Dr. Swamy on Economic Opportunities in India…

A comprehensive talk by Dr. Swamy on Economic Opportunities in India and an absorbing Panel Discussion followed by a Q & A session.

A good example of how public events involving Political Personalities are hosted in the United States (US)… Regret the audio quality is poor at the beginning but it picks up within a minute.

  1. The Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and spends a few seconds on the event.

  2. A priest then chants Mantras in Sanskrit and then explains their significance.

  3. The National Anthem of the guest country (in this case, India), is sung.

  4. The National Anthem of the host country US, is sung.

  5. The Mayor of the host city (in this case National City, a suburb of San Diego) welcomes Dr. Swamy, the guest and gives him a plaque and a key to the city.

  6. Co-sponsor (PGurus.com) welcomes the audience and explains what PGurus does.

  7. Dr. Pradeep Khosla, the Chancellor of University of California, San Diego, introduces the guest speaker, Dr. Swamy.

  8. Dr. Swamy speaks.

  9. Panel discussion and Q and A.

We are a team of focused individuals with expertise in at least one of the following fields viz. Journalism, Technology, Economics, Politics, Sports & Business. We are factual, accurate and unbiased.
Team PGurus


  1. What about audio quality skills @ pgurus re: this video.

    Can you all pls. reload with amped up audio volume, nothing audio is coming – only.

  2. Great ideas ….Practical solutions to Complex problems..
    Had the audio been good ..could have forwarded in many groups..to create awareness ..
    Since Dr.Swamy is the MP of the Ruling party in India, let’s hope he succeeds in giving concrete shape to some of his ideas.


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