Dr. Swamy has a solution to address JNU, IIT Social Sciences programs

An out-of-the-box suggestion by Dr. Swamy to ensure that all students regardless of their specialization can thrive in universities like JNU, IITs, IISc etc. is proposed in this must-watch lecture.


  1. Mr Khan you did not get his message. Dr Swamy did not say Sonia Gandhi was fascist. Her father was a fascist and so she might have some knowledge about that than anybody else in India.

  2. You had been a professor perhaps specialised in economics and now you are one of the faces of BJP.
    Had your parents been in same field of specialisation as you are?
    The answer may be no or never.
    Similarly, one’s parents professional approach or way of thinking is never binding on their children.
    So, it’s a very senseless and stupid to bark about Sonia Gandhi to disregard her by quoting her parents professions.


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