MSME needs to be set free for India to bounce back, says Prof RV

MSME's are subject to 20+ conditions and regulations, most of which are needless and tools for corruption, says Prof. RV. Post lockdown recovery hinges on how quickly GOI paves the way. A must watch!


  1. Why is the lending dominated by NBFCs and Financiers in India – Almost all the politicians and bureaucrats rotate their money in the market and that is the reason why P Chidambaram made a rule that money lenders cannot borrow from Bank (By default they have to borrow from the corrupt and based on the situation the black becomes white and white becomes black)

    And this is the specific reason why the Governments persist with Section 138 of NIA (Cheque bouncing) as these money lenders obtain blank signed cheques as security and in the event of non-payment fill up and present in the bank and then file complaint in the court under section 138 NIA. In this age of NEFT & RTGS who prefers issuing cheques to settle debt?

    The courts are also fully occupied by these section 138 NIA cases.

    I thought that Mr. Modi will do something on this – Now I am sure that he will do nothing because he is no different from the former PMs in a big way. Play on emotions without any solid policy

    Jai Hind


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