Palghar lynching requires prompt action, with swift punishment to the guilty

This case seems local mobs were instigated provoked by commies Naxal elements operating in the area for their benefit.

This case seems local mobs were instigated provoked by commies Naxal elements operating in the area for their benefit.
This case seems local mobs were instigated provoked by commies Naxal elements operating in the area for their benefit.

Rumor mill was on overdrive that a gang is operating for organ harvesting

The cold-blooded murder by mob lynching in Kasa, Palghar of 3 people – 2 Sadhus & their driver who were on their way to bring back the dead body of their Guru Sadhu from Surat was despicable. Especially when a lockdown is on and an emergency-like situation prevails across the country. These innocent people decided to travel without any permission after local police Samta Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai refused travel permits. Interstate travel permit was refused and it takes a longer time to process and many documentation procedure policies are still unclear for lockdown conditions.

With the lockdown in place, there was a lot of resentment among the people. The tribal belt group gets easily carried away. There were rumors spread that a gang is operating for organ harvesting and hence were kidnapping people. This may have been the trigger.

Over-all the tribals are peaceful and are getting into the mainstream of society. Recall the same was witnessed 10 yrs ago in Kandhamal Orissa.

A week ago, a doctor from Thane who was helping a tribal with free supply provisions and foodstuff assisted in medical requirement was attacked. Somehow he managed to escape but his vehicle was overturned and badly damaged.

A few pockets in this tribal belt are a hotbed of Naxal elements. Kasa police station, Gadchinchale village area where this incident took place is a known communist Naxal Red Flag zone. This locality has seen protests, demonstrations, and violent activities in the past. In this case, it seems the local mobs were instigated and provoked by Naxal elements operating in the area for their benefit.

Missionaries make full use of Naxals to spread vandalism, extortion threats, forcible looting to keep the upper hand in the tribal belt in religious conversion activity. In recent times missionaries were losing ground with Hindu organizations working in this tribal belt and there was much Ghar-Wapsi happening around.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many Hindu organizations jumped in to provide helpful assistance in charity work in the tribal areas. Missionaries were desperate to start a false narrative, that Bhagwa clad people will come to rob and kidnap, etc. Hate was created within the society against/ targetting certain community people. The attack could be related to that. Unholy nexus among Naxals Red Flag and missionary in few pockets is core to the disturbance in the tribal belt. Overall the tribals are peaceful and getting into the mainstream of society. Recall the same was witnessed 10 yrs ago in Kandhamal Orissa. The presence of mischievous political leaders connected to one of the ruling party and communal group involvement can’t be ruled out and is a matter of investigation.

Maharashtra Government swings into action thereafter gruesome murder and arrested 110 people out of which 9 are juvenile.

In last, 6 yrs much-required work was not done by govt in the area, apart from creating a new district Palghar. A lot more work required to be undertaken in this vast vicinity, where religious conversion takes place with money, force, false narrative and dramatized staged program.

Maharashtra Government swung into action after the gruesome murder and arrested 110 people out of which 9 are juvenile. All been sent to judicial custody and juvenile homes. 2 police personnel of Kasa police station also suspended for there for inaction.

Maharashtra Government should be answerable to the serious police dept lapses and local administration failure. The demand from Maharashtra Government and anticipating strong measures from Hon CM Maharashtra Shri Udhav Thackeray on Palghar lynching of 3 innocent people:

  • Demand Judiciary inquiry or CMO should order an impartial CBI probe.
  • Compensation to the driver who died in the incident was working as a driver in a private company in Thakur Complex, Kandivali East, Mumbai. He volunteered to drive the 2 Sadhus to attend/bring back there Guru Sadhus funeral/dead body from the outskirt of Surat, Gujarat border. Solo bread earner of the family with 2 small daughters. His father passed away 6 months ago.
  • Police were just eye witness to the heinous crime and stood as bystanders, instead of helping the victims who were butchered by the anti-social mob. Total failure of the local police in handling such a crime. Repeats of such cases of attacks in the area. Police should have taken adequate precautions.
  • After the incident, the administration was lukewarm and hardly made attempts to help those seeking dead bodies. No proper procedure followed in preserving the dead bodies in Mortuary, not kept in freezer cold storage. the driver’s body was handed over in the decomposed state, Inhuman treatment. Local administration failed to provide basic amenity should also be examined probed.
  • Those who went to get those dead bodies were treated rudely badly and threatened action against them.
  • Fast Track punishment for culprits anti-social elements who indulged in violent cold-blooded murder.
  • Justice should prevail. Deceased must should get justice.
  • Also, damages & compensation as police and state administration failed in its duty.

Instead of blaming one another State, Center, Local and past govt effort should be made to prevent such incidents to enhance the system and guilty booked punished and justice prevail.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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Natraj Shetty


  1. I fully agree with the inside truth of the story. Most of the Naxalites areas in Orissa, missionary are active and doing their hidden work smoothly.

    • Who is not driven by money? This very website and group is seeking eyeballs, donations etc. YouTubers in Pakistan, East Europe know India has a lot of eyeballs. pgurus of US too has figured that out. The only difference is that the latter claim they are doing it for sanatan dharma. BJP also believes the same.
      None of these have the ability to get money from government or others for the cause they claim they are working for.

  2. The poor men were obviously Hindus. Sukma is also a place where Christian churches are active. Also a place with many bigoted attacks against Hindus and Army. Arrest these xtian hate preachers. Find thier source of funding. Enforce ban on converts taking advantage of reservations. Also give rewards for anyone indicating a scofflaw. Ban RTE. It is through the bankrupting of Hindu schools, that missionaries are making a last desperate push to jesucide Hindus.

  3. The case is similar to killing of Swami Laxmananda in Orissa by missionary instigated tribals aka naxals aka anti socials aka political parties. The CM shamelessly puts on saffron clothes and apologises for criminals stating, it was not communal incident. This Shiv Sena projects itself as a Hindu party to fool Maratha people and they are finished politically.

    Disgusting to see NCP and Congi , great Maratha leaders not even expressing regret at the incident. These same Marathas fall at the feet of sanyasis to win elections.

    To all sanyasis and gurus. Pl form a union , bring your disciples together and control the stupid rulers of India. SHOW your Shakti. Save India from pseudo Hindus.

    • It is 100% premeditated murder by ‘Christian Missionaries’ in collusion with ‘Left Liberals’.

      On several previous occasions there used to be tussles between the ‘criminal Missionaries who were into mass conversions through allurements’ & ‘local Hindus’

      Uddhav is in the grip of corrupt, criminal sickulars & can’t be expected to deliver justice.

      Center should impose President Rule & hand over the case to CBI to be tried under Fast Track Courts

  4. This fake news about “Afwah” or Mob lynching is propagated by paid news channels. While watching the video does it look by any angle that an Old Sadhu can be a Thief or some one indulging in any illegal act. The so called Mob was not speaking in any language resembling Marathi. This is a premeditated murder on religious angle being white washed by media and state govt.

  5. There are obvious reasons for this lynching which a ruling party is trying to hide. Tribals will not attack Sadhus. Many believe that this is the handiwork of Christian missionaries .A politically naive CM could not understand it.

  6. I inceasingly feel that intellectual analysis during a crisis and monkey balancing statements like “all lynchings are bad” and police “should have done x y z” are worse than the crime itself because it confuses people and dissipates the energy needed to take action… author seems like saving his own backside by watered down statements…if he cannot reflect the true sentiments of the population author needs to stfu..

    • Possibly a paid insert to obfuscate or divert attention. This is how media eventually gravitate towards fully paid journalism.
      Absolutely objectionable piece.

  7. What a disgusting piece of writing. A heinous crime takes place in front of policemen nears police chowki and what does the author do?
    Writes about some history!
    Looks like this American website treats the value of Indian life as worth nothing. Typical NRI and HNI stuff.

  8. Natraj ji,, in this Hon’ble judicial setup where rapist reach gallows in a span of 7 years, is it really possible to have expedited justice including prompt investigation, and most importantly, the co-ordination and positive breathing in between gormint agencies ??
    i completely agree to ur article. but is all of the above, practically sustainable ??? being given to understand the political interference, of the rich and the famous ???
    Sustainability, enforcibility, and accountability and conjunction of all agencies involved, with quick justice deliverance, IS IT POSSIBLE in our kind of Hon’ble judicial setup ?? if yes, what do u think should be the time frame ?
    This is a genuine question from my side.

  9. These maniacs should have been shot one by one . I think Hindus are becoming too soft too often the soft and easy target for heinous racial crimes .

  10. I don’t understand why author says these tribals were peaceful so many times. If they are peaceful why are you writing this article? Shameless . So peaceful tribals can lynch Sadhus who are highly respected. Why we need these tribals devils? This kind of soft narrative is disgusting ,enuchness .What kind of tribals will butcher sadhus infront of police ? Are they tribals or Rohingyas .Why secrecy about this lynching. In Hindhu majority we can’t save sadhus where we are safe. Without using power there will be no respect or safety. Why Guru’s allowed such a soft peddling.Abhijit Iyer could have penned better


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