contributions in social, religious, medical, and various other fields, Jain said. “Election of such a person to the post of VHP president is a matter of pride for all of us,” Jain said. The newly appointed president of the VHP was present during the press conference and shared the dais with Jain and other VHP leaders.

Elections were also held for the post of the general secretary and Milind Parande, the outfit’s current general secretary, was unanimously re-elected, Jain said. The polls for the president and general secretary of the VHP were held amid a two-day meeting of the outfit’s governing council and board of trustees in Faridabad on Saturday morning.

VHP Tweeted a detailed statement on the new President’s election:

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  1. Dr. Sahab is busy in their profession and had nothing to do with this so called …..
    #politicalhindutav…..and #hindutavkhatremeinhai…..
    Our political leaders are doing nothing more than misguiding the whole generation towards #sanatandharm…..
    I am Hindu and I knew that neither the hindutva or Hindus are in #khatremeinhain….

  2. There is neither Vishwa nor Hindu under the VHP during the past seven years of institutionalized cowardice! Someone solves Ayodhya imbroglio while PM runs away with the Ayodhya Trophy!

    Almighty God has been saving our country for over 5000 years!

    • Sir, if you are a Hindu you must be knowing that a Hindu does Niskama Karma and does not worry about Trophies. Let us leave our personal ambition and jealousy of each other. We are not learning from our history. Invaders ruled and ruling us because of our disunity and selfishness.

      • Namaste Himansu+Sekhar+ Mishra
        I am a veteran and a staunch Sanatani than a natauki blind Bhakth masquerading as Nationalists and a humble donor too. I am neither a jealous guy nor ambitious nor selfish!!

        I am not a Modi Bhakt school of thought having institutionalized cowardice since 2016. I do not follow cultism of Netas ruling us with sloganeering without economic policies……….. I do not like opaque administration hiding even a simple data.

        We have had over 1000 years of invaders plundering and anti-national Nehru Gandhi’s foul regimes.

        I am a member in most the organisations promoting Satanata Dharma not that of VHP/RSS/BJP Kumbh meal those who take three dips in their ocean becomes a super Hindu or a Sanatani or a nationalist.

        Do not think that honey and milk is overflowing all over India since 2014. Come out and look at the way people are suffering since DeMo as on date!

  3. Maybe with a new President the VHP can announce they don’t support or are connected to the BJP or RSS in any way.

    Modi’s track record over the last 7 years over temples etc speaks for itself.

    Also guess it is time to leave for Swamy who tried to do his best and failed. Both by way of the Hindus and by way of the Financial condition that the country is in.

    From the inside, when one is not effective, maybe from outside , one will fare better.


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